Reviews for A Rose In Bloom
Guest chapter 30 . 3/23
Eww...Jamie Dorman is not my Christian Grey.
Frost Merry Darkness Luver chapter 8 . 12/21/2019
same color Audi my ass, it's the same car isn't it? that's why Christian got a new one, he told Elena to give her his, cause he wanted to buy her one but Elena suggested ana wouldnt go for that but a used Audi as a late birthday present?
Ipscott chapter 55 . 6/14/2019
Great story. I wish the sequel was finished. I don’t know if I want to start it since it looks abandoned.
Ipscott chapter 14 . 6/3/2019
Elena was wrong for what she did but Ana need not bite the hand that feed, shelter and clothe her until she can make it on her own. I guess she is young and striking out before she realize she has no where else to go.
Ipscott chapter 12 . 6/3/2019
I had to laugh out loud when I read the part about Elena’s weird friends at the Halloween Party and why they spent the time look at the floor all night.
SMEADE chapter 54 . 5/9/2019
Anastasia Rose Steele is now Mrs Christian Grey. They are married and Christian has married the only woman he will ever love Anastasia Rose Grey.
SMEADE chapter 53 . 5/9/2019
Anastasia and Christian are getting married and the Grey’s will be at the wedding. He has his own plane and he will make it happen in Georgia so it’s private and just family.
SMEADE chapter 52 . 5/9/2019
They both said those words that mean so much to each of them, first Christian “Marry me” Ana “I will marry you” Ana, Christian “Will you marry me?” “Yes”
SMEADE chapter 51 . 5/9/2019
Who’s going to ask the big question first, “Will you marry me” Christian or Ana?
SMEADE chapter 50 . 5/9/2019
Ana’s first at a little BDSM with Christian and she enjoyed it. What will happen next will she want to try something else? I guess we will have to wait until next time.
SMEADE chapter 49 . 5/9/2019
The girls got them both but the guys gave it back and they all are laughing about it which is great fun.
SMEADE chapter 48 . 5/9/2019
This was their first Valentines together and it was perfect. He wants everything to be perfect for her even when he makes love to her. He’s a man completely in love with Anastasia Steele soon to be Mrs Christian Grey.
SMEADE chapter 47 . 5/9/2019
Christian Grey the romantic who would have thought. That was so amazing going back to all the places that meant so much to the both of them since that first kiss.
SMEADE chapter 46 . 5/9/2019
This is a happy time for both Ana and Christian. When is Ana going to ask him to marry her, soon I hope.
SMEADE chapter 45 . 5/9/2019
So that’s how Gideon is getting back at Christian accompanying Leila to the funeral.
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