Reviews for Harry Potter and the Archangel
RebeccaGuan2 chapter 27 . 8/6
Guest chapter 1 . 6/15
Logical flaws everywhere
robwar80 chapter 27 . 6/9
Is it me or is Harry turning darker as the story progresses
P0k3F4n chapter 8 . 5/22
My gawd, Harry is a dick!
mboutwell7 chapter 27 . 5/15
Loved this so far! Please do continue.
Sacha933 chapter 27 . 5/12
Best kind of Harry really. Love this story
FANactic Writer chapter 27 . 5/12
Go Luna on being able to confuse Harry!~
Reithandina chapter 27 . 5/12
The second last speech line confuse me. Why would Harry say his own name?

Anyway, great story, been a while. I did Report you for your Violations against the Guidelines with your two 'Chapters' down the lane, but it should be easily fixed if you hurry up and get rid of them.

Will we be seeing Jesse again?
Paxloria chapter 27 . 5/10
Great chapter!
Cherri101 chapter 27 . 5/10
Sakura Lisel chapter 27 . 5/10
Wait so HOW is Harry still alive and ONLY petrified instead of flat out DEAD like when Moaning Myrtle was when SHE looked DIRECTLY into the basilisks eyes? Is it because of Gabriel in him that stopped the instant death effect? The only way the basilisks gaze would petrify instead would be if the victims looked at its eyes through a reflective surface instead of staring straight into its eyes for the instant death effect, and you said the last thing Harry saw was the basilisks eyes so unless as he came out of the bathroom stall?
WhiteElfElder chapter 27 . 5/10
I think Harry is about to cause Hayden to get a reputation. If the Basilisk can travel in pipes, then I doubt it is really sealed away.
Katzztar chapter 12 . 3/15
LOL at the parts that have Harry Gabriel interacting with BOTH universes. I do hope the Winchester boys didn't kill Fluffy the cerebus. Come to think of it, since Fluffy is from HP-verse and magical PYSHICAL being and not a supernatural (intangible or not) being then maybe the old 'salt & iron' methods of dealing with supernatural creatures will not work on Fluffy. Be hilarious if Fluffy is somehow ...attached... to Dean & Sam and ends up protecting them. Wonder how long the Impala will sit in Hogwarts, doesn't it hold their gear in the trunk?

Really love the pranks against Bath at the end.
Bad Wolf Jen chapter 26 . 2/20
Great chapter. I'm really enjoying reading this story and I'm looking forward to reading your next chapter.
Guest chapter 5 . 1/19
You should've picked slytherin you Gryff bitch
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