Reviews for Extraordinary
Tal chapter 70 . 7/25
I enjoyed reading your story. Hope you continue to create and share your awesome writing skills. I will be checking for new post quit your day job if you have to. I would pay to read more of your work. I m sure others would too.
vickiel2r chapter 70 . 6/10
On to the next journey.
vickiel2r chapter 69 . 6/10
Very good wedding party with all reminiscing of their family and special ending for this part of Christian and Ana’s life, love, beginning of another journey. Thank you very much!
vickiel2r chapter 68 . 6/8
A wedding made just as Christian and Ana wants it and with their beautifully worded vows, a very memorable wedding.
vickiel2r chapter 67 . 6/8
Extraordinary chapter too and Christian and Ana can’t wait until the wedding to satisfy their nightly ritual of love making. Traditions can’t be enforced anymore.
vickiel2r chapter 66 . 6/6
Poor Natalie she got what she deserve and who wants to see women like her. But they are around looking for a hookup and targeted Christian. Escala should be a thing of the past for Christian and time to move to their dream house as soon as they can after their honeymoon.
vickiel2r chapter 65 . 6/5
This Natalie person needs to learn a lesson and this should be a good time.
vickiel2r chapter 64 . 6/5
Never make Ana angry again when she is holding an object. Hopefully Christian’s cut will not have swelling around it to show at the wedding pictures. It will remain a part of their history.
vickiel2r chapter 63 . 6/5
Celebrate another momentous step for Ana. Franco is now her hairdresser without undue events.
vickiel2r chapter 62 . 6/5
Even how bad Carla had been, Ana did tell her she still loves her although she did not want to see her gain. She even blamed Ana for Frank’s death for being born early. Carla is just a toxic person to be around Ana.
vickiel2r chapter 61 . 6/4
That’s ironic and funny Ana gifting Christian ripped blue jeans, but now she knows another history of his past life.
vickiel2r chapter 60 . 6/4
Seven years ago since this story was finished and I am still not finished reading it with all the many stories and nook books I had to read. Never tired of reading Christian and Ana stories from all the different writers who share their talents to us readers. Thank you very much.
vickiel2r chapter 59 . 6/4
Ana is enjoying family and she is happy without the worries and stress of having responsibilities she was not ready for like running her own Publishing company among other things. Christian is fully committed to help her and she can concentrate in getting better and be ready for her wedding.
vickiel2r chapter 58 . 6/4
It is all fun with reminiscing of the fast and a mini adventure sleeping in tepees.
vickiel2r chapter 57 . 6/3
Cannot really trust a man without knowing him well and that must have been the case that allowed Jose to have freedom to do what he had done with Ana taking all those invasive pictures without her knowledge. Then he took advantage of Ana, Ethan and Kate making them part time caretakers of Sam. Ana should first try to trust Danielle with Sam. Hers and Christian’s history of their mothers are not ideal, so is Ana already doubting Danielle?
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