Reviews for Bringing My Brother Home
Prisma19 chapter 19 . 10/2/2021
I am exited to read the sequel and I love what Jason said at the end! XD
Prisma19 chapter 18 . 10/2/2021
I love that Tim was wearing clothing to appear smaller and frailer than normal to make his parents feel guilty. It’s so sad it didn’t work. I also love that all of the house is bugged and connected to the cave and that Cass and Steph could listen in in the cave and were mimicking Alfred. I also love the way Alfred and everyone was acting!

I really love Bruce’s plan! It’s brilliant and everyone wins! It’s understandable that Tim has hope his parents will change so I am not surprised he wanted Bruce and Lucius to ease up on his parents.

It made me so angry when Bruce asked them where Tim was and Jack responded with “The lazy boy was lying in bed all day. Really Wayne, I think the boy has no ambition. At least your boys are grateful for…" and when he told them all of the horrible things they have done to Tim they were astonished and didn’t believe him and said he just punished him but never hurt him that way! Their lies and denial are appalling!

I loved it when Jason burst into the room and told Tim’s parents off, what happened to Tim, and how Tim feels about them and when Dick and Tim came in. Tim’s appearance was a wake up call to his parents and I am so happy it affected them. Their denial still after seeing Tim was astonishing and now they will become better people with lists of time.

I was really happy when after all of the horrible things and lies Tim’s parents said about him Bruce said Tim had been a joy to them and that he an overachiever, a year ahead in school, so polite and kind, and the boys think of him as their brother and he is so appalled they would ever think any different about Tim.

Bruce pointing out the Drakes all of the horrible things they have done to Tim was also really great and was another wake up call to them and made them realize just how badly and messed up their treatment and parenting towards Tim was and is. It’s still crazy Tim’s parents said he is making all of this up and I love how Bruce said he won’t let them hurt Tim any more.

Bruce got them so good when he listed all of the issues Tim has and how anyone will see them so it doesn’t matter who they tell. When this all gets investigated Tim is going to be taken away from them no matter what. Bruce’s plan is so perfect and no one will suspect a thing.

The Drakes get to keep doing what they love and have been doing, Tim gets to live the Wayne family, Bruce gets to keep Tim’s parents from being broke, can help keep Drake industries stay in business, and can watch over Drake industries and keep us safe and protected so that when Tim is old enough he owns Drake industries and will be set for life.

It made me so happy when Dick cheered “Tim's ours!" and picked him up and hugged him and spun him around and the whole family joined in and hugged Tim! Tim is finally free now!

It’s wonderful Tim’s parents agreed to Bruce’s plan, but it’s still sad they only did it so they could keep being archaeologist and would still have a lot of money from their jobs and from Drake industries and realized Tim isn’t the son they wanted and won’t be the perfect heir they always wanted him to be.

It’s nice they realized they were bad parents to him and that he is happier with Bruce and the family, but it is all still sad. I wanted the parents to go to jail but I don’t mind that they won’t. At least this way though Tim’s parents can change over time and some day Tim can sometimes live with them and they will be the parents Tim needs and deserves to have. I love Tim still believes this can all happen, but until them he will just stay with his family who loves him so much.

It’s no surprise it’s going to take Tim lot of time for Tim be himself around the family and for him to discover and be the person he wants to be, but he will lists of love and support from his family and will eventually know and feel comfortable being honest and his true self with and around them all.

I really love that Jason has a special place he goes to to be alone and that Tim and Jason talked about things and thanked each other for bringing each other hime! I really love that in the process of Tim bringing Jason home and saving him, Jason brought Tim home and saved him!

I don’t read many AU’s, but I am so happy I read this one! This is one of the best Batfamily AU’s I have read!

You did a spectacular job writing this! Thanks so much for writing this! :)
Prisma19 chapter 17 . 10/2/2021
This chapter was also very heartbreaking and was also a great relief knowing Tim now knows how much Bruce and the family love Tim for who is, not just because he is Robin.

Even though Tim is now safe the next step is to get rid of and punish the parents. It’s so sad throughout this chapter Tim still thinks he can play off the bruises they give and them hurting him as no big deal and can still have some kind of relationship with his parents and make them happy even after everything they have done to him!

