Reviews for A Demon Lord's Hero
Shigeraki chapter 19 . 10h
I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for Dxd’s Heracles to be the direct descendant of the hero Heracles since it’s a fact that Heracles murdered his only children in a rage, so I think it’s impossible for him to have a direct descendant. Unless he had more kids after which I find unlikely
AvirRapter chapter 10 . 21h
Okay, yeah, ngl this was an absolute bullseye. Love what you did with Kokabiel and his Fallen Host, their motivations, Asia, all absolute banger decisions.
AvirRapter chapter 2 . 9/27
Fair question, to be honest. I don't know why folks keep going the Pawn route, either.
Shigeraki chapter 6 . 9/26
Shirou’s school had lockers if you watched the anime UBW in particular the scene saber and him are in the school clearly shows lockers in the background.
Chapter Master Papa Smurf chapter 26 . 9/13
I adore this story and I want it to return so bad.
Seiya Ryuuguuin chapter 26 . 9/12
The story is great, but not a big fan. I never actually watch high school DxD.
Honestly, I am actively avoiding it because of the peerage system and slavery. It's just doesn't sit right with me.
tylerbraden13 chapter 26 . 9/2
Please come back
tylerbraden13 chapter 10 . 8/31
This was the best form of Kokabeil I've ever seen and I definitely don't cry everytime I read this chapter
WitnessofFate chapter 26 . 8/15
This really is a damn shame, like you I’ve stopped watching DxD, I never read it but I did watch every episode, and then the last season came out and I just couldn’t help but stop, I don’t mind the perversion but when it encroaches on the serious moments, of blood death and despair, then it just feels pointless, like all of it was a joke, a perfect example was the first time he went juggernaut drive, in the previous studio I learned that they changed the story from the novel, and when the more recent studio changed that episode to what it was in the novel. I think the only thing I can feel was disappointment. In my opinion that version by the first studio was good, he left the juggernaut drive from relief from seeing Asia okay, he went into it when he thought she died and when he saw her he snapped out of it. But in the novel they sang a freaking song about boobs to get him out of it. It felt like it treated all the emotions Issei felt and the assumed death of Asia as a joke at least to me. This story, your story, is what I believe DxD could’ve been, there will always be prevision and jokes in DxD, it’s in its DNA, but it had the potential to be so much greater than what it truly was in my opinion. Your authors note for the first part of Karasuba’s back story said it very well. They painted this picture of the boosted gear, and it was nothing like that at all, they told us it was the corrupted grail when in reality it was just a regular one. I love the fate series and shirou more than anything. He’s one of my favorite fictional characters ever and the Nasuverse is so vast and wondrous that I can’t help but get lost in it. But for your story what I love so much is the fact that DxD, this diamond in the rough that in my eyes was never polished, was in your story. It’s potential was realized in your story and I loved it as a result. So all I can say is that it’s a damn shame that this is continuing. I’m not sure if you forgot your account log in, not interested in writing anymore, or if you’re even seeing the comments. But if you are, I really hope you continue this, I want to see how brightly you can make this diamond shine lol
BP26 chapter 26 . 8/13
Absolutely fantastic story. But every time I reread it I get this soul crushing realization that it is unlikely to ever be finished. Still hope that you come back eventually. I would even be ready to support you on patreon, as I am sure would many others.
Guest chapter 14 . 8/12
really somewhat way too much that MC is getting handled that much. While pretty much everyone around him are behaving freely, him though getting the consequences of having them around. Having an MC as that is... aversing. Even if there's some serious or tragic parts as well which is a bit annoying as well, especially when focusing that. Though maybe some like that overall sort of helpless exasperation.
This romantic side is...idk. It's just as if she has 3 personalities. Doesn't really fit in. Sometimes I just feel like there's some sort of side-story going on.
Illiya is tiresome so far.
Guest chapter 13 . 8/12
for a devil with the sin of pride Shirou certainly has it rought - well at least he still has something he's good at. Does he feel posessive of Illiya, I wonder.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/12
and that phantasm.. could've been, erm, fun to see how it frees one from the will of continuing to live by projecting people who were most precious to them that were calling for them to go on the next adventure. Where they stop their own will to live afterwards and thus die.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/12
too much description, especially in the fights. The epilogue was worthy of that, truly. But it shouldn't be used everywhere, or so I believe atm.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/12
he could've just made whatever moves there is in chess to just make it clear that he doesn't care about such competition. And never think about any move for more than 1 second.
I mean, would he always care about all his faults there is. He'd just die out of embarassment that way. So better to just mock her pride by showing her that her game means less than shit to him.
I somewhat start to dislike such a vane Shiro. His pride in his blades...what pride there is while those are "just" forgeries.
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