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Jummper chapter 41 . 7/21
WHOA WHOA (i can't stop smiling) when Rence kissed Dorea hands i hear (absolutely imaginary) godfather theme play as a backsound.
nah, i'm sorry for my overdramatic reaction.

thank you for made this story, have a nice day.
ogdenallie chapter 295 . 7/17
I love how fleshed out and real this world you have created feels! This story is clearly a labor of love. Thank you for sharing it with us!
sisyphus1967 chapter 295 . 7/16
Awesome! Longer review to follow when I’ve digested all 1.2 million words...
I'm so chapter 295 . 7/15
A set of messages I sent a whatsapp group chat at almost 2 in the morning:

[16/07 01:53] Lifeisamouldycabbage: I FINALL FINISHED IT
[16/07 01:53] Lifeisamouldycabbage: THE FIC
[16/07 01:53] Lifeisamouldycabbage: THE ONE WITH 295 CHAPTERS
[16/07 01:53] Lifeisamouldycabbage: AND 1,200,000 WORDS OVERALL
[16/07 01:53] Lifeisamouldycabbage: EVEN THOUGH THERE'S MORE
[16/07 01:53] Lifeisamouldycabbage: IT HASN'T BEEN FINISHED YET
[16/07 01:53] Lifeisamouldycabbage: AND THAT'S AS MANY CHAPTERS AS THERE ARE CURRENTLY
[16/07 01:54] Lifeisamouldycabbage: SO IT COUNTS
[16/07 01:54] Lifeisamouldycabbage: love this fic so much. It has exactly the kind of characters I fall all over myself for. Manipulative, just on the more realistic but not popular side of moral, kind in different ways. With ethics to match. I could go on and on, but it is 2 am, I haven't done more than nap in 6 days at least, and my phone is being finicky. And there's politics! I've read the majority of your long fics, and I really do love the way you present mature, interesting ideas and viewpoints on gender identity, sexuality in both meanings of the term, relationships of all kinds, and the way people reach to those things. Not to mention the unique, but actually fucking sensible way you treat topics like mental illness, physical and mental boundaries, human interaction, abuse etc. Fantastic writing on all sides, and with very clear storytelling. It's honestly amazing to watch how you come at these stories from something like 95 degrees to the left and a sensible, pragmatic character with a take-no-nonsense attitude and genuine human emotion. Your characters aren't perfect. They get angry, they get irrational, they get happy or sad over the smallest of things, they have things that set them off, theyou feel grief, sometimes they deal and sometimes they don't. Often they need help, and I've found that many of your stories focus on bonds between people, and the necessity of positive contact. A person's need for others, I suppose. As well as injustice done, and the repercussions of negative contact or the absence of any at all. You think of the logistics, you treat all your characters with somethig like respect, and none of them ever quite fade into the background. Your worldbuilding and character development is wonderful, and as someone who is perhaps a little addicted to worldbuilding, especially political, tradition/customs or world-mechanic-logistic worldbuilding, and good character writing (for both Original Characters and Non-Original ones), this fic is mildly intoxicating and I feel I may have irritated several of my friends while babbling about it. I just- hhh. It's... so good. Please take this as commentary on several of your other world too, including but not limited to Fangs of the Father and Bolt from the Blue. I have chronic ghost reader syndrome, particularly when reading on my phone as typing anything on this is a pain, and it's no excuse but it's basically all I can say. I often find it really hard to comment, so I apologise for not having done so before now. Also sorry for not splitting this up into smaller paragraphs to - more phone shittiness at work there, I'm afraid. Simply put, I lover most of what you write and would take a few hours to articulate this if I could.

-Navy Grace
Shadow Azula chapter 295 . 7/13
can you continue please!
ShineX chapter 235 . 7/11
That is a very good ending point to the chapter :)
KisaragiMaru chapter 229 . 7/10
It's only been days and I've been binge reading on this fic ever since I found it. Love this fic!

And I found it hilarious even now because all 3 Vongola heirs were offed by Varia assassins. Independently. LMAO

Thank you for writing this!
ShineX chapter 204 . 7/10
I love the replacement lightning lol
Arget chapter 73 . 7/10
Hermione stabbing someone in the face with a potions knife is tame? Poor kiddies having to witness something as messy as a dissolving face. Good for her, though I'm not sure how the people handing out the bounty will react, though it should be just as amusing as Colin and anyone else in the area that witnesses her kill.
Sheelahdog chapter 4 . 7/8
It is a joy to re-read this story. This chapter always bothers me however. The sections got mixed up somehow and it is jarring to have Remus finding out about the will ... then go to Dorea talking about how Remix is helping to oversee the Potter estates...and then back to Remus at the reading of the will and meeting Sirius in the hospital. It would be great if, when you pick this story up again, you could re-arrange this sections so it is right. I can't wait to see what else you produce this summer!
Soaring Hawk1 chapter 295 . 7/7
Any chance for any chapter? Love your work.
Ariamity chapter 1 . 6/23
Okay, Where’s the girl is very Dorea and Xanxus, I agree. So how applicable do you think Madame Guillotine is to Dorea herself? Because, yessss.
cphfflover chapter 295 . 6/21
please update
hwao chapter 295 . 6/21
“slow-build” is a huge understatement but gods, is it worth it. i love how dorea is all like a badass lady and how xanxus is so whipped. and “boss lady” suits her so well. nono is one hell of an ass, so is iemitsu. but ah, i cant wait for tsunaguardians to meet dorea.
Ariamity chapter 209 . 6/20
I was under the impression that Neville was an Earth Flame type, way back in the early constellation days Neville was claimed to have the most rare Flames out of all the Earth Prism Flame types, which I will hence forth address as Terran Flames as juxtaposed to Aetheric Flames because it’s gotten confusing. Neville quite
Memorably used his Earth Flames to grow a plant of a desk to entrap and kill Bellatrix. But within this chapter, you kept describing him as a “not-Sun” rather than a “Not-sky”. I thought that in the quote unquote “Terran” flames, the Earth flame was the Equivalent of the Aetheric Sky flames? Or does the Terran Earth Flames feel somewhat reminiscent of the Aetheric Sun flames, and its some minutiae I’ve since lost? Regardless, something I feel I have to comment on, because I either way I’ve forgotten something. Apologies. But excellent story, have no doubts. You’re quite the author and it’s fabulous. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
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