Reviews for Past is Prologue
Cer1992 chapter 27 . 4h
You know, a big part was really hoping that Dinah actually kill Malcolm to save the world a lot of grief.
Cer1992 chapter 26 . 6h
About the VCR thing, fanfiction consists of readers/writers of all ages. I'm 26 years old myself and so I was around when VCRs were still used in the 90s before people stopped in the mid-2000s. Also, I personally know a fanfictioner who is in her 40s.
Cer1992 chapter 24 . 19h
Considering the age difference between Ray Palmer and Jean Loring in Arrowverse, I highly doubt The Atom dated Moira's DA. It must've been a different Jean.
Cer1992 chapter 21 . 9/16
If I were writing this story, what I would've done for this episode (since Caity Lotz is like the TRUE Sara Lance) to eliminate the continuity error is make that lookalike girl blonde instead of brunette like in canon. Yeah, I gotta ask: Why didn't you just do THAT?
Gotts chapter 2 . 8/9
I was rereading this story and a big problem with if you read the reaction of the character vs. the scene you show about Oliver you'll see that about 95% to almost 100% of the story that not a single character use the word Jesus or Christ or God at the end it get stupid... I could go on about how unrealistic it get because seriously I just can't picture them saying those word. I have nothing against religion but this get tiring and annoying real fast.
MUI SSB4 Brandon chapter 7 . 7/9
I think Thea may have been using cognitive dissonance, where they want to believe something so much that they ignore evidence that proves them wrong
Guest chapter 45 . 6/8
Red and black not blue and gold
DarkArcher76 chapter 38 . 4/23
I was thinking about Thea and Malcom fighting together and what would be a brilliant strategy for when they fight Oliver and Roy is if instead of Malcom facing Oliver and Thea facing Roy is if it was the opposite. With Thea fighting Oliver and Malcom fighting Roy. Because Malcom’s a better fighter than Roy. And if Oliver fought Thea, he would most likely hold back, at least slightly. Because despite everything that was his little sister. That slight hesitation would give Thea an edge.
hockeyfanatic chapter 45 . 4/21
Yep, I'm rereading again while waiting for "Future Imperfect" and just got to one of my favorite parts of the story Roy telling of Oliver singing Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead after Waller died but maybe it was the vodka! So very funny but also something I could see many, many people doing.
DarkArcher76 chapter 50 . 3/10
I was just rereading this chapter when I noticed a spelling error. When Felicity and Thea are in the viewing room and the memory of the justice league fighting the league of assassins comes up. You forgot the r in Star Labs. Just thought I’d point that out so you could fix it.

Also this is my favorite chapter in this entire work. It’s truly amazing writing. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve read this chapter alone.

Can’t wait for Future Imperfect to be done!
dazey186 chapter 44 . 1/7
Hi, i know this story has been out and finished for a while but I've just started getting into arrowverse FF, I'm enjoying this story, I love characters watch/read fics. I'm reviewing this chapter because I want to stick up for Oliver. It's said and implied that Oliver telling them about Slade would have made all the difference. Oliver has been back from the island for a year in season 2 and people are still judging him, for who he was. Yes, that is what he wanted them to see but at some point (waking violently from nightmares, being covered in scars etc. ) the changes should have been noticed but everyone around him was so caught up in their own drama they never bothered to see any deeper than the surface. Up until this point Oliver believed Slade to be dead, so why would be tell them about the man when he told them nothing else about the island? His family and most friends still believed he was on the island alone so coming out and telling them there was someone else on the island wouldn't have been easy and once Slade was known to be alive it would have been even harder because he would have had to explain y he thought Slade was dead. Thea is still a bit immature dispite running the business. Oliver had told her repetedly to stay away from Arrow and she ignored him. Why would he think she would believe him about Slade regardless of any personal connections to the man. He is astranged from his mom because of her secrets, so why would he trust her with some of his deepest darkest memories. Laural is an addict who IMO threw a tempertanturm because her less than perfect sister is taking the spotlight again. He did tell Dig, and I assume Felicity would know enough from either Dig or Oliver to know who Slade was, and at that point those are the people he knwo he could trust with the information.
I'm anxious to finish this story and start the sequel because I'm curious to see how you incorporate this group with Oliver/thearrow. I Love Oliver and truly see him as a leader so I don't really want to see him pushed to the back because of this groups foreknowldge. He has his flaws and had he not had such trust issues he wouldn't have had so many problems but he is still one of the most level headed out of the group of superheros on the shows.
DarkArcher76 chapter 37 . 11/18/2017
I can’t tell you how many Skyrim jokes I made when Roy got shot.
Only reviewer chapter 45 . 11/17/2017
I suspect Waller wasn't in jail because she knows where a lot of bodies are buried.

If you want her before a Senate oversight committee, mind you, you are a fan fiction author...
DarkArcher76 chapter 35 . 11/13/2017
If all the municipal records went digital then why werrn’t Blood’s digital as well. Or were the police records not digitalized.
DarkArcher76 chapter 52 . 11/3/2017
And Helena, don’t forget Helena. She wore eyeshadow underneath her mask as well.
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