I really love that when Jason was talking with Tim he told him that that they are his real family not his parent and that they are going to make sure he never goes back to them again.

I felt so sorry for Bruce that as he was talking to Tim he felt so heartbroken and angry at himself for how he treated and tired to scare away Tim when he first came to them and that he failed to protect him. As heartbroken and angry as Bruce was with himself I really love Bruce was thinking this and sees Tim as being “ This precious child who had reminded him of why he was Batman”

The only thing I didn’t like was that you diss Jason was “The worst detective among them” Jason can be very impatient when it comes to deceive work and is not always the best the detective compared to others, but he is not the worst detective, non of the members of the Batfamily are bad at detective work. Jason is very smart and sometimes can be slower at detective work and it takes him a while to put things together just like how it can be this way with the rest of them.

Tim saying this and these lies broke my heart! “My parents aren't around enough to really hurt me. I could handle the bruises. They never impeded me. I swear if they had I would have not gone out. I didn't put you or anyone in danger because of it. Or if you did take me in, it would be because you thought you had too." I am so happy he is realizing the truth!

I felt so heartbroken Tim thought Bruce mostly cared about and loved him and wanted him as Robin and didn’t as him being just Tim and thought Tim just being him wasn’t enough for him to receive love and attention from Bruce and the others. and be apart of their family. I felt so happy once Bruce said these words and Tim realized Bruce loves Tim as himself and wants him to be apart of his family and thinks Tim is amazing loves him for being him!

“Tim, I would take you in even if you couldn't be Robin anymore. Son, you belong in my family."

"You said that as Bruce."

"Bruce wants Tim, not Robin?"

"Yes. I Bruce have claimed Tim to my family."

"Oh." “I thought… Tim wasn't enough."

"Let me tell you about Tim. He's this smart kid who has a big heart. He believes in heroes, and is willing to stand for what he believes. He makes his brothers grin and laugh. He…"
Prisma19 chapter 16 . 10/1/2021
I feel so bad for Jay and Dick knowing that’s going between Tim and his parents and waiting for him to make the right decision to tell him, only to realize they know he won’t and that they have to take the direct approach.

I like how Jason relates to him and went through the same thing he did with his dad that Tim for the same reasons. The most sad thing is they both kept on hoping their dads change only to realize way too late that was never going to happen.

This was the most heartbreaking thing and worst thing Tim’s parents have done to him and in his birthday! I feel so sorry Jason and Dick had to hear Tim’s message and knew Tim was lying and had to race over to his house and see him like this and hear him tell him how he didn’t want to leave his parents and not be Robin because he is having a hard time believing they will let him live with them.

I felt so happy when Dick and Jason were with Tim and took care of him and told him many times he is coming to his real home with them and when they took him to the manor and cared for him. I also feel so sorry for Bruce that he had to know and hear about all of this too and that he and Alfred had to see Tim like this!

I love Bruce’s thinking about why it’s best they take of Tim themselves for now so Tim can believe that they want him and want to finds ways with with him as to how best they can help him. Bruce should never ever feel sorry for trying to scare away Tim and being rougher with him during training and thinking he was acting like Tim’s because he wasn’t. He was letting to look out for Tim.

I am so happy they all now know and will love and protect Tim forever!
Prisma19 chapter 15 . 9/30/2021
I forgot to mention last chapter that I love Jay made sure Tim bruises were caught on camera.

I really love the descriptions of what Jason’s Phoenix suit looks like, how happy Bruce is and how much be approves! Also the descriptions on how the boys are, why their suits are the way because they fight according to their personality and body type is all so true!

I also really love how all of the boys were playing around with each other, wresting in the cave, laughing, and Bruce was being annoyed dad and told Jay to be careful with Tim! I also really love the clear descriptions of what was going on and that Tim stole the Batman cape!

What I love the most about this chapter is the descriptions of the case and all of the details you put into it and how complex the case is and planning was.

I love that Jaosn went with Bruce for his first time, that Jaosn was nostalgic as he rode in the Batmobile, patrolled, and it was like things hand’t changed.

I love that they all did a com check, that the other heroes all welcomed Jaosn as Phoenix, that Gordon knew Phoneix was the second Robin and is happy he is back!

