Reviews for Basilisk-born
Silberherz chapter 52 . 8h
I love this story so much, I'm reading it again and again xD I especially love the conversation between Severus and "Uncle Ana" in this chapter as, I think I mentioned this in a previous comment, Anastasius is my favourite character besides Sal. I guess you could say it's my favourite scene in the whole story.
I'm excited for the next chapter but I also don't want to pressure you so take your time
Daikara chapter 58 . 10/14

It has so many original elements and believable reactions of individual characters.

You did amazing job with this story!

It's really wonderfull story, and I could just hope you will continue writting, cose I'm still waiting for next chapter and great final :D
Magesh chapter 58 . 10/13
Absolutely AWESOME story. I had read many Harry Potter fanfictions but this story stands unique from all others. Waiting for the next update...
SixFtWookie chapter 58 . 10/13
Wow, what a story. It was hard sometimes getting past some grammar and odd words, but this is still an excellent time loop story. I hope this cliffhanger means we are going to be finding out how Sal spent the middle of the 20th century soon. I also hope Hermione pulls her head out of Dumbledore's ass soon, she's better than that. Why isn't she following up on Twist's sources?
shinougaya chapter 58 . 10/12
I simply love this story! It must be one of, if not the best story I have ever read!
Marshmallowmann chapter 58 . 10/11
it's a long wait but your chapters are basically ten times the size what people are used to here :D
Guest chapter 58 . 10/8
Good chapter
Robby the Cyber Warrior chapter 58 . 10/8
This story is so goddam good! I'm so excited to see everything come to a head at that Wizengamot meeting! Also, on the topic of the Wizengamot, the leader is referred to as the Chief Witch or Chief Warlock. The Supreme Mugwump acts as chairperson for the ICW, the International Confederation of Wizards. Nothing to do with this chapter, but you had them backwards when it came up a few chapters ago and I was too eager to continue reading to remember to mention it in a review
Dbot1101 chapter 58 . 10/8
As usual wonderful writing, so worth the wait. Can't wait for more!
Lana chapter 58 . 10/6
Suis tombé par hasard sur cette histoire et je dois dire que le début me semblait rasoir avec le voyage dans le temps,je me perdais, mais voulant connaitre le fin mot de l'histoire, je me suis accroché et je ne regrette pas.
Elle est vraiment bien, qu'est ce qu'il ne faut pas faire pour se venger!
Dumbledore va en prendre plein la gueule, cette séance de Janvier avec héritiers et grande famille va être sport. Ce sera jouissif. Vivement la suite
Zauber chapter 15 . 10/8
I want to like it, but the strange grammar keeps tripping me up. It's clearly not written by a native English speaker, and doesn't flow very well, although the story is very good.
Katherine Sparrow chapter 58 . 10/8
Loved it! This just gets better and better :)
The Wandmaker chapter 58 . 10/8
Oh, that ending! Love it!
Atoosa chapter 37 . 10/7
you know, I love the story and all but I think you're just making Godric lesser so that Harry would keep the super hero status which is a little MarySue-ish
dragonflyhigh chapter 1 . 10/7
Loving this!
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