Reviews for Uzumaki Naruko: To the Victor, the Spoils V2
Bloody Relight chapter 36 . 11/7
I read a lot of your Fics so humor me just this one question if you can because it kinda bugs me. Why did they not kill that team that attacked them last chapter? Even though that team intended to kill them and attacked them when. they were weakened? I do not mean the sound team. Like for instance in your issei gamer fic my personal favorite of yours probably my boy issei kills lots of people as he should dealing with a group like the purifiers and all that but across all of your Naruto Fics this one and the gamer one killing is less common even though Naruto is one of the more death heavy shounen and is in a setting where most people kill pretty often the villages train child soldiers and shining are hired killers loyal only to their village and their wallets. where as dxd is a modern setting g with our worlds modern morality yet issei murks people left and right? why is that? I know you are busy but if you can answer I would appreciate it as always thank you for writing.
willam and jack and jake chapter 46 . 11/6
well done
Qriiz chapter 1 . 11/1
Did you just write a 12 years old girl using Oiroke no Jutsu... as in...
turning herself into a naked adult female...
to an old man?
DragonANGL chapter 30 . 10/24
The Terror of's Haseo, the PKK! ...In his moody stages, might be a match for Ibiki..
cassnova5424 chapter 46 . 10/3
my favorite fem Naru fic so far, can't wait for the next update!
cassnova5424 chapter 40 . 10/2
What to do when an angry Tsunade is hell bent on turning you into a smoothie:

find a less painful way to die as soon as possible.
cassnova5424 chapter 23 . 10/2
her chakra chains combined with her forbidden injutsu should move it from an A to S rank...
cassnova5424 chapter 14 . 10/2
That justu needs to be labelled forbidden upon the pain of Thousand Years of Death
cassnova5424 chapter 4 . 10/1
only gai could beat someone with push ups...
cassnova5424 chapter 3 . 10/1
Like mother like son i seriously she tried to use body switch a goddamn Bijuu?! im sorry but thats just the height of stupidity.
cassnova5424 chapter 2 . 10/1
you made it an actual jutsu, im f*cking dead
geoslim21 chapter 3 . 9/8
most annoying thing so far is that T&I is only being referred to as T. they don't just torture they also interrogate. it is the second most annoying thing I see in narto fanfiction right after using Pein instead of Pain and right before having sasuke not be an ass.
Limerick90 chapter 46 . 9/4
"After this invasion I'll send you to Lake Laogai." Oof. I know that Naruko was being honest and well-meaning, but I couldn't help myself. That could be taken as such a horrifying threat.

Anyway! Can't wait to see Neji get his shit kicked in. That'll hopefully be just the right level of satisfying. Schadenfreude incoming!

Annnnd I'm honestly a little worried. All these preparations, all these cards preempted, this is looking like a landslide victory for Konoha, with the big tension coming from the confrontation between Gaara and Naruko. Which means someone will probably throw a spanner in there. My money's on the Clans of Darkness, which would be incredibly annoying if they actually slipped into the Uzumaki compound during Danzo's planned infiltration, or if they meddled and thus allowed Danzo to succeed where before Naruko's preparations would have been sufficient to stop him and catch him redhanded. There's just so much riding on things going well for Konoha, despite their preparations, or maybe somewhat because of them, since they put their money on reversing ambushes.
Fingers crossed! But first, tournament matches! :D
ThunderClaw03 chapter 46 . 9/1
Great job keep it up. Damn that was a perfect end to preparing for the finals. The snake isn’t going to know what hit him. Update when you can
kingkian098 chapter 45 . 8/31
Sir, you are a pretty great author. Before I read this story I was not very interested in naruto or anything really to do with it, and granted this is a fan fic, but it just sucked me in. Keep up the good work, and have a nice day.
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