Reviews for Looks Can Be Deceiving
flashingreeneyes chapter 95 . 8/21
Sooo many times during this story have you brought me to tears! Some sad. Some heart warming. Some nearly painful joy! Thank you! You are AMAZING!
One Paw Productions chapter 1 . 8/21
hello! FYI, sent you a PM about perhaps translating this into an Audiobook! Thanks!
bibliopuff chapter 100 . 8/19
the epilogue is very bittersweet. glad to know that they finally live a long and happy life as packs
welshgirl1148 chapter 100 . 8/13
I loved it. So different but amazing. It was funny, sad, crazy and just good you should be pleased. Although part of me would like a one off showing what Harry, Draco, Hermione kids got up to as well as the Lupins. You didn't mention what happened to the centaurs or trefoil I'm curious. Also you never mentioned anything about snape having a baby like Desmond suggested
Guest chapter 17 . 8/11
Love this! The way she tells it is great
Guest chapter 100 . 8/10
I love this story so much, and it's probably the best written fanfiction I've read and it just draws you in! I loved the ending couple chapters to take snippets of the rest of they're lives too, but gosh dang it this last chapter was a Rollercoaster of emotions i was not prepared for and now I'm crying at 4 am from not being able to put the story down and trying to tell myself its a happy ending, and the end where he's waiting with tea and victor saying he'll need to fight his brothers for her attention and all the pack being there and just gosh, if you can't tell im invested. Thank you so much for sharing your talent for story telling and especially character depth creating and everything with us!
Nancy chapter 100 . 7/31
Eva Norman chapter 100 . 7/12
Oh dear, how I cried at the end.
AloeVera chapter 100 . 7/2
I am emotionally distraught. My hands are shaking and my soul has ben crushed. I had grown way too attached to these characters and to have them be snatched away all at once in one chapter was like a devastating blow. No words can describe the emotional turmoil I have now been left to clean up. This is by far one of the best fanfictions I have ever read. The amount time and effort put into this fanfic have clearly come through. I am not a very eloquent person mostly because I have become a person of action and few words so I don't think my review will be of much insight to anyone. I can only provide my sincerest emotions through these words and hope those who receive them will accept them and take the time to read this beautiful story. - A.L


I am emotionally distraught. My hands are shaking and my soul has ben crushed. I had grown way too attached to these characters and to have them be snatched away all at once in one chapter was like a devastating blow. No words can describe the emotional turmoil I have now been left to clean up. In my head sometimes when I am reading/watching the original HP I cant help but think that it is not the way it is supposed to go just because of how tightly this fanfiction has a hold on me. So to see it all disappear so quickly when I wasn't prepared for it was devastating. I have given myself a headache with my crying. Safe to say I would have preferred to be blissfully left unaware of their passings, also the fact that Harry was the last one to go makes my heart hurt even more. And as much as I would like to be angry at you for the heartache you have left me with, you have written a very beautiful story and I am grateful for all the hard work you have put into it. I hope that if writing is your calling you continue to do it to your hearts content and that you know you have made an impact in many of your readers lives. Thank you!
quiet-mg chapter 100 . 6/24
(Not sure if duplicate, as my other review disappeared before I finished. Not sure if it somehow got submitted)

Anyhow. Great story!
I agree with you, I believe "what ifs" are what drive a lot of fanfiction. They allow for more creativity and variation in stories. I'm glad you ignored the 'nay sayers' and do your thing, which is good by the way. I like the variety, and different takes in characters; it makes for interesting reads.

And yes, yours is up there. Great story and character development and interaction. Your writing easily draws the reader in. It keeps us engaged. And I was easily able to visualize what was going on; from the sleeping pile, to the graphon (sp?) on her back, rolling about, kicking her feet up in the air. Really cute story. I was getting a little depressed at the end thinking you were going to end it in the sad tone. But thank you for bringing it back to a happy end.

As for my favorite character. Well, there are 2. Hermione and Severus. Really, the relationship between the two was great. and it really paved the way for all the other characters.

Thank you for the amazing story.
quiet-mg chapter 60 . 6/19
I'm enjoying the story so far. The interactions with the main characters. But mostly right now, I want to say, I am kind of envious of the often naps and sleep group piles mentioned in almost every chapter lol. It just sounds like the most refreshing nap/sleep had, and I wish I had a few of those too lol. Thank you for the entertaining story thus far
elizabethrose1974 chapter 100 . 6/10
damn you! why'd you have to make me cry? love you so much! this story, by far, is my favorite of all fanfiction stories.
V-ron95 chapter 100 . 6/5
I've spent the last few days reading this incredible story. The ending had me crying like a baby but it was such a beautiful ending. I started this story thinking I would stop reading after a few chapters, but I was happily wrong. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story with us!
Guest chapter 100 . 6/3
This is like the tenth time I’ve read this and I still cry a bit at the end
jenfaera chapter 100 . 5/7
I LOVE this story. Every chapter was wonderful. I was emotionally invested in it and the characters from beginning to end. And that you created and shered this with us while going to school full time... well, I truly admire you.
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