Reviews for The Serpent
Izabella499 chapter 1 . 6/10
I've never reviewed anything before so I hope I don't say the wrong thing. I really loved this story! but I need to know what happened with Ron! lol was he bi or secretly gay? did I miss something in the epilogue? looks like I'll just have to re read which won't be a problem
Firewhiskey chapter 28 . 4/28
Wow! Just wow... i'm a german reader and i looked for good dramione smut fics, with a good plot. It's fantastic. I have not read the end, but i have one request - can there be a sequel please ? Somehow! The mix of Draco, 'the Serpent', colliding with thr relationship of astoria and theo... oh my god. Please create something great fic again. I will be your biggest fan. Sorry for this fangirltalk, but i can not restrain :x
Mori chapter 24 . 4/23
A jewelry after sex with nonBf indeed sounds like payment. It's quite understandable if she leave.
TheLastLynx chapter 1 . 3/24
wonderful story! i especially enjoyed hermione and dracos depictions, both seemed to be very true to character. but such a shame that you have to swith between ff and livejournal for the full version!
Filisgare chapter 33 . 1/17
Wonderful story!
Filisgare chapter 13 . 1/16
Totally worth going to your live journal for that chapter. So hot!
Valery Hlinka chapter 33 . 1/14
Oh boy! This story is absolutely fantastic! The plot is brilliant and catching!
I loved your Draco who is strong and arrogant with acerbic sense of humor but in the same time vulnerable and caring and loving... ahh... It seems like I'll ever find this kind of men in fanfiction only... Well a girl can dream...
I liked the development of their relationship. They proved that something valuable cannot be achieved without a price whether it be our pride or overcoming our insecurities which can be really difficult.
You showed Hermione as any other womanwitchcraft brilliance asideshe has her doubts, she has her strong sides, she is afraid of accepting her sexual preferences because of social roles we women were bound to take. It is great she has found the person who could give her freedom.
Though I literally start to dry heave reading about any sexual act between Hermione and Ron, their relationship proved to me one more time that you can't have harmonious lasting relationship with person you can't talk to about your relationship. I knew it before I only found the support of this idea in your wonderful story. Thank you!
The only inconvenience I faced reading your fic was that I had to juggle between and your LJ page to get all juicy bits. Why don't you upload full story to AO3? I know you have the account. It's just suggestion though.
Along with Hunted by Bex-chen this is my favourite detective story! Great job! Keep going!
malugargula chapter 33 . 1/1
Absolutely amazing fic
scabiorgirl chapter 4 . 12/29/2017
Its getting better with every chapter I like hand in the air laughing. To be honest I like a little drama in my stories and as someone rightly said this story is underrated.
scabiorgirl chapter 3 . 12/29/2017
There was a repetition of a paragraph but this is a great story so far as I can tell.
scabiorgirl chapter 2 . 12/29/2017
Hermione and Harry's dialogue was hilarious lol
PercabethfanNo.1 chapter 33 . 11/11/2017
The story is positively beautiful. love it.
Felston chapter 33 . 10/22/2017
Words cannot explain how much I love this story. Fantastic. You are just awesome.
hbsj chapter 33 . 9/11/2017
Okay, so I have just re-read this astounding fanfiction-piece of yours and I am shocked that it doesn't have more favs and comments, because it really should! But I just had to leave another comment. The way it is written, your plot development and the way the entire story is construed to keep the reader captivated is the sort of writing that I aspire to, thank you so much for sharing this amazing fic!
writer34 chapter 33 . 9/7/2017
I love itttt!
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