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KadashSouba chapter 17 . 12/31/2016
The story is so great but please update it
Guest chapter 17 . 8/31/2015
Psssst you need to hurry up and update. This story is way to good to just sit here unfinished, just keep up the great work and don't over think it to much. THANKS
Soulyy chapter 17 . 8/8/2015
I'm loving the entire thing so far I've bin following you slowly through the entire thing but silently since I just decided to make an account here to comment on your story. I love how close it stays to the actual game but it still has its own unique story cred to you for making this amazing fanfic can't wait to read the next one I feel like I'll die waiting the anticipation is killing me
Guest chapter 17 . 8/6/2015
YAY you came back for the story thank goodness you have no idea how much I miss this story. I really liked what you did with this chapter it kinda fills in what happened after that dance scene in Conde pitie. It's about time Zidane and Dagger made some lovin lol. But this Gilgiimesh guy needs his ass kicked and he better not have done anything to Dagger. It is going to be really sad when dagger gets back to Alexsadria she is gunna find Beatrix locked up and Gilgamish is going to use Stiener and Beatrix and Rubys safety against her. So she will have to listen or one of them could get hurt. But any way I'm so happy u haven't given up on this story it is a great one. Keep up the great work and I really like this story and I get excited when I see this story for a update keep it up and don't get discouraged its awesome :)
zestychicken2 chapter 17 . 8/2/2015
Oh my god Gilgamesh is so creepy! So creepy...

I guess this review is going to go backwards lol.

Your ending line was super powerful. I really like the way you can leave me wanting the next chapter immediately without really giving a cliffhanger.

I feel like if you wanted to, you could make a beast of a plot out of this story :) I think you said you were going to do about 30 chapters? So you're about half done? :) I'm really excited about where you're going to go with this, and I can only fantasize about the dramatics of the reunion between Dagger and Zidane at this point! I DO like the way that Dagger thinks that Zidane is dead. I think that is an idea you should just pick up and run with! Everyone thinking he's dead (again) is a really good tie in to the original ffix story. I think, if you wanted to, you could even have Tantalus like figure out that everyone thinks Zidane is dead and really use that to their advantage when they sneak back into the city. Ah! so excited! :D

I'm so scared for Dagger... Though I don't know if you wanted to tie in that dream about them having sex for the first time into any sort of foreshadowing, but I really am worried what will happen to her when she's stuck with Gilgamesh! But I'm also itching to know!

I think the flashback was well written. I could really picture them chillin up on that boat at night and it was a nice little break from all of the hurt that's going on everywhere else.

I hope we see Zidane go see Vivi in the next chapter: I'm really looking forward to that. Also, just as a question: how long do you think it would take for Zidane's full tail to grow back? Just something I thought of and am kind of curious about! :)
I'm glad that Blank wasn't mad at Zidane! I'm sad for them though, they might be stuck there for a little while :( Crossing my fingers for a little more Blank and Zidane bromance-ness in the next chapter? Maybe it will give you something a little easier to write? :)

I love that line when Zidane asks if Blank is in love with Eiko and Blank's like OR I could just kill you! :D They are just my favorite.

I think the chapter was good :) It was a little shorter than your others, but there's nothing wrong with that! Just keep your head up, I bet the next chapter will be easier to write now that you have this roadblock out of the way!

I'm rooting for you! :) This makes me excited for you to read the latest FitB chapter :D Crossing my fingers that you'll be super generous with your review: It is one big chapter with a lot of things to talk about and you are just one of two who gives me some feedback ;) NOT that I'm trying to butter you into a huge review or anything, hehe :P

Keep up the fantastic work! You really have improved a lot since the first chapter, and have me hooked on this story much more than I thought I would be! I'm excited to see what will happen next!

