Reviews for Basilisk-born
tommyboynv chapter 56 . 4h
Great chapter! I loved that the story made it back to the present. Umbridge’s Future seems quite bleak! And, the straw that is breaking his back is Dumbledore’s unwillingness to protect the children! You’ve definitely shown that protecting others is a key component of Harry’s character, but even with his other major failings, it’s that failing that is considered the worst.

I’m truly looking forward to the January Wizengamot meeting. Big and bold things are going to happen, but I had to pause a moment after the reveal of Sal’s dying body. Won’t it be a bit challenging to achieve all his stated goals for the Grand Family if he’s not around?

Hoping for the best...and that you continue to get better. Take care of yourself!
Kloness chapter 56 . 9h
Oh my god! This is lovely I loved the character growth in Hermione, ESPECIALLY Ron!
Totally looking forward to the next chap!
(Fudge is more and more like bridenstine and Trump, they’re all ridiculous)
Phoenix Invictus chapter 56 . 4/19
I hope that you recover, and that you will finish this masterpiece you've crafted. All the best to you.
Lola Krantz chapter 56 . 4/18
Fantastic story!
SiriusJPotter chapter 56 . 4/17
Hope you feel better and im glad tou updated. I enjoyed the chapter
Sarah chapter 56 . 4/17
get better soon. I know I have been annoying you regarding updates. Not sorry for that due to not knowing. I'm going to be sad when this ends. I've re read it heaps and still brings enjoyment.
Sassy Lord chapter 56 . 4/18
I feel annoyed at Hermione but I guess she have many things to learn and hopefully Harry won't get mad at her. Thanks for updating this story and hope you get well. Health comes first and don't push yourself too far. It's okay if you update on 2-5 months as long you're in good health. And I really love your story, this will make a good inspiration and motivation for my stories in Wattpad.
Guest chapter 56 . 4/16
I've been following the story since the beginning, I love how you've grown it to be a well thought out world and your vivid storytelling has always enamored me by rereading it while I wait. I was saddened when you took your hiatus, even though I do understand why it happened.
I can't believe Harry is dying, or that he killed his grandma, and is Fawkes Harry's grandfather? So many questions but I'll wait patiently while you take your time to heal. Get well soon
Guest chapter 56 . 4/15
TAKe all the time you need ,but I beg you, don’t ever stop writing! If I could I would marry the brain that birthed this Master piece. I love it almost more than Canon for gods sakes
Mar91 chapter 56 . 4/15
A very good
babblingsquirrel chapter 56 . 4/15
Love this story more with every chapter :) Thank you so much for updating. I hope you get well soon!
anshul315 chapter 1 . 4/17
This is such an amazing story! plot is really captivating and the way you connect everything together is simply boggling with something this detailed .. and i hope you get better soon
lilyginnyrose chapter 56 . 4/15
Only reviewing to leave my best wishes for your health.
Speedy recovery!
Christian Chick chapter 56 . 4/17
This story I some of my favorites. Your plot is beautiful and considering that you’re covering almost 2500 years of someone’s personal history your pacing is unbelievable. I know you said you were hospitalized, I hope that you are doing well and that it isn’t hurting your job/education situation. Thank you for updating and I hope you can update again soon.
MikaToshino chapter 56 . 4/17
I adore this story i just read through it in one sitting which trust me was no easy task with how long and detailed he chapters are but I can not wait till you share more of Thor genius with us. normally I wouldn't be able to stay invested in a story through so many generations but oh this one just keeps pulling me in from Merlin to Arthur to Morgana to the founders the malfieries and on and on you go drawing me in deeper with every sentence. I feared for the longest time that the basilisk was going to turn out to be his grandmother and to have it confirmed was both a great moment cause I was right and a terrible one because it made me sad. I hope you feel better soon don't rush on account of us we will still be here when you get better. I love the expansion in why he hates Dumbledore so much and I am so excited to see moody reaction to it.
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