Reviews for Black Sky
reader713 chapter 333 . 9/21
Its been over a year. I hope you continue this. And autumn starts 9.22

yonah9 chapter 333 . 9/19
Just reread the whole thing. This world is my comfort story, reading it always cheers me up and grounds me. Even if you never write another word of it, I want you to know that I really appreciate what you’ve put out here.
Aelita Yoru chapter 1 . 9/8
Hello, I start to traduce your story on Wattpad in french and I want your agree. If you give me the ok, I’ll start to traduce it on FanFiction to. If you’re disagree, i’ll remove it on Wattpad. Please, give me your answer at

Purple Myst chapter 333 . 9/7
Please continue... Love this story, never seen Hitman or read the Manga's but I totally like this..
t.laurence7 chapter 325 . 9/5
...Did Tsuna Bond with Reborn during that crappy simulation and Squeaky Toy doesn't know enough about... anything... to recognise that fact...? That's just depressing. Reborn should know that, though! Why did he just leave and not explain anything?! I understand that's his usual go-to move but he may have just found his Sky and he still doesn't friggen communicate? Come on! ;P
Guest chapter 255 . 9/4
I could see Pantera bonding with Dorea. It’s so tragic that because of the political issues it would cause that it isn’t possible.
t.laurence7 chapter 307 . 9/3
I just had this image of the Vongola candidates playing a mafia version of Dungeons and Dragons in my head. Lmfao. Winner becomes Decimo! ;D Lol. Sorry, just wanted to share that random thought before I read further. ;D
Thenchick chapter 333 . 8/30
Can’t wait for more plz
t.laurence7 chapter 228 . 8/28
*Happy sigh* That was everything I'd hoped it would be! I love how Boss she is. ;D This fanfic is the best, thank you so much! ;D
t.laurence7 chapter 142 . 8/21
I'm totally shipping Tracy and Dino right now. Lol. Also, sorry this is my first comment, I was actually supposed to comment earlier but got caught up in your story. ;D It really isn't good for my sleeping patterns though, because I just can't seem to put it down long enough to fall asleep at a decent hour. ;D Thanks so much for this fic, I'm really loving it. ;D
Hotgirlow chapter 333 . 8/20
love this story and hope it gets updated soon.
kittyranma chapter 11 . 8/19
I'm rather hoping that Dorea goes into Ravenclaw.
xiongmao03 chapter 333 . 8/18
Just reread this.. I hope you’ll find the time to update
Guest chapter 333 . 8/14
Please update
bloodplus663 chapter 1 . 8/11
Please update black sky I'm a fan of this story
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