NaomiKindle chapter 12 . 4/23/2015
I'm so close to catching up! Love the twists and turns that keep being thrown in - that's really keeping me on my toes. I've never read or shipped Blank/Eiko, but I'm oddly sort of in love with it. As a side note, I didn't personally find the age change necessary; yeah, she's physically 12, but even in the game, she is emotionally more mature due to her experience and solitude in her past. I would have almost rather seen Blank point out her age and that she seems more mature, etc., maybe even asking himself why he's attracted to her as a 12 yr old, vs him being, what, 20ish? But I understand the struggle and decision, because in reality, that would just make Blank a pedophile... Yeah...pretty much just scratch what I said, I totally understand the decision now. XD

Again, I'm loving the plot twists, the uncertainties and setbacks for both groups, and I'm anxious to read more. Hopefully, I'll be caught up soon!
Guest chapter 16 . 4/16/2015
First off I'm so sorry work has been brutal and I haven't got to read your newest chapter... With that said great job as usual. I just want to say that it's nice to see Beatrix have a emotional breakdown and start slicing off people's body parts when she gets pissed off. She may act like a rock soild non emotional soldier but when she gets pissed and u mess with her Queen and family you just better watch out lol, nice job!
Next I wanna say Baku is kinda a jerk , I have always saw him as a sort of father figure that would do anything for his boys. But u kinda portray him as Fagin from Oliver twist the leader of a clan of homeless boys who only cares about loot and gold, not the well being of the the boys idk it's just a differ t thing to get used too lol.
but any way I would write more but I'm tired and got to get to bed... I really hope u update soon I gotta know the new plans on saving dagger and Beatrix and how Zidane is going to kick some ass lol... Well had always from ur number one fan ... Thanks for the great work until the next update :)
NaomiKindle chapter 6 . 4/16/2015
Nothing like one of those seemingly important/optional characters that throws a nice pile of shit into the fan! Seriously though, I was definitely not expecting Gilgamesh to take the lead role as villain - great plot twist. I'm sorry I haven't finished this yet - but progress is progress!

One reminder: don't forget to proofread. I noticed a fair amount of typos throughout the chapters, so a second eye or a last once-over can help prevent these.

My biggest whine was this last chapter - the wedding scene felt to rushed. It's a beautiful and incredibly important moment for Dagger and Zidane - I wanted more of it. I ESPECIALLY wanted more with Steiner as he walked her down - and inner-monologue and reflections of sorts; how does he feel, with his fatherly feelings for Dagger? Does he resent that she's picked the thief that attempted to kidnap her, or does he feel Zidane has redeemed himself through the last years? Does he reflect on the beginning of their adventure, calling Zidane an impudent bumpkin and threatening execution - and Dagger constantly scolding him for such threats? Same thing, how does it make Dagger and Zidane reflect, what are their thoughts as their eyes fix on each others? Do either of them sense the impending and inevitable Maleficent-style interruption to their perfect ceremony - or has the thought fallen behind the racing thoughts and memory? I definitely wanted to see more, and would love to see that bit reworked.

Otherwise, the story is pretty good - nice cliffhangers...they keep me coming back! ;) Overall, you do a remarkable job of keeping everyone's character in check. I particularly love Blank and his almost over-protectiveness of Eiko...that's just freakin' adorable! Hoping to read more and catch up soon!

NaomiKindle chapter 2 . 4/12/2015
Oh dear, I'm hooked!

Seriously though, I am really sad that I can't finish this tonight since I have to work in the morning...damn that job... Oh well, I know what I'll be reading on my lunch! -

I just have to say, usually I'm not usually a big fan of the overly cutesy portrayal of Zidane/Dagger. But in this case...I ate that shit for supper. Seriously. Freaking. ADORABLE. Loved it, and the characters were fairly in context too. Love the "mock" of their first meeting too.

Also, I knew you blatantly said someone was going to be starting a war in the summary, and somehow that thing with Eiko and the Prima Vista still threw me. I was like, wait - what?! Oh, right...that's what this is about...right. Just one note though: the Prima Vista would likely be the Prima Vista II (since the original crashed in the Evil Forest). Nitpicky, I know, but I'm a stickler for details!

Looking forward to continuing this piquing plot later this week!
Guest chapter 16 . 4/12/2015
Love, love, love that flashback. I really love the way that Blank stuck up for Zidane saying that "he was getting better" and "today was a mistake"; those were a couple really powerful lines that set up the rest of the chapter's events really nicely.

I'm really hating' on Baku here. He is just basically awful - such a coldhearted bastard lol :P

LOVE the part with Eiko going to visit Vivi. I was trying and trying to think about who was her friend to visit in the village, and when I saw that it was Vivi, I nearly died. That's so cute. Vivi is so cute! I miss him :'( I'm so sad that he passed away at the end of the game!

