Reviews for Future Arrangements
Just4Me chapter 1 . 9/14/2014
It's going to be nice to have a happy Killi story. And hopefully we'll get a little Fili and Thorin too. Who can say no to light-hearted smut with our favorite dwarfs?
kkolmakov chapter 2 . 9/14/2014
Alright, that is officially glorious!
I loved the first part, for its kinkiness, the sub/dom, for the smutty details... This one was unexpected. But in the best of ways! Romantic, honest, well thought through, perfectly written. It feels real, warm, passionate and flirty. I gobbled it on one breath, and apparently was do absorbed that didn't hear my kettle whistle hysterically! :)
My top five moments: 5. The chain on her (perfect detail, very sensual); 4. The description of his cock (serious, I feel like I'm cheating on "my" Dwarf, but it's mouthwatering!); 3. Their bickering (they LOVE each other, one can feel it in every word and they are WONDERFUL together! Perfect!); 2. Her flushed state (so beautiful! So true! So HOT! I LOVED the "I just kept going" when it comes to trying to release the tension. And her being exhausted afterwards was a charming and very sensual detail!). And the winner is... The vows! Ha, did you expect something smutty? ;) Nope. The vows. They are brilliant. Everything tensed in me, and then my heart fluttered. It was beautiful. I loved that it's Kili's POV and so we get the feeling of true importance of this moment. And OK, the shag was glorious! No, wrong word! The intimacy was glorious. Coming together as bonded, as husband and wife... So good. And then he changed position, and I squirmed. Oh Kili... :) I'm grinning. I'll go reread it. I'll be drinking my cuppa and fanning myself. Please, don't bother me for half an hour? :D
kkolmakov chapter 1 . 9/14/2014
Yes, please! :)
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