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Starship Phoenix chapter 19 . 10/2
alright now that most of the shock has worn off, here are some thoughts:

-this fic was so well crafted. little details that seemed unimportant (like the plum) came back around in such a big way and it was perfect. the way that Inner's resurgence was a result of Sasuke's mangekyo was a surprising choice but it made so much sense. The plot itself dragged me along- i wanted desperately to figure out what was going on.

-the characterization was so solid all the way through. Everyone was perfect, including the way they all interacted with each other, and the way the relationships grew and changed. Special shout-outs go to Sasuke and Neji, both very complicated characters but who you portrayed in such a lovely multi-faceted way. Honorable mention to Tenten, who with broke my heart with only a tiny bit of screen time.

-I'm not sure I can ever forgive you for killing Lee, but the way that his death managed to elicit such a strong reaction from me is a testament to your writing skill, and to your credit it wasn't just something that happened and then was brushed off. Lee's death had ramifications. But goddamn did it hurt.

-I'm not sure if this fic is complete or abandoned, because it's not marked complete and it felt like there were still some missing/unaddressed pieces- I'd have like to see Tenten and Neji reunite, for example, and there's all the political ramifications of the events of the story that would need to be sorted out, but either way it seems that the story as a whole has been wrapped up and I'm mostly satisfied. This has quickly become one of my favorite fics.
Starship Phoenix chapter 16 . 10/2
what the fuck. i was going to wait to get to the last chapter before commenting but. what the fuck. this chapte me. like tears down my face yelling at my screen BROKEN.

anyway I'll give more coherent thoughts when i finish.
BurntMarshmallow chapter 19 . 9/11
This is going into my favourites list. I loved your characterizations, you ability to weave the plot together. The character interactions felt very real. I’m very glad I took the time to read your story.
Tsukiyo Akito chapter 19 . 5/2
Oh how tangled the web that is weaved, is Sakura the spider and everyone else flies? Thank you so much for giving Sakura actual flesh to her as a character. It is a most welcome change. Keep up the excellent writing and waiting with bated breath for the next chapter!
hayashika chapter 19 . 4/28
Absolutely brilliant story! It's so great to see well-written and thoroughly thought out Sakura-centric stories. I love that you decided to bring Inner Sakura into the plot. You write your character interactions very naturally and I find your writing style very appealing; it's so easy to get lost in the story and forget where I am in reality! Thank you so much for sharing your story and I look forward to reading more from you!
rrage chapter 19 . 2/25
Oh man. This is one of the best fics I have ever read.

First and foremost, your english is /gorgeous/. The entire fic is just extremely well-written. I've generally gotten used to reading fics for a combination of fun and interesting plot, expecting okay-but-not-great writing. You blew me away. It reads as well as any published novel. Truly, every arc was just a delight to read.

The arcs themselves were also quite well done. I especially appreciated your command of pacing - it never felt rushed, but never dragged on. You handled the story's romantic elements incredibly well, I also think. The progression of Sakura's relationships with Shikamaru and Neji felt very real, and more than that, each character really seemed to behave with the intelligence they (should) have.

On that point, I also think you were incredibly adept with the characters. I recall you mentioned in the Neji-PoV chapter that it was kind of an experiment, but throughout the fic I found you incredible adept at flowing from one character to another. You really seemed to capture not only their internal thoughts, but also the way they look at the world and parse what happens. Each perspective felt distinct, and each was perfectly executed.

I'm not sure if the fic was intended to end here, or if it lies somewhat abandoned. If the former, it works quite well - the arcs resolved, a bit of tension left with Neji, perhaps, but nothing that doesn't work just as well in the reader's post-story imagination rather than your words. If you had planned on writing more, well, please do not feel any pressure from me to continue. Your story was one of the best I've read, and as I've said, just such a pleasant experience to read. One of the best fics I've ever read.

Incredible work, once again, and best of luck in any and all your future endeavours.
Glory.season chapter 19 . 1/7
Your story just became one of my unquestionable favorites. It's brilliant! The characters felt so true to themselves, their interactions so sweet or raw if needed. Even if not the perfect story, certainly one of the most endearing to me. Love the team dinamics, quite sure all of us readers want to hug Naruto, despair over Sai and maybe drown Sasuke a little, as usual.
Sasusakui chapter 11 . 12/3/2017
Well in this chapter I realized that Neji is a closet gossip and that this next chapter is gonna be lit.
Sasusakui chapter 3 . 12/3/2017
Oh man oh man i found a good one! Enough! I must continue reading!
carlavibes chapter 1 . 10/15/2017
this is really good, I hope you update again one day.
LimitedEternity chapter 19 . 8/21/2017
Was this the ending? It feels like it could be the ending, but i also feel as though it could have gone on. Either way I am throughly satisfied, that was a beautiful, delicately written and woven story that I literally couldn't put down from the first chapter, I read the whole thing straight through. I really loved how... Messy and uneven the affections between the characters were, because that's how real life works. You don't feel the things you should when you should and vice versa, sometimes feeling bloom when they have no business doing so and you just can't stop them. Sometimes they bloom for different people, in different ways. Or the same way which can be troublesome. At the end I wasn't sure who I wanted her to choose, her relationship potential with her options were all so interesting I couldn't pick one. Well done, just really, well done.
LimitedEternity chapter 16 . 8/21/2017
Oh Lee. Dear sweet Lee. He is always the one to go for, besides Naruto, to make your guts twist. He is always so pure that anything happening to him hurts so much more. Man things got intense so quickly.
LimitedEternity chapter 14 . 8/21/2017
Yikes! Not the ideal way to end up in Hyuuga Neji's lap by any means. I'm loving the inner and outer turmoil competing for her attention, the tension is great.
LimitedEternity chapter 12 . 8/21/2017
They kissed? Man. Ooooooh man is this going to be interesting because I have been sniffing something from Mr Hyuuga fancy pants for a few chapters now. But Ino! Our lovely Ino, who could have done such a thing?!
LimitedEternity chapter 10 . 8/20/2017
Oh man I'm so glad I'm reading this in private because this whole chapter had me grinning like a damn fool. Good Lord is this a gem that flew under the radar, how do you not have more reviews? The way you described Shikamaru thinking about Sakura, her fighting to get control of inner, the New Team 7 Dynamics... They were great! It all flowed so naturally and I'm really connecting with them, I'm glad you took the time to build up the relationships. It was thoughtful, but not slow.
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