I also the details on the bad guys, the set up all of the exits, the carefully planned coordination with the other heroes and the police, the conversations over the coms.

I also like how the lady disguised the bomb as a baby, how they caught the guy at the warehouse, and how Tim dove in to stop her. I really like these action scenes!

Of course Tim lied about his injury so they could all focused on the mission and the bomber instead of him. I normally am concerned when Tim and the others do this but in this situation it was necessary and the others know it to had hard at is it for them all to admit.

I also love that Jason is just now realizing this and will continue to realize this and how proud of Tim he is! “I just never realized what it was like to have someone in the field that I had to keep safe." Jason shrugged. "You're great kid and you were the hero of the evening." I will never get tired of Jason realizing how much he loves being a big brother to and caring about and caring for Tim!

I also love that Jason has realized If Tim could use deception this well to point that Bruce doesn’t even notice he was lying it’s no wonder Bruce did not know and didn’t suspect that Tim’s parents were physically abusing him and that Tim’s parent are doing more horrible things to him then they all know. I am so happy Dick is going to know, especially since he has suspended it and that the truth is now coming to light!
Prisma19 chapter 14 . 9/30/2021
Batman and Catwoman playing roof top tag is the best! I love that Tim takes pictures of them and of Batman loosing and saves them and that he and Bruce try to break into each other’s fire wall and have to keep upgrading them. Of course Tim was the first one to break into Bruce’s.

I also really love that Bruce always asks Jaosn to check over Tim when they come back from patrol and that Jaosn takes cares of his injuries and noticed the bruises Tim got from a day ago that he did not get on patrol and has an idea of what’s going between Tim and his parents.

Tim is not wrong that Bruce doesn't get looked at after every patrol when he and Tim both know he has injuries too! Thankfully most times Alfred is there to look over him.

I also love how Bruce knows Tim so well that he always asks Tim before he leaves if there is anything else he should know about and Tim makes Bruce go to the Justice League meetings, reminds him to use less brute force and more deduction, and can talk back to Bruce without getting in trouble and that they are all in and out of manor and spend time together and stay the night many times a week.

It’s so sad Tim’s parents don’t approve of him hanging out with Stephanie! Tim is much happier and himself around her and others so is super nice they all love Tim and hang out with him so much when he is at the manor and stay their the whole week.

The Batfamily aplaying tag, football and eating ice-cream, and eating chicken enchiladas for dinner and having the Birds of Prey patrol for them so they can have a movie night and all squishing on the couch for Tim’s last day is the best thing ever! And of course Bruce would say yes to all of this! I also love enchiladas which are one of my favorite foods to eat!

I love that Jaosn is going to call himself Phoenix because it suits his transformation and change in himself so perfectly and to keep up with the bird theme and because he was inspired by Dick who is a legend! I also love what his suit is going to look like!

I love that Dick is planning things for them to do for Tim’s birthday and that Jaosn is so exited to celebrate Tim’s birthday with him and is not going to let anything get in his way of doing that!

I am so happy Jason finally put the pieces of evidence together and confirmed and knows what’s actually going on between Tim and his parents! I love how Jason was able to put it all together and already knows Bruce is going to adopt him!
Prisma19 chapter 13 . 9/30/2021
Yea! Jason being brought back to life is known to the public! I love That Jason’s first appearance to the world was on Bruce’s birthday! I also love Dick’s and Jason’s fashion sense and how Bruce is jealous they can get away with it because they are young.

I also love Stephanie’s and Cassandra’s introduction and all of the party traditions and shenanigans the Batfamily does and now they get to do them together with new people who are now their family. I also love how happy Jason is to be in a big family and now has more brothers and sisters!

I also love how Jason isn’t ready or in shape to jump back into fighting crime and needs time to be healthy and strong enough to fight and needs more training. I really love that his first time on the mats was with Bruce and that Bruce is going to help him.

I also really love how Jason is the only right now who is truly seeing through Tim and what’s going on with him and the others aren’t because they are familiar with Tim and have been with him for awhile.

I really love this conversation and it’s all so true!

“Batman doesn't like me."

"Batman doesn't like anyone."

"He likes Tim."

"That's because Tim is like a mini-bat."

"Tim can read his mind."

"I've noticed he gets away with back talking."

"But I don't back talk!"

