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abraxas01 chapter 22 . 12/12/2022
Ok, I need to point out that a transport would not be designated as BC. The BC in BC304 means Battlecruiser. Going by Air Force nomenclature B designates a bomber (B-17, B-52, B-1 etc) A designates an Attack aircraft such as the A-10, Fighters with an F and transports with a C.
Gregary Fritsch chapter 22 . 5/8/2022
BC-305 is the battleship design.
Monster King chapter 38 . 8/21/2021
Awesome story
RDDash chapter 15 . 8/18/2021
Tried to read it, but ended up kind of boring
Lerris chapter 37 . 7/28/2021
It looks like I read this originally four years ago. It remains a good story. Thanks for writing it. Still, ultimately it is largely all about building up to this final epic battle. When everyone's back against the wall and the survival of the planet is no longer abstract, well everyone can come together. Another story might be the story after, when the evil of certain politicians and world leaders runs amuck, when many words are crafted not for the good of the world, but to manipulate the many for the good of the few.
Lerris chapter 23 . 7/27/2021
Character count may be a concern for this story. On a side note, while it makes perfect sense for Tony to buy satellite internet from every company that provides it, it does not make sense that he would skip land lines. The land lines are much faster and have much lower latency. Satellite/cellular/etc would be more of an emergency fail-over type thing.
Lerris chapter 19 . 7/27/2021
I'm ending up skimming a fair amount, but at any rate, one clarification you may want to make is treason is essentially a crime that you have to try exceptionally hard to commit by the legal definition in the US. From a web site, "In other words, the Constitution requires both concrete action and an intent to betray the nation before a citizen can be convicted of treason; expressing traitorous thoughts or intentions alone does not suffice." Basically Daniel is in no way committing treason. That is not to say that he is safe from potential jail time, but its not Treason.

Even if you went by the more conventional definition, Daniel would not be guilty of treason. One could argue that certain politicians are guilty of betraying the core principles of democracy, and thus could be considered guilty of the common meaning, but that is not the legal standard.
TheVampireStrahd chapter 38 . 6/19/2021
Someone recommended this story and I'm so glad I followed that recommendation. Spent three days binge reading this fic and i really enjoyed it! Great job!

I do hope you still will write a sequel.
ashika pl chapter 1 . 5/5/2021
Okay, time for some proper review, since I've finally read this gem.
What can I say, I don't even know Stargate, only Avengers, and still think this is one of the best sci-fi pieces I've ever read, all the 'proper' books included. The narration is incredibly compelling, you can see the author knows all the tricks to make an engaging story, the humour is brilliant, the suspence perfect, lots of very well written action, very elegant and clever answers to some questions (like why supersoldier serum worked well only on Steve or how to reconciliate two different Asgards from both universes). Also there are lotsa characters! Of course not everyone has the same screentime, but even the small scenes with them are very well thought of, add to the general atmosphere aand don't leave you with a sense of lacking or mistreating your fav that has happened not to become the main character ;). To sum up, I love it with all my heart. And it's finished, the rarity of that!
Okay, admittedly there are some slight illogicalities here and there (like Steve surprised to hear about other dimensions though couple of chapters before he was sneaking in an alternate dimension) and sometimes the facts are wrong (for example bodies don't explode in space), but the story is so compelling you're gonna ignore it even if you're a nitpicker. So, go read it!
ashika pl chapter 22 . 4/14/2021
I just wanted to mention that this is longer than Ulysses by Joyce. And I'm loving every single part of this.
majorshane chapter 23 . 1/28/2021
There was something that always slightly bothered me about this story, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It’s minor, but it just clicked for me and I got it. During the revelations about the Ori, the Goauld, the Stargate, and everything else to various characters (The Avengers and Coilson’s gang, WarMachine, Christine Everheart, on the tv broadcast, etc...) a single but important detail is skipped over. Planets across the galaxy are populated by humans. You could also mention that said humans were taken from earth, but just the fact that there are tons of worlds in our galaxy occupied by humans is worth mentioning I think. In this chapter when Christine says “... full of their followers who have embarked on a crusade to spread their religion across the galaxy.” The question is then ‘who are their followers and who are they spreading their religion to?’ Even though aliens are known to exist thanks to Thor and the Chitari, there really isn’t a clear picture of what the demographics of the galaxy at large looks like to the average person. In an earlier chapter Daniel mentions to the Avengers that the Ori’s followers are from preindustrial societies. I think people would ask what they look like. Are they like the Chitari, the Asgardians, or something else entirely? Wait, they are human!? Skipping this question makes perfect sense for someone familiar with SG1 lore, but it doesn’t make sense for the MCU characters or the uninformed general public IMO.
majorshane chapter 16 . 1/26/2021
I like rereading this story every so often. This chapter gets me every time. Bravo!
corbeauprophet chapter 38 . 11/7/2020
I found out this fanfiction, approximately four years after it had been finish. And boy, oh boy! What a journey this was!
First of all, I want to say that I was glad to find this crossover, as it it really work well. When I first clicked on your story, I didn't know what I was expecting but I was far from disappointed. I actually loved this story. I really felt like watching episodes all along and I really could SEE it as a movie in my head while reading.

