Reviews for A Father's Love
Zitfeng chapter 28 . 12/3
Author, can you update the fanfic reading: A father's love?!
Bag-A-40 chapter 26 . 11/17
This is straight up Light Novel Naruto in terms of power.
AuthorXX chapter 18 . 11/17
AuthorXX chapter 15 . 11/17
robert32514 chapter 28 . 11/11
Can't wait.
Renu chapter 28 . 11/8
Legit didn't know ff . Net was still alive so I never bothered to check but I was curious and am so happy to see you updated. This is a story I've followed for many many years now and it brings me great joy to see it through to its end. The next chapter will just be the cherry on top because Athena and Aphrodite's other kids will basically finally have the dad most of them need
Kherihayden chapter 28 . 10/31
I really love this story. Can i ask how many children will athena have?
Diana9922 chapter 27 . 10/18
It's well written, I really like this story.
What more can be said.
I'm particularly looking forward to reading but particularly the wedding night of the three lovers (Athena, Naruto and Aphrodite). Athena is teased so much by Aphrodite because she has not yet had sex with Naruto and is therefore not yet pregnant. I can't wait for the story to move forward so that it finally happens.
Maybe Athena will have twins.

Looking forward to chapter 29

When is the sequel?
bibink729 chapter 14 . 10/16
Whatif-inator chapter 28 . 10/15
I do hope you continue the reading version of this. That story is also good.
sharkey390 chapter 28 . 10/13
I just reread this story and enjoyed it greatly. The family dynamic is fun and cute. Hope to see more!
fridgeraiderz chapter 15 . 10/9
Pathetic really none of them can stick to their oaths
hinatanamikazesama chapter 28 . 10/9
I don't know what to say pleaseee just finish this story i love it
bibink729 chapter 14 . 10/7
archangelazraelson chapter 28 . 9/23
ok loved the story its a gem in the rough. i would love to read a sequel if ur making one. very good story thanks
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