"I always have a reason for what I say."

"So that's how you do it! Logic!"

These last two conversations emotionally wrecked me in a good way and were so deep. I love how Jason was feeling and how his doubts about if Bruce still loved vanished.

“You need him."

"You need him, not me. I love being Robin, but I only became Robin because Jason wasn't here to keep you sane…"

"It doesn't work that way Lil' Bro."

"I'm my own man and you are a better Robin than I ever was."

“Tim, Jason's… death broke me. This façade, this… crusade wasn't supposed to take more members of my family away."

"I wanted Jason back to be my son. You reminded me that there were still innocents that I could protect”

You reminded me that I could not fall to the level of those who had stolen my parents and my son."

I love all of this so much and the ending! Dick’s hugs always make you feel better and happy!

It’s also so nice Jason truly sees through Tim and knows the meaning of his words and what’s going on with him and loves and accepts him as his brother.

It would be nice if I could make these chapter reviews shorter, but I can’t! I try and then I am like oh wait I want to say this and this and then my review ends up a long paragraph. XD
Prisma19 chapter 12 . 9/16/2021
Finally Jason is sane again! This is definitely one of my favorite chapters! Poor Jason that he had to throw up so much and had so many nightmares and cried a lot, but he is cured now so that’s great!

I really love how Jason realized he living situation was way better and more comfortable safe and warm Jason felt and how he felt a sense of family with him when he was getting the pit stuff out of him and while the family was taking care of him. I also love how happy Jason was to be back staying in the manor and seeing Alfred and everyone and was so happy to be eating Alfred’s food again!

It’s nice Tim was able to get Conner to get Clark to call his parents over so he could escape and see how Jason is doing and finish things up. It was also nice to read about Tim’s interactions with Superboy and Impulse. Tim is going to be so busy now that Jason is back with them and on top of caring for Jason he has his Robin and Young Justice duties to do.

I enjoyed reading about Jason meeting Tim and Cass, how he sees them as his brother and sister. I love how he picked up on a lot of things about them and is beginning to understand what Cass’s life and family was like before she came to them and what Tim’s life and family life is like. I also love how Jason picked up on that Tim isn’t as fearful of Bruce and I could tell how much Jason likes Tim and how he can see he and Tim have some things in common. I especially love that Jason’s response to finding out that Tim is not adopted but that being Robin means more than any legal adoption and means your already a member of the family and are apart of their brother hood.

It’s nice Jason is noticing how shy Tim is so he can help him to not be so shy. I am looking forward to when Tim realizes he can’t do everything perfectly and that what he does and accomplish is great and should be celebrated. I can see why Tim would feel sorry that the medicine he came up with to help Jason makes him throw up and feel awful but there is not much else he can do and Tim’s apology to Jason was heartbreaking.

I am so ready for Tim to be loved even more by the family and for them to help Tim get over his issues and insecurities. I was especially happy when Bruce hugged Tim and Tim hugged back and they hugged for a long time and it made Tim so emotional and happy he cried!

Bruce’s and Jason’s conversation was well done and you did a great job writing Jason’s point of view! I love how Bruce explained and showed Jason just how bad and broken things were between him and the family and how bad Bruce was doing and how broken he was until Tim came and that Bruce was able to express and show his emotions and how things were after Jason died.

It was also nice Bruce empathized how Tim came to them not seeking to be Robin but to help Bruce and put their family back together because he admires and believes in them all and in the process he ended up becoming Robin to save Batman and Nightwing and to save Batman from loosing his way.

I really love how Jason learning all of this impacted him and made him see just how bad things were when he was gone and how important Tim is to them and how happy and grateful he is to Tim that he came to them and saved them and their family.

I also really love even though Jason wants Batman to kill the Joker so badly no matter how selfish he knows it is, he understands why he can’t and why he can’t as Bruce because he can’t separate these two parts of himself and knows how much it destroy Batman and Bruce knows that can’t happen because the world needs Batman and Jason wants Bruce to be Batman.

Bruce knows and understands how hard this all is for Jason and for himself because he feels the same way Jason does and wants to like Joker just as much as he does but can’t bring himself to do it. I really love how Jason more than anything else he wants and more than his want for Bruce to kill Joker, he wants Bruce to be Batman and be his dad!

