Reviews for Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion V2
Chris8719 chapter 2 . 12/3
In case you didn't get my reply the art had C2 bending Kallen over and groping her with a smug grin on her face almost exactly like your scene. It's actually what reminded me of your story hot stuff hope to see more with these two together with our banished prince. :)
Chris8719 chapter 32 . 12/3
Im getting vibes like this art from CC and Kallen here and I'm loving it those two have such incredible sexy chemistry together keep up the great work.

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guest reader chapter 37 . 11/1
im writing this review cuz im boutta drop this fanatiction. your writing is great, good vocabulary and progression, but you made lelouch a know it all. so far, literally everything has went right for him, and its satisfying sure, but boring.

also this is my first harem fanfiction, and i didnt know what i was expecting, but it kinda ruined the fanfiction for me. not implying you're obliged to match the quality of the show, but making c.c and sayoko fuck lelouch (or eachother) every few chapters is jarring. its like im watching some teenager's fantasies and kinks written on a fanfiction. either way, you did a good job so far and i had an enjoyable experience reading.
flame55 chapter 56 . 10/31
This is great can’t wait for the next update
Guest chapter 56 . 10/22
I Like it when's the next chapter
et-reader97 chapter 8 . 10/22
Great chapter. I like how even if you don't show the actual lemons you go through the effort of implying that they are happening. It's always boring in some stories when they only get together once and never do it again for the majority of the story, I also think It adds some extra spice to the story in my opinion. Keep up the great work.
kazikamikaze24 chapter 56 . 10/13
It took a long while, but I'm finally caught up and ready for whatever epic update comes next!
erica.phoenix16 chapter 56 . 10/6
Thanks for updating. :)
JoshPlater chapter 13 . 10/4
I really love Deithard's character, but I feel that the 2nd part of S2 ruined it. He turned from an apathetic man wanting change, to a sarcastic, somewhat practical, and determined man, to a straight up madman going along with Schneizel's plans. Wish he'd stuck with how he was, even if he did still betray Zero due to finding out about the Geass.
JoshPlater chapter 4 . 10/4
Ha! Glad Mao is dead here, he's such a contemptable character with no redeeming features. Semi-decent as a villain but less depth overall. He went insane, so he hurt innocent people. Only watched Code Geass for the first time last week, can't wait to see what comes next
Mr.Fluppy chapter 48 . 9/21
I just remembered this after reading the tv trope but if euphemia is going to be the empress in line for Britannia AND going to be one of lelouch wife (possibly in the future) then there kaguya who became the empress of Japan and going to be a wife or one of mistress of lelouch then god damn this lelouch has so much rizz he got 2 empress of two powerful nation wanting a piece of him
Weedle13eld chapter 50 . 9/20
Not the dormant commands again.
Mr.Fluppy chapter 43 . 9/20
This chapter just give us an idea on how many more chapters it will take before this ends, if we're gonna based on what sayako said about lelouch plan. Then we can theorized that it will surpassed 100 chapters before it finish, who knows maybe it even reach 200 since we're only beginning the season 2. I hope you persevere and finish this story, it really is a good one. I'll follow you up for more updates
Mr.Fluppy chapter 13 . 9/18
Nice touch of cameo right there, seeking huh?
arata7kasuga chapter 56 . 9/11
she's also kinda hypocritical
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