Reviews for Black Sky
DreadPirateWombat chapter 321 . 3/22/2021
Are these the first stirrings of Byakuran?

I love this story SO MUCH. You have no idea. Sometimes the pacing is a little slow, but I'm not sure you could actually get all the information you need across without that. This story just hits all my buttons: political intrigue, violence, sex(iness) (You do an excellent job of threading an obvious sex-life through the story without venturing into smut, not that I would object to smut, but many authors seem to not be able to walk the line you are. If it's not smutty, they write like no one is having sex at all or the fade-to-black is so abrupt it interrupts the story flow), and healthy relationships. This is truly an excellent story and I've enjoyed it immensely. I am so grateful for your dedication and all the obvious work you've put into it. I just know you have detailed family trees for everyone and something similar for the Varia, not to mention the research you must have put into a variety of different fields. You are so generous to allow us readers to benefit from your efforts. Thank you so very much!
DreadPirateWombat chapter 268 . 3/21/2021
So, I really want SOMEONE to go Mama Bear on behalf of Tsuna and his "guardians." I understand why the Varia are treating them the way they do, but this has honestly been the most difficult arc to read because of all the pain and suffering they're enacting on KIDS. I'd actually LOVE to see Dorea enfold them into her non-mafia flame family. Poor Lambo.
Guest chapter 265 . 3/21/2021
I love the Scarlet Pimpernel musical! My favorite song is 'Falcon in the Dive.'
DreadPirateWombat chapter 141 . 3/17/2021
So, I'm still not sure what's up with Basil. Did Iemitsu kidnap him?
DreadPirateWombat chapter 60 . 3/16/2021
Aaaaaargh! Why? Why did you have to kill Sirius?!
DreadPirateWombat chapter 40 . 3/15/2021
Riddle REALLY should have studied his Wizarding history more. You DO NOT fuck with the Blacks!
DreadPirateWombat chapter 32 . 3/15/2021
So, I have a soft spot for Fred/Harry/George stories, and one author said she didn't like that pairing because it was treating the twins as if they were one person. To me, the whole point of a poly relationship is that each of your relationships are different and that different partners fill different needs, so I didn't really agree with her. All that to say, I absolutely LOVE how you are writing George and Fred and giving them different personalities and interests. Even when authors try to individualise the twins, I feel they often fail at doing a good job of it.

I am DEFINITELY loving this story! I just recently got into the HP/KHR crossover, though I've loved the individual ones for a while. I mostly lurk on AO3 and was disappointed at the offerings. I was THRILLED to find this gem. It's so well written and it's long enough that it will last me more than three days! Thank you so very much for sharing this story!
TheUnluckyArtistTheSadWriter chapter 262 . 3/12/2021
I jumped the gun at chapter 90, sure it was slow going and a lot of world building but this is going so well. I'm relieved that i didn't drop this fic. I actually am approving of the 'don't make tsuna and his guardians vongola' thing in this fic because i just don't see it!
TheUnluckyArtistTheSadWriter chapter 90 . 3/10/2021
God it was so good in the beginning, the plots and the hogwarts arc but it's just dragging on and on... I'll have to skim through the chapters at this rate to get what i want
hbvierq chapter 74 . 3/10/2021
HOw anticlimactic death. Not even a duel. God I hope there comes a scene where Dorea showcases her dueling ability or strength. Or skill. Or something really
DragonClanMaster chapter 334 . 3/4/2021
OMG it took me 4 days to binge read this. Made me realize I barely have a life outside of FF. I LOVE THIS STORY!
DragonPrincess20 chapter 1 . 2/28/2021
I stayed up way too late re-reading some of my favourite Black Sky chapters, but I regret nothing :p

Thanks for writing this amazing story!
Eluvia Umbra chapter 334 . 2/21/2021
Well, I can't wait for updates~!
JustaDK chapter 249 . 2/8/2021
This whole ring battle story line is so completely forced. So much crap needs to happen in order for it to continue and half of it doesn't even make sense. Very disappointing.
DestructionDarkness chapter 1 . 2/8/2021
you know what, it's very impressive that you've written such a long story, but I only made it to Chapter 172 before I just couldn't read anymore, I lost track of what was happening, and it got very confusing, honestly if this was seperated into a series this would a lot better, and by my own opinion, I would enjoy it a lot more. Otherwise what I've read amazing, just very confusing.
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