I loved everyone’s interactions, thoughts, and conversations! It’s so nice to finally see them all as a family together!
Prisma19 chapter 11 . 9/15/2021
Things will be so great for Tim once Bruce saves him from being forced to study business. Tim’s parents are so heartless and his dad is so cruel from preventing him to hang out with his friends!

I am not surprised Tim figured Jaosn was the one who broke Joker out of Arkham and has figured out Jason’s plan. I love how well you showed how smart is when he went to the theater to confront Jason. Tim’s plan was good and I love how he was learned his lesson from last time and sent his information to Oracle and left a tracker behind and put the comm on the floor so the others could listen.

I also love how Tim was trying to get Jason to see how much his death affected Bruce and how Batman almost killed the bad guys and himself after Jason died. I also love how Tim tried to reason with Jason to get him to see how he needed help and how he used his staff and smaller size to win against Jason.

I don’t read many fanfics that mention how unique it is Tim uses a staff and how he good he is at and how much Dick admires Tim for it so I was really nice to read about that.

I also love how even though Tim is the one who is hurt and tired and about to pass out and the family is so mad at him Tim keeps on trying to tell them and manges to tell them how they can save and help Jason and what they need to do to accomplish this.
Prisma19 chapter 10 . 9/14/2021
Of course Tim is back it again working himself too hard instead of resting and relaxing. It is funny how Bruce pointed out and told Tim how he has been working too hard and that he needs to take a break when he can’t even do that himself, but Tim is a son to Bruce and is way younger than Bruce so he wants Tim to rest and not be like him.

It’s so sad Tim questioned why Bruce asked him if he wanted to the go movies and the reasons he came up with were sad too. It’s also sad Tim wonders why they would bother to take care of him. So I was happy when Bruce told Tim he came up with this idea on his own and how much he wants Tim to take a break and have some fun. Bruce and Tim would definitely say what’s wrong with a movie and what could have been done better while Dick just criticizes them for it and says they don’t know how to enjoy a movie and accept that movies don’t have to be accurate.

It’s great to know Tim is making progress and now Bruce and Dick know what he is doing so he won’t have to hide what he is doing so much from them anymore. I love that Nightwing was spying on Tim and said how much like Bruce Tim is and that Tim is teaching Bruce things because it’s so true!

I especially loved it when Tim mentioned to Bruce and Dick how he felt like he was apart of a family and had a brother and that he wants Jason to be loved and cared for by the others too and that Jason needs this and the others needs him.

Tim still thinks he might be excluded from the family when Jason comes back but, I can tell he starting to think other wise. Tim is doing a good job sadly of hiding that he is being abused by his parents so much so that Bruce and Dick don’t suspect anything and believe that Tim would say something which is not true right now but I have feeling that’s all about to change.

It was nice when after Bruce said how he feels like they are taking Tim away from his family that Dick said they aren’t and that his parents don’t really care about and love him so having him stay with them and Tim being apart of their life has been great for Tim and them.
Prisma19 chapter 9 . 9/6/2021
After reading this it is a little bit of everyone fault Tim got hurt because they had their comms off but it’s still mostly Jason’s fault!

It’s so sad Dick believes he doesn’t deserve to hold Tim because he failed to save Tim and unintentionally disobeyed orders. Despite how sad this all is it’s also very sweet how loving and caring everyone is being towards Tim.

Jack and Janet are so cruel and they don’t really love and care for Tim and don’t deserve to have him! I and so ready for Bruce to adopt precious Tim!

Of course Tim is too much like Bruce and won’t stop working even though he cannily type with one hand! I love all of the details, research, and conclusions Tim has come to about the Lazerous Pit and it’s affects and how the bad parts can be removed from someone and can still be used to heal people.

I also love and it’s so sweet how even though Jason badly hurt Tim and almost killed him Tim still believes it’s not entirely Jason’s fault because he was a under the influence of the pit and believes he can get the bad stuff out of him and save him and brig him home so he is still not telling the others about him so they can all see and be with the real Jason and not see this bad side of him.
Prisma19 chapter 8 . 9/6/2021
I forgot to mention in the last review that the way you write Jack and Janet is OOC sometimes especially when it comes to the physical abuse towers Tim, but I don’t mind it. It makes the story different and adds to Tim’s character and his character growth.

