Reviews for Black Sky
MadamKhaos chapter 329 . 9/24
I went down a complete rabbit hole of research because of Xanxus in the last chapter when he mentioned Dorea being not human as well. For some reason I'm now completely set in the fact that the Black's must be descended from Titan Astoria and her daughter Hecate. Did you know she supposedly turned into a quail and jumped into rapids to escape Zues' overtures? And then I had to look up Quail's symbolical meaning and that fit Dorea. Especially with the parenting aspect. Jeez. I don't know why my brain goes off like that.
MadamKhaos chapter 326 . 9/24
I loved how Squallo made sure to note that he hadn't been expecting the Swans. As if having Fae Swans shatter bulletproof glass during Nono's demise by words, was in anyway expected by the others around him. lmfao
MadamKhaos chapter 311 . 9/23
I don't know why I missed the meaning at the end of this chapter the past 2 times of reading this fanfic. But at least now I know she has a lead for the heir of Death.
MadamKhaos chapter 286 . 9/22
I'm so shocked that no one has made more of a big deal over what Draco just pulled but then again if someone is unknowing of how magic can be used it would probably be assumed that returning his soul was a simple magic trick rather than the brilliance of Draco's experimenting.
Kamui Gaia 07 chapter 290 . 9/22
I don't think I'll ever get over Hana swooning over hotties like a teenaged girl but still being so very pragmatic about it.
MadamKhaos chapter 196 . 9/20
Poor Voyeur. Thrusting his perverse thoughts onto unsuspecting victims and getting a boot in the ass for it. lmfao
bella Damon and klaus chapter 7 . 9/16
I thought her grandpa was Arcturus black
Athanasia Adhara chapter 142 . 9/14
Really that line with Tracy's father is literally asking for her to marry Dino, since it was also mentioned that some of the Cavallone's horses have magical heritage though not probably as strong maybe less than 1/4.
MadamKhaos chapter 157 . 8/30
I was just thinking about this but was Xanxus never pictured in the Wizard Newspaper? Just mentioned? Because I know that Bel gets the paper so I'm wondering why he hadn't realized it. Unless Bel just thought it was another Zabini and didn't make the connection.
MadamKhaos chapter 145 . 8/29
I think what I love about them as a couple is that Dorea herself instinctively understands her Husband's inhuman quirks. They mesh well together.
Dark Trickz chapter 306 . 8/27
Are you ever going to continue/finish this story?
MadamKhaos chapter 13 . 8/25
I just want to take a moment and tell you how much I, and doubtlessly every other person who has read your work, appreciate all the thought and detail you've put into this fanfic. As dramatic as it sounds, you've put all your blood, sweat and tears into this. It's an absolute work of art. I am thankful that you've spent so much of your time writing it. I know it isn't complete but it doesn't detract from all the work you've done. It's beautiful.
MautDews chapter 7 . 8/18
the first par of the chapter made me cry, it reminded me of when my grandma died
APridefulSin chapter 334 . 8/12
ooooo this is so good! it took three days and a lack of decent sleep (so worth it) but now I am left at a cliff hanger with so many questions!

thank you for even making this many chapters and the time and work you put into this, you can see you enjoyed doing so. thank you for sharing it with us
ArchZzz chapter 13 . 8/2
I love this chapter!
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