I just finished reading it and I want to let you this review, because it's one of the best fics I've read in a while. You really did great with the characters. They were well depicted. And They all had their moment to shine and interact with each other. It was nice how in the begening the story is more around Daniel but when the battle come, we get to see all the peoples still in hearth fighting to defend it.
Maybe to my own taste the battle was a bit too long but it made sense, and it allowed you to give time for everyone to have their struggles and their own story so all in all, it was cool. And it was so satisfying to see the characters interacting with each other, from Rodney and Tony geeking and arguing (or Tony and Sam. Those two work so well together) to Teal'c and Thor. Again, I felt like shooting "Yes!" in front of my computer when I read it. And Steve was awesome. Seeing him becoming friend with SG1 was so nice! Coulson... was Coulson. XD Again, very nice to see him and his team.
And Brat'ac and Bucky? I never though of it? But it was somehow perfect? And with spiderman on top of that? I want a whole story with those three! XD

Again, all worked perfectly well. You managed to do a real solid story that I could completely see happen in the stargate universe but also in the MCU. Well done!
My only regret it that I would have loved a last chapter with everyone around shawarmas and having a nice moment all together.

Anyway, this was my (long) review to say thank you. It was a lovely reading, a wonderful adventure, and I really wanted to leave a comment, even though this fic has been written quite a while ago. Because it truly deserve it! :)
Sanderlinm chapter 38 . 10/12/2020
Thanks so much for the story. It was a fun read. I hope we as a race are as good as you make us out to be.
blubb chapter 38 . 9/13/2020
Marvel and Stargate are two fandoms with an enormous amount of characters. Combining both is anything but easy.

I think you wrote an entertaining story that I will reread one day. It might work better as a movie though. The space battle alone would be very impressive to watch.

In a book, it's easy to forget everyone else who happens to be in the room (maybe even doing something really important) besides the one speaking. For example, there were times when I was seriously wondering if Vala and Cameron Mitchell had just vanished into thin air. I had honestly forgotten where they were. Especially once Daniel started acting like an Air Force Colonel (he gave everyone orders, took command of the ship, came up with battle strategies all on his own and was completely fine with people calling him "sir")

So yeah, if I could change one thing, I would give Cameron the gene (artificial is okayhe could have gotten the shot two years ago when they were in Atlantis) so he could take Steve's place on one of the chairs (at least untill Jack arrivesand I would leave all the Avengers on earth. Because other than Steve's gene, they really didn't contribute much to the whole quest to find a weapon against the Ori and they weren't really needed on the Victory eighter.

What I really liked were your OC's and the whole battle on the ground. I could feel their exhaustion but also their determination not to give up. To see Captain America among them would have been great.
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