Blank's dedication is really the cutest thing ever :) I love that Zidane, it seemed, in the beginning of ffix sort of took a side role, kind of letting them do whatever they please and he'll follow along unless he doesn't really agree with it and then by the end of it, he was somewhat of a leader, having experienced many more things in that war with Kuja than Tantalus had. And so now, with Zidane in more of a leadership role, and Blank doesn't have any idea what to do without him :) Just makes me smile kind of thinking about it like that.

On a side note... I'm really glad Beatrix chopped off that guy's hand. I love that she still doesn't let people get to her, no matter the consequences. Can't wait for her to totally come back and just rock everybody's shit. But for right now, I hope that Steiner can rescue her soon! :)

Great work! I'm so glad to see this progressing! Update again soon, glad your break with your mom was good!

Guest chapter 15 . 3/31/2015
Great chapter... And such a great story I love how with each chapter the details get better and better. Keep up the awesome work and I can't wait till the next chapter :)
Guest chapter 15 . 3/18/2015
OMG what's gunna happen next! I love this story!
zestychicken2 chapter 15 . 3/17/2015
So I'm basically a terrible person. Even more terrible than LAST chapter because it's taken me... half a month to review.

But I loved this chapter.

The way NOBODY seemed to know what to think or what to do about Zidane was really powerful! It's been awhile since I've read this, I will admit, so the review might not be too terribly long, but it was so inspiring to read this. I LOVE the way that you added the detail of his tail growing back eventually. Blank's reaction is absolutely so believable and wonderful because their bromance is something I could NEVER get sick of! :D :D

And can we talk about the flashback? I LOVE the spin you put on that - that Ruby and Blank were a tag team before Zidane came along. And I love that he just ran along with them and had that grin on his face! :D That makes me so happy, I really liked the flashback and I could tell that you really liked writing it. Maybe you should do more of those! :)

Great work girl, I'm so sorry again that it's been so long, work has swallowed me up, and school and my trip to Florida and BLAH too much! :) Thanks for being understanding, and thanks for not updating again and again and hoping for me to catch up, because that's even harder for me.

Anyways! Hope to hear from you soon!

Guest chapter 15 . 3/11/2015
OMG IM SO SORRY! I didn't even realize u updated so fast. I really liked this chapter, I liked the 1st part where u did the flash back of Zidane meeting Ruby and Blank. Poor Eiko she was really stressing out on weather or not she had the strength to heal Zidane. I feel so bad for blank cuz u know that when he saw his brother lying there covered in blood u know he was freaking out. And Zidane when he really gets to his right mind and starts healing he is going to want to kick some ass and I will be curious how the gang is gunna stop him from killing him self. BTW thank goodness his tail will grow back because that would be to sad. Well anyway I am so sorry it took me so long to review, u don't deserve that with u being a great writer and all. Ur chapters keep getting better and better keep it up girl, and I can't wait for the next one :)
zestychicken2 chapter 14 . 3/3/2015
So I feel pretty terrible that this review is SO late that the next chapter is already up! That's why I'm glad that this one is a bit shorter, so that I could catch up pretty quick!

Hmmm! I wonder what's up with Eiko and Dagger's linked minds! I'm kind of curious about that, but I bet you have a really good twist on it :) Sounds like a really realistic thing to happen between them :)

TOO MUCH EXCITED to finally have Tantalus catch up with Zidane. I mean, I'm sad for them, but it's making your story SO good that I can hardly handle it!

This was definitely a slower based chapter, but it was still good! I liked the mild moments you incorporated with Eiko and Blank, and I wonder what was going through her mind when they said that about Blank writing Ruby a love letter. When Eiko admitted to the love letter, I like how nonchalant Blank was about it - like he kind of smiled about it, and that was really sweet.

The part with Beatrix and Steiner was also super realistic! I LOVE that she was so frustrated with the way he was thinking about things, and I can't wait to see how they're going to pull off this kingdom thing. Especially with Dagger (probably) on her way back to the kingdom. Oh I can smell the drama now!

On to read the next chapter :) My roommate and I are playing Kingdom Hearts, so we'll see how far I get tonight, but I'm crossing my fingers! Way too excited to stop cause I cannot wait for this part with Zidane!

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