Reviews for Stand Against the Moon
The-Midnight-Fae chapter 13 . 7/15
I cried. I don't regret doing so.
menolikey chapter 13 . 7/15
This was an amazing journey and ending. For the last few chapters I dreaded Tom’s death and I didn’t even think of death being personified As Tom (sorta). That was amazing. Thank you for writing.
DustyWolf chapter 13 . 7/7
This story is both inspiring and heart breaking, because it's true that humanity will never accept those that are different, even other human beings, as equals...
stephannieteresa1 chapter 13 . 5/27
Such a great story!
muttjc2003 chapter 13 . 5/17
Another wonderful story! You really are an amazing author! Great job.
angeltrin1 chapter 13 . 4/12
Wow! I love Tom and Harry and your version of them is quite entertaining! Thank you for sharing with us.
Pika5490 chapter 13 . 4/2
Also, I was rather confused about certain things- first off, I LOVE your version of Death, but was they possessive of Harry and {kinda} had emotion or does your version really have no emotion. And if you based Death off of anyone, did it happen to be an overeager puppy? Mixed with human and mystery?
Pika5490 chapter 1 . 4/2
Glad to see you're looking out for the smartass kind. XD Having said that, DO make a sequel! I promise I'm not being stupid! XD And after that comment, I really enjoyed your story! It was excellent, had a perfect ending, and all in all gives me an achey feeling in the chest that I'm sure isn't only heartburn. XD
krnegi91 chapter 13 . 3/26
Oh my! A hidden slash story? ;p
(Nothing graphic tho)
nona24 chapter 1 . 2/22
You made me cry several times and u made me laugh. U took me on the most heart-wrenching, anguish-filled, amazing original roller coater full of twists an turns and i enjoyed every single second of it! Im honestly grateful that uve shared this story and even more grateful that i found it. Thank u
Hitmen101 chapter 13 . 2/5
Shaort and Sweet
Thanks for the book
FearThePuggles chapter 1 . 2/3
oh God. I cackled. lol. Can't wait for all the bastards to die. (p.s. that was why I cackled)
Zela Night chapter 13 . 2/1
I think you might have gotten me addicted to University hopping!Harry.
savang chapter 1 . 1/27
Not what I was expecting at all, ITS EVEN BETTER, I love it!
HoneyBear84 chapter 13 . 12/17/2017
Loved it and hope that you will do another in this series one day soon
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