Reviews for Fate's Gamble: Round Two
Alice chapter 19 . 8/20
I'm looking forward to seeing this completed.
Bananabella chapter 11 . 8/16
Wait wait, do you mean Horus as in Warhammer 40k Horus?! The Primarch Horus?
WhiteDogwood chapter 9 . 8/13
Space ship with expansion charms. It's bigger on the inside. MAKE It the Tartis from Dr Who!
Guest chapter 13 . 7/12
Harry is a complete and total Gary Stu, is always right is better than everyone else and I hate It! Whoa now that i've got that part out of the way, I quite enjoy this story, though the whole Gary Stu thing is a glaring issud.
universeking0 chapter 19 . 7/12
moooooooooore please
Amortal chapter 19 . 7/9
Well that was one way to finish the war, kind of short really since we didn't get many perspectives like Kiritsugu Emiya for example or Irisviel with her daughter happy ending and all. Ah well, whatever I say, I am just sad that I caught up with the story and have to wait now. Looking forward to the next update!
Lazarus the undead chapter 19 . 7/3
...holy shit!
eunikecindy8 chapter 19 . 7/1
update this story please!
eunikecindy8 chapter 17 . 7/1
great story! more update this story please!
zeps9001 chapter 19 . 6/24
Never read something like this, becoming stronger then gods and what beings could be after that. Becoming god is not that uncommon, but it's usually assumed that is as far as it gets. Only problem with your version is that Harry is only 14. Something like this should take hundreds if not thousands or millions of years.

Your Potter-verse was a better, there is actually interesting characters that Harry likes. They are barely used, but still.
Edale chapter 19 . 6/21
Ashaka: And now you're more like me, Enjoy!

Harry: I... I just... What did I just become?... Fuck this shit, I'm DONE with this war!

Honestly, I woulda given Iskander a potion similar to what you gave Gilgamesh and Enkidu, but with enough juice to give him a month or two, maybe a year, before fading away. Given this Waver more time to bond with his liege. ;) This Waver had much less interaction with Iskander, especially as the meeting of Kings never happened in this fic, and Harry just killed all that character progress for a version of one of his mentors.
Redhood11686 chapter 9 . 6/17
so far its a great book and i loved the first one the only thing i might complain about is the fact that you made it a my little pony crossover, but im ignoring that. so like i said this is a great book
Guest chapter 19 . 6/9
Bit abrupt, but it does effectively showcase what happens when Harry stops holding back.

Curbstomp is too light a term for what he's capable of.

Did notice some folks overlooking a rather pertinent fact, while making suggestions for where Harry goes next.

They're missing the tidbit where Harry agreed to become Lady Akasha's troubleshooter against extra-dimensional incursions. (Prelati's Spellbook being an example of such a problem.)

Examples of such could/would be:
- The Eldritch beings from Bloodborne.
- Zion and others of its ilk from Worm.
- The Nova from the Manhwa Freezing.
- an Invasion by Marvel's "Cancer-verse" would qualify.

Covenant/Flood/Forerunners? All natives of their particular universe.

Reapers? Same.

Zerg/Xel'naga? Again natives.

Even Trihexa is a native of its particular dimension.

Hell, even the BETA from the Muv-Luv series are natives to their respective reality. And they've damn near wiped out humanity in a way that not even the Zentradi from Macross managed to pull off with their orbital bombardment.

So yeah, pitch Lupine Extra-Dimensional problems. Not just Aliens.
Mard chapter 19 . 6/3
Thank you for the update
Totally thought this was discontinued
So was suprised
Sorry for being selfish but please complete this
Its one of the best fanfics ive currently read
Top 5
Ruberforumfree chapter 19 . 6/3
I hope you send him in Monster girl Quest World, that would be something funny xD, Hopefully we can read the first Lemon of this series.
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