Reviews for Unseen Deductions
Silverdragonstar chapter 22 . 11/6
Just blew through reading all of this story so far, just fell in love with it! You keep so well with each character, I greatly enjoy Harry's interactions with all of them. ( and visa versa) I am not sure how you will be proceeding with this, as the next task will be very difficult for Harry. I love the fact that this is so far off of cannon, yet kept true to the Harry Potter & as much as we can see, Sherlock universe. (ie if muggles can use a pensive, Mermaid song being heard above water.) You obviously put a lot of thought into this.
anf600 chapter 22 . 11/5
Hope you update on this one soon. Love your work
Silverdragonstar chapter 4 . 11/4
What a brilliant chapter. The word associations that Sherlock had Harry answer was a great way to get into Harry's head/way of thinking.
kurokazeryuu chapter 22 . 10/20
This story has kept me enthralled for the past few days. Hopefully you'll be able to find the time and motivation to update this lovely story.
Kagugu chapter 22 . 10/6
thank you for your hard work I love it
DaSalvatore chapter 19 . 9/15
I find myself in a pickle when it comes to this.

The story itself, despite me reading the first 18 chapters, hasn't really caught my attention in the way I would have hoped. Yet, I find myself enjoying your skill at writing even with this "oh, I must know more!" feeling.

So while the story itself isn't for me, congratulations on having a very enjoyable writing style.
HarnGin chapter 22 . 9/10
It's been more than a year since the last update, and, so, I must ask, is this story abandoned or on hiatus? I'd like to follow it if you plan to continue it as it is very entertaining.
Faery66 chapter 22 . 9/8
Hope to read more soon.

Owen Copper chapter 22 . 7/27
Good story, finish it the fuck up.
tigersmeleth chapter 22 . 7/18
I have greatly enjoyed this story. The overall premise of a blind Harry is something that I have not seen before. Furthermore, I also like how you have the Sherlock group be more like mentors rather than parents. The best parts I think, are how you have Harry describe his blindness and his magic; very appropriate for a small child, and also insightful.
windpoetry chapter 13 . 7/5
As a Person who grew up not celebrating holidays or birthdays. I always find it silly how its looked as a form of childhood abuse. As if you had neglectful parent's.
OrangeRangerAlex96 chapter 22 . 6/16
gracefulzola chapter 10 . 6/12
Would love you to complete this story. just curious about Luna and Harry's relationship.
nintschibintschi chapter 22 . 6/8
love this story thanks for writing
SeleneAlice chapter 22 . 5/19
please update this story soon! please!
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