I love all of the details as to what the other heroes were doing and what they were up to and how they were all coordinating everything and I love the details when Tim was planting the tracker on Jason.

That fight was intense and so heartbreaking! It made me so sad and angry that Tim was ok that he got hurt was and was so sure he was going to die and was ok with it and all of this was his final thoughts before he lost consciousness and was ok with it all in his “Final moments because now Bruce and the others could find Jason and bring him home and now that Jason is alive they don’t need him and Tim thinks all he ever was is a replacement for Jason and completed his job which was to keep Batman alive and sane.

I feel so sorry for Dick and the rest of the family that they have to see Tim like this and that they all and especially Dick think it’s their fault Tim got hurt so bad. It is a little bit of Dick’s fault for cutting of the comm too soon but still though it’s all Jason’s fault for doing this to Tim!
Prisma19 chapter 7 . 9/6/2021
The physical and abuse and harsh words and lies from Jack and Janet have dangerously escalated! It’s time for them to go jail and for Bruce to adopt Tim! I really hope Jason finds out about how abusive Tim’s parents are towards him and he punches and takes them to jail as RedHood.

I really love how determine Tim is to make Jason sane bring him home! I also love how all of Tim’s teachers and the faculty at the school know what’s going between Tim and his parents and are doing their best to help Tim.

I also love how you wrote that Robin wears long sleeves when the weather is cooler because I don’t get why they never wrote about this or showed this in the comcis! So I always have the head canon that when it was cooler especially during the winter time all of the Robins wore pants and long sleeves.

I forgot to mention in the last review for the last chapter that I love Dick and Tim did the trapeze together. I also love you wrote that Dick walked around on his hands and this is also something I will never get bored of reading!
Prisma19 chapter 6 . 9/6/2021
Tim’s patents just keep getting worse and worse! Poor Tim all he wanted to sleep in because he wanted to and needed to and he deserved to sleep in!

It’s so heartbreaking his dad grabbed Tim that way and hurt him! How dare they wake Tim up for something as stupid as telling him they are going to force him and get things ready for him so he can take over the company and study to be a business man when he doesn’t want to!

It’s also very sad and heartbreaking how Tim knows what they are doing to him is abuse but he still has hope they will change and they are his parents and he still loves them any way and doesn’t want to leave them so he suffers through it all and hides and lies to Bruce, Alfred, and Dick about his injuries and does all of this so he can be Robin.

It’s also heartbreaking and sad how Tim questions if Bruce and Dick will still want Tim around and want to be Robin now that Tim knows he was right all along that the mystery man is Jason. I knew it was Jason!

It’s a good thing Dick noticed how tired Tim is and convinced Bruce to let Tim not patrol and sleep because Timmy needs to.
Prisma19 chapter 5 . 9/6/2021
It’s sad how Tim is just listening to his parents jut so he can make them shoot even though he is miserable. I was happy when Tim’s math teacher told Tim that he doesn’t have to do what his parents tell him and that he is so smart he can do anything he wants to with his life.

Bruce is so stubborn! He can never sit still for very long when he needs to! At least he is only doing minor physical activity and now Dick is going to be there sometimes to make sure he takes it easy.

I enjoyed reading about the fight and that you wrote specific streets names and what was going on in detail. The fight was so exiting and intense and so was learning more about the mystery man’s intentions.

It’s very concerning how Tim is willing to injure himself and do whatever it takes and doesn’t care what happens to him as long as he gets the job done and what he needs to get the job done and stop the bad guys.

It’s very admirable and also concerning how much Tim wants to be Robin especially since he strongly believes and knows Batman needs a Robin so Tim is going to be Robin, even though he knows it’s going to cost him a lot and he will get hurt or could be killed.

I will always love reading about and seeing Dick/Nightwing being a big brother to the boys and scolding them for how stupid and reckless they were and are being. Even though they are all made about how reckless Robin was it was nice they were still proud of him and told him how he still had a good plan he just needed to work on the execution of it and should have told them about it.

I was really happy when Bruce hugged Tim! Tim needed a hug after the hard and troublesome last few days he has had and after the hard day and night he had and all of the things Tim has been dealing with and going through.
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