Reviews for Black Sky
Guest chapter 6 . 9/13
you are bored as hell over million word and over 300 chapter chill
loleo chapter 334 . 8/31
I so can't wait to read more updates and I'm very much interested in the ongoing of the ten-year affairs. It kills me, not knowing how Dorea will react to the problems with their lost children. And what will come from the Craddle Affairs?
assassinscreed chapter 334 . 8/26
Stay safe
And please update this again soon~
MythNephthys chapter 7 . 8/20
it said actaurus died in the last chapter
OllieRose19 chapter 334 . 8/14
Are you going to update this story more?
LilliySilverback chapter 334 . 8/12
This has been my 5th time rereading this story! I love your writing style so much! This has become my comfort story and has gotten me through the lowest of lows. I would absolutely adore it if you were to update, but if you can't I understand. You are amazing and fantastic and I wish you all the best.
siya malhotra chapter 334 . 8/5
will you update or is it abandoned?
fireinmyeier chapter 210 . 8/5
Just have to say "Verisimilitude" is now my word of the week xDD
Royslady51 chapter 61 . 8/1
Good for Blaise.
G1ntsuk1 chapter 334 . 7/31
Awesome, finally manager to completely read this through and I love it!
Li-Ion89 chapter 5 . 7/28
yes black family with dignity and backbone! love
Guest chapter 40 . 7/26
Though since this was Rhea, Blaise suspected she'd wind up marrying the dragon

And she did
Bloody Amethyst chapter 102 . 7/8
once again does it mention a magical drinking coffee, despite it being mentioned later that coffee is poisonous... is there a reason for it or a miss or something else?
ChildeRoland13 chapter 230 . 7/7
"Grandmothers were like that."

And from the sound of things, so are the Alliata. Alliata grandmothers probably take it up to 11. Maybe even 12.

"Squalo was briefly assaulted by the idea of a female mini-Boss and mini-him being best friends and terrorizing half the Alliance right from their first day of elementary school and grinned. That really did sound like a very Chinese kind of interesting. That could definitely be fun."

Bonus points if Stella ends up being a Muggleborn. She and Daniela could go to school together all the way through. Members of the Alliance that know about magic would probably freak out and move to Siberia.
ChildeRoland13 chapter 233 . 7/7
"...his ninja friends were up to the task."

By which I'm guessing that they goofed off and did a, by their standards, half-assed job and Reborn was *still* completely oblivious that I-Pin had been out of town, much less that there was probably a small army of ninjas in town and probably watching him so they could make fun of him in private later.

"...lot of contacts vanishing into the woodwork after hearing the name 'Black'. Local syndicates are telling him 'no' and refusing to elaborate."

Great-aunt Cassie's generation left an *impression*. The fact that some of Dorea's generation are aware of the things she's done (and probably told a muggle-safe version to the others) doesn't hurt either.
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