Reviews for Looks Can Be Deceiving
Ice Demon Ranger chapter 100 . 5/12
What an amazing story.
Thank you so much for sharing daring you're amazing talent.
KristieRoxie chapter 100 . 5/10
Third time reading this story and I cry every single time. You are truly an amazing storyteller.
Cmlackey12 chapter 100 . 4/27
katholmes130 chapter 89 . 4/23
They cut the scene from the movie of Harry and Dudley shaking hands. In the end they did become friends. It's the only good thing Umbridge did, sending the dementors after them in book five. Rowling confirmed that what Dudley was forced to see and relive was himself, the nasty bully he'd become and that changed him. He even married a witch, though it's never said who. It is believed it may have been Cho Chang.
jsfanfix chapter 100 . 4/22
This is the best story I’ve read! I love it so much! I will definitely read again! Thank you so much for this!
Msimone chapter 100 . 4/21
I can't remember the last time I cried so hard! It was amazing, thank you so very much!
Castledragonrose chapter 100 . 4/17
Every time! This chapter has me blubbering every damn time and I’ve read this story half a dozen times at least.
twizt312 chapter 100 . 4/15
can't seem to help myself from crying like crazy after reading this again
katica7 chapter 99 . 4/15
LOVE THIS STORY! I was bawling...
jezmccoy chapter 100 . 4/12
When you cry like a bi*ch baby at the end of a fanfiction you have read a dozen times because all of the warm fuzzy feelies... this story never fails to make me feel all of the things and i thank you for sharing it.
Musichowler chapter 100 . 4/11
I had to finish a rather hard crying session before I could type this out. The emotion and beauty you put into this...I barely have words to describe how strongly it got to me. A full life lived, loved ones lost to time, and finally the reward of being able to see and love them again? Beautiful. Absolutely beautifully done. Thank you. Thank you for writing this and sharing it here.
Guest chapter 100 . 4/3
Although I'm not a fan of other pairings except ss/hg this was so well written I read every word and was never bored
Killa of legends chapter 100 . 3/24
Thank you, this was a ride, and I never got tired. Added as one of my favorite, will be reading again. Thank you for the story and you gift of words.
katholmes130 chapter 18 . 3/18
Frankly, I don't understand a point system as a punishment. You'd have to care about your so-called house in the first place. I wouldn't have, nor would being ostracized by my so-called peers bother me. I didn't care about my fellow students so wouldn't miss them not including me. It seems to me, with people like Ron who are self-involved and bullies, lost points and detentions mean nothing. Take away his ability to even watch Quidditch, put him on a diet, those would be true punishments for him.
Meldince chapter 100 . 3/13
really enjoyed your take on giving characters a place to call home. also interesting in having harry find a place as a follower, not a leader. really interesting read! glad you went with Snape as a father figure for Hermione instead of love interest. really fit the tone of the story!
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