Reviews for Prodigal Son
sth91342 chapter 36 . 12/3
This is really good! It has good characters, suspenseful writing, and an interesting plot!
Shitface chapter 36 . 12/2
Whole E crap chapter 36 . 11/29
DOOD this is so fucking good. Please continue it, love the writing, the history and the plot all woven together. Keep up the great work!
SongoftheDarquePhoenix chapter 25 . 11/25
adfkjdhfa;kjdsf! this is brilliant
getfugufugu chapter 36 . 11/5
Oh no, I thought this was a completed fic. Shoot. Well, even if it's a long shot, I would still love to read more
getfugufugu chapter 22 . 11/4
I really enjoyed Hiccup's time in Alexandria, and I appreciate all of the research you seem to have put in. Looking forward to what happens next
getfugufugu chapter 10 . 11/4
This is some unbelievably cool worldbuilding. You said that you thought this might be a boring chapter, but the idea of Hiccup learning in a place like Alexandria is incredible to me. This has been an amazing read so far, I can't tell if I want to see more of Hiccup in Alexandria or see him return home!
LadyJaneMarvolo chapter 36 . 11/2
I really should be studying for exams, but instead I spent a whole day and half the night reading this brilliant piece. I love it, and I can't even fathom the amount of hard work and effort that has gone into its creation. The way it has captured whole histories, cultures, beliefs, politics, and some much more is bloody amazing! The detail is incredible. And so I dearly thank you for this. Much love :) 3
Reydan chapter 36 . 10/20
Would it be bad if I asked you for another chapter in Hiccups POV? I want to know how he's doing and what turmoil he's going through. His thoughts and etc.
Althea Sirius chapter 36 . 10/1
This is a good slow build up to Hiccups reveal. Though, hopefully it won't be dragged out too much.
Althea Sirius chapter 12 . 9/30
Oh boy.
I come to read a good story, and I... nevermind.
Althea Sirius chapter 11 . 9/30
In reality, yes, it would be. But it's not. It's fiction. Based on books. It's cartoony for a reason.
Anyway, there shouldn't be a hyphen between Tuffnut and Ruffnut's names.
XxDragon King DragneelxX chapter 36 . 9/25
This is awesome! Where is the next update I cant wait to more!
BookWorm105616 chapter 12 . 9/14
Just an idea for another title, To Abjure
Miau chapter 1 . 9/12
So amazing!
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