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Sairey13 chapter 32 . 11/25/2011
Can't they do surgery to help bring his sight back, like Serenity? Or, maybe the power of the Millenium Items? If not, isn't there a way to help fix YĆ«gi's eyesights? Anyway, can't wait to see what happens.
andysanime chapter 32 . 7/30/2011
Really good job.
Phoenix0192 chapter 21 . 9/11/2010
Umm... just thought i would point this out but brazil is no where near egytp, wrong continent and hemisphere

also when travelling from japan it would be out of their way to stop at egypt as the african continent is no where near

the flight path they would take.

Sorry this is NOT a flame i am just a stickler for technicalities, other than that a very good story, only some

confusion of words (when two words sound the same but have different meanings, you got some mixed up)but i am really

enjoying reading it.

Good work

- Phoenix
Cheeky-eyes chapter 32 . 1/12/2006
aw, poor yugi. u put him through alot. gr8 fic!
mel chapter 25 . 7/13/2005
I think that I just realized something... Yami wasn't singing after all! Crap... I'm so scatter-brained!
mel chapter 24 . 7/13/2005
I love fanfics where Yami sings! I want him to sing on the anime, even though it isn't going to happen anyway.
Toboe chapter 22 . 3/22/2005
STUTUP STUTUP STUTUP STUTUP STUTUP AND STUTUP i am very impresed im a girl 13 years old keep up the good work BYBY
animegoddess800 chapter 32 . 1/17/2005
White-Witch-Sakura chapter 1 . 9/29/2004
this a very cute story i am puting it in my fav.
Sophie chapter 32 . 9/26/2004
Your story was amazing and exciting. I loved your fiction especially how you made Yugi bling and how you planned out the story. I love your work!
Latias Eevee chapter 32 . 9/17/2004
Dark Latias: _ good but a sour ending :p
Latias Eevee chapter 8 . 8/22/2004
Latias: so far what we've read is good

Florence: ...kinda sad though...
The Voices chapter 32 . 2/21/2004
Zephyr: Oh, Gee, apparently I never reviewed this fic, and I could swear I did! *grumble* I don't even remember much about it now. Oh well.
This fic was great and wonderous. It's all coming back to me now! It was also sad, and kinda made me cry. You're a great author!
Brimstone: Ohh... how touching.
Zephyr: Quiet you.
Caterfree10 chapter 33 . 11/3/2003

Wow, I liked this story very much. I think this is one of the best stories, I've read in long time. I can't wait to read more! Wait-that's right. It ended. TT_TT OH well, 'Twas a very good fic nonetheless! _ I hope to read more from you in the future. Until our paths cross again...

Ja Ne! _~
Personwhoisn't chapter 33 . 10/12/2003
Umm ok soo what happened to the evil and the darkness that they were fighting? Did it just go *POOF* and dissapear? case that was just a little bit of a wierd place to stop for me cause now I am very thouroughly confused about the ending... I also wish that Yugi didn't have to go blind again! It's no fair at all! Poor Yugi! Well as long as that wierd evil/darkness is gone and wont cause yugi anymore pain then I'm happy... I guess... but still that was like a very horrible spot to leave off from! Ok I will stop about that and let you enjoy the rest of your life and I will continue with mine... I am just writing random things just for the heck of typing something as well so you can just disacnowlegde the repeats and stupid of supposedly rude comments that you don't like... Ok I will definately stop wasting your time and review space now...

BYE! _

P.S. I like your writing style and stuff in whole! Yeah... I just forgot to say that and I'm to lazy to scroll up or anything so I am writing this P.S. ok?

P.P. I'm back again... Keep up the good work and I might think to stop writing these insane reviews... Ok now with all seriousness...

Good-Bye Adiu Avedizein Adios Farwell and Aloha
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