Reviews for Basilisk-born
Warrof chapter 57 . 2h
Good stuff! Glad to see you back!
Guest chapter 57 . 7/17
Great chapter
lady.hinata1 chapter 57 . 12h
I stumbled on your fic, I love your story, your plot and all this at the beginning I admit that I had a hard time, between all the names and names that harry change and finally understand that harry is Salazar ! ! Continue to write n do not give up!
Ella Princess of Animals chapter 57 . 21h
I like this story so far. Please don't kill Harry though! Not permanently at least.
Mismatched Melody chapter 57 . 7/17
hotcat chapter 57 . 7/16
excellent story. hope that Sal will not die
xXxjfreed21xXX chapter 57 . 7/16
moooooorrrreeeee please absolutely addictive.
Tim chapter 57 . 7/13
Thank you for writing this! I love this work
Pentel123 chapter 57 . 7/14
Well, just blitzed through this whole story.

Overall, loved it. Definitely added to the Favs and Follows.

Only real moments that bothered me where the repeat text/jumps during the Grindelwald bit, but I can understand why it happened, just not fun to read.

Looking forward to seeing how the rest of things go as well as the ultimate fate of Harryjames
Kuroi Rin chapter 57 . 7/12
Found this little treasure a week ago and I just have one thing to say: Awesome!
Okay, there are still more but that is the first thing that came to mind xD
I was bored, searching for Harry and Salazar, this Story was Long and recently updated... and now I‘m hooked!
Really great work you did here, it must have been a lot of planning and checking facts and I Thank you for your hard work.
There a so many things I‘m looking forward to in this Story!
How will Sal‘s actions change things? Will he be able to get the wards up again with minimal fuss or will there be an accident? When will Ana and Sal meet again? Will Sal really die or will he become the Master of Death beforehand? Acepting Death and with it the Titel and „live“? Will Sal become the King? And so much more!
I hope your heahlt is fully back again and that you are not under to much Stress, Stress is Never good! owo
With this, have a good day and I‘m looking forward to the next chapter!
DemiwitchSlytherin chapter 1 . 7/11
It is a very good first chap, but you made a mistake on the first word of the story. Instead of reading ‘he stood’, it reads ‘hestood’.
Sarasri chapter 57 . 7/11
I love this chapter. Everyone is gaining more and more information and changing their perceptions. Sanguini is definitely my favorite.
wolfdragonz chapter 57 . 7/10
I hope you continue to get better and I just wanted to say how much I love your story and the characters. Thank you
Fame Preet chapter 1 . 7/10
U Can explain Metamorphmagus as a reason for Sal's younger looks to the people who knew him as professor malfoire
bkerrmom1 chapter 57 . 7/9
Excellent story ! I am looking forward to seeing what comes next ! I hope Severus is able to make a cure or maybe the hallows come into play? Brilliant storytelling between the two timelines!
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