Reviews for A Brother to Basilisks
Eheck chapter 123 . 12/16
When will the next update be?
randomplotbunny chapter 123 . 12/15
Martisz chapter 123 . 12/12
So they found two of the Horcruxes. Or oneb but they know where aanother is so it's a lot. Hermione is brilliant.
And I get Ron - he's the most Gryffindor out of the three of them and he wants to prove (probably to himself) that they're all Gryffindors and they're the one who do things themselves. Even if it's stupid and dangerous. And he is partially right -after all they dealt with before Harry found Dash he might have think it would be juat another 'find the hidden thing' adventure just withthe three of them.
I wonder what Dash is trying to do...
Kyuubi-dono chapter 123 . 12/11
Wonder what our resident Basilisk/ Founder is doing now? Very intriguing. Update when you can. Remus is going to be back soon right? Wonder how his control is.
Guest chapter 123 . 12/10
Bruh, where are they gonna put dash if gets that big?
AliceCullen3 chapter 123 . 12/10
yukino76 chapter 123 . 12/10
Gime'SS chapter 123 . 12/10
thanks for the update
Baxter87 chapter 123 . 12/10
Thank you for the Brillant update!
MissMJS chapter 123 . 12/9
Me thinks Dash just got much bigger...
Wow! Look at Harry being responsible! xD xD
YokaiAngel chapter 122 . 12/3
Ilamay chapter 122 . 11/30
And Harry to attack! I want to see what Dash is going to do. LOL Thanks for writing it. )
Bye Felicia chapter 34 . 11/29
Just want to kindly point out that Harry and Ron never hug. Just want to point that out. Because it makes Drarry hugs even more precious. Also you should rename this story "Harry Potter and What Should Have Happened"
Eldersprig chapter 108 . 11/29
Getting into a story this long is usually a chore, so I read thru up sometime in the 30s and then just jumped around. So I may have missed some details. Is Sirius bi-polar? Stories often talk of the "black-madness" and his behavior certainly seems a little off.
Eldersprig chapter 3 . 11/28
Dumbles is a real piece of work. [paraphrase]are you going to make really bad decisions that affect other people. The answer is YES. He's twelve! And didn't he get involved with a guy cause he was pretty, kill his sister and never mention 'oh yeah there's this really dangerous budding dark lord guy', and 'maybe somebody should look into that'
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