Reviews for A Brother to Basilisks
JuliusMD chapter 155 . 11/17
Thank you for this very long story
JuliusMD chapter 110 . 11/12
Shouldn't basilik skin be impenetrable by magic?
Sam chapter 5 . 10/13
So in this fic, Harry knows he is destined to face voldemort?
Guest chapter 155 . 9/30
Such a good ending. Thank you for this story. It's captivated me for days.
Guest chapter 139 . 9/28
Severus is the best. And I don't even think he'll have to hold Sirius and Remus at wandpoint to get what he wants, either.
Guest chapter 130 . 9/28
Okay, that locket was way creepier than the canon one ever was.
Guest chapter 126 . 9/28
Ugh, Draco, listen to your snakes. They are smarter than you are.
Guest chapter 121 . 9/27
Ding dong, the witch is dead! And naturally Harry immediately has to have a crisis of conscience. He was doing so /well/...

Thank god for Dash and Draco. Hopefully this is the end of his more obnoxious guilt trips.
Guest chapter 99 . 9/26
This chapter was delicious. I love Lucius' punishment for thinking that he gets to be in control of things, and Harry's conversation with Montague. He may hate the necessity of politics, but he's also shown flashes of being good at it. At least he's smart enough to choose good advisors.
James Birdsong chapter 155 . 9/26
Splendid story
Guest chapter 90 . 9/26
Draco has a lot of growing up to do. I wonder if we'll be seeing any accidental betrayals from /this/ incarnation?
Guest chapter 85 . 9/26
I agree with Draco about Flamel. I wouldn't want that old man anywhere near Harry after he allowed Albus to rope him into that stunt. Some things are unforgivable. I get that Harry does have his public image to worry about, but there are times when I wish he would stop being so sensitive and just damn the press and get on with it.
Guest chapter 70 . 9/25
Oh, Harry. Open mouth, insert foot.

At least he's found different, less aggravating ways to be dumb this time.
Guest chapter 44 . 9/24
"He loves me now, I'm sure of it."

Oh, for God's sake... Excuse me while I go beat my head against the wall. Harry, you absolute fucking idiot.

Well, on to the next chapter, and the hope that he somehow manages to find his brain again soon. I don't care if he is fourteen years old at this point; this level of stupidity is unbecoming.

Thanks for being such a fantastic writer that the only reason I'm not screaming right along with Draco is because I don't want my neighbors calling the cops. I can just imagine how that conversation would go...

"Sorry Officer, I wasn't actually being murdered. I was just really, really frustrated by this fictional character's stupid decisions."

Yeah, I'm sure that would go over really well...
DaSalvatore chapter 43 . 9/21
I was warned this was a slow burn. And yeah, it really, really is. It doesn't take away the quality of the story, but it does make an impact on the reading experience.

The Harry/Sirius relationship in the early 30s chapters definitely was. This is mostly because the chapters kept reiterating how bad their relationship was in different ways, but didn't have anything big to pace those scenes out. And I actually agree those scenes were needed. Relationships generally fail due to a thousand cuts rather than a big cut, and those scenes were the cuts eroding the guardian/ward relationship. But as I said, they dragged because of the lack of real activity between them.

I've been really impressed with how this story managed to show a mentally too old teen's thoughts. While not having Harry's childhood, there are more than a few scenes in this story that mirror how I used to interact with the world, my peers, and the adults during the age range.

However, the sheer amount of dragging mental feet with Harry also massively slows this story down. Harry was able to reveal his abuse to the 'world' to protect others. His claiming to be Salazar reborn would protect others. While I absolutely agree it's not something he'd jump into immediately, the style of writing makes it borderline painful with how clogged up in his own thoughts Harry is. This isn't to say I don't understand it, but that stuff like this comes under the same reason why authors/cinema don't show characters constantly having to go toilet, eat food, wash, or any other daily crap. Why stakeout scenes seem to have the "here we go!" moment happens quickly despite them taking days/weeks/months in real-time. The constant ticking of time is not fun to read or watch.

So, while I absolutely agree the way Harry's thoughts grow in this story is organic, you focused so much on them that often the enjoyment of reading gets broken by being in Harry's head. Harry might be stuck inside his own circling thoughts, but we the readers don't need to be constantly dragged along for the ride.

Especially as you have Dash be the voice of reason. The plot seems to be very loose in terms of when and why Harry will listen to Dash and when he's plugging his ears because of his emotional issues. This is a problem as the only real character we get an external view on Harry through (Snape) sees Harry gaining mental strength through these exchanges.

Heck, Harry can refuse to accept Dash's advice and opinions while also saying that no one trusts the snake as much as Harry does! Again, I know people are usually this contradicting in real life, but there's only so much of this that is enjoyable to read before reader frustration with the MC sets in.
As I said, the mental whirlwind is incredibly realistic and well written (even enjoyable at times), but the sheer volume of them makes the early parts of this story an emotional slog to work through at times.

Actually...I think that's my biggest issue with the story. It's written using limited third person, but you've essentially made it a first-person POV story. We the reader are stuck in Harry's head, and your writing style forces the reader to constantly get bombarded with his emotional/mental instabilities.

The organic growth between Harry and Snape is something to experience. In this, the story reminds me of "A New Place to Stay." And that's definitely a good thing.


This chapter's ending is pure Plot Induced Stupidity. The entire story from when Harry getting Dash to now has shown Harry being able to hold his temper, carefully understand when someone is manipulating him. And yet Moody - who Harry KNOWS is dodgy at the very least, and potentially a Voldemort planted Fake at the worst. Who Harry has had invade his mind and been stupidly aggressive towards - THAT Moody is able to anger and push Harry enough where he does the stupid Gryffindor thing and even talk about not using Dash.

I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. This is not the Harry I've been forced to be stuck inside his head. And I find it very convenient that the one time he does something this stupid is when we've been moved to Snape's POV.
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