Reviews for Nidaime no Sairin
DracoKing30 chapter 31 . 5/22
Really like this story can't wait for new chapters
KusaUzumaki chapter 26 . 5/17
It's a good book I'll agree on that but the timeline is so confusing. If I'm not mistaken he graduated at 12, then became chunin in the first chunin exams right. But then the timeline just confuses tf out of me after that. He's already around 16 to 17 and their not in shippudden yet like what is Obito gonna wait till the Jinchuuriki are all trained adults and can combat him like tf?
dan.lew.upg chapter 31 . 5/7
cant wait for more
GingerGod7 chapter 31 . 5/3
Amazing chapter!. Looking forward to the next one.
Child of Dreams chapter 2 . 5/2
Torifu Akimichi?
Child of Dreams chapter 1 . 5/2
I like Kakashi as Naruto's jounin-sensei and I can understand why Sasuke was put on Team 7, but instead of having Sakura be their third member... perhaps switch her with Hinata or Tenten?
Also, if Sasuke can be replaced as a Team 7 member, perhaps swap him with Kiba?
grimme chapter 4 . 4/29
a fair warning chapter 4 should be skimmed not be read carefully...
the author violated his own established world logic multiple times... so if you are the type to think about what you read, just skim it.

or to specify it irukas teamplacements are an insult to anyone that uses more than two braincells while reading...
it boils down to this: "my (/the authors) will be done"
White Obama chapter 31 . 4/27
Awesome chapter! chapter 3 . 4/26
Good Story
GingerGod7 chapter 29 . 4/25
Thank you for the chapter
MattBlack chapter 30 . 4/23
Since Gaara lives Chiyo may live as well! Always hated that authors never spare her lol.
MattBlack chapter 30 . 4/23
A regular bunshin is just an illusion, not physical at all...
Uchicha ASHU chapter 31 . 4/23
Good chapter!
The whole fight sequence was great even if in the case of Sasori’s fight it was similar to cannon.
Deidara enjoying tormenting everyone with his art was possible due to bad planning by Kakashi. Naruto and Sakura should have gone with Neji and Gai to protect Gaara and Kakashi should have stayed behind with Lee and Tenten to fight Sasori. This would have made sure that Sakura could treat Gaara as well as Neji and Natuto coud have protected her from Deidara. Tenten would have been a good long range support against Sasori as well as lee could have provided the extra power to break through Hiruko.
Looking forward to read more about the end if the fights and the aftermath.
Thanks for the chapter!
Jhenifabray chapter 31 . 4/22
JustAngry chapter 11 . 4/21
First part of this story was truly good, everything past the wave arc ughh, really not a fan of Asuma and Kakashi who are both at least A rankers getting stomped by Zabuza who was really nothing special, also them not noticing that Haku was acting sus af was so cringe that i almost stopped reading, two damn elite Jonins no matter how damaged should have presence of mind to notice irregularity like that but did not, just so you could follow canon with cosmetic changes. That really hurt this fic in my mind. I guess all the sandbagging Naruto is doing is also getting to me as well, problem with sandbagging is that you do it long and well enough and you on some level start believing it. And after rambling for fucking ages i just noticed the publish date on this fic, still gonna post the review :P
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