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TheCarcassKing chapter 18 . 2h
Completely detached. Like a drone fulfilling a mission objective.
TheCarcassKing chapter 15 . 9h
This is firmly into enjoyable. Very enjoyable.
Fluffy Snake chapter 95 . 5/18
The Underworld Riot Thingy.

Is Harry gonna get some protagonism shine, or is he getting overshadowed by canon cast again?
TheCarcassKing chapter 1 . 5/14

Love me some nuance! Especially the linguistic kind!
general zargon chapter 95 . 5/2
Thank you for this update! I love the tests, and Harry and his harem are always a delight to read. best of luck on your writing!
Vanessa Masters chapter 95 . 5/2
All in all, it was a good meal, and a good wind down from the morning's events. Right up until the giant Annihilation beast started tearing up the city.


Oh boy, as if the exams weren't enough stress.
Vanessa Masters chapter 94 . 5/2
Hell Geography, Animaniacs and Ophis now!? Wow.

Also, super impressive that she destroyed the spear shard in her brain. Damn!
Vanessa Masters chapter 93 . 5/2
Oh, promotion time! Middle class, soon to be upper middle class, or is it only upper class next?
Vanessa Masters chapter 92 . 5/2
Oh, no no nonohq!


"Hello, Sona," I answered my phone. It was the day after the second Incident. Maybe 'the Faux Pax'? 'Incident 2: Nude-lectric Boogaloo'?



Poor Harry, and Lasciel.

Boy, those chocolates.

I was hoping for love potion shenanigans.

Oh, I do hope her and Az get there soon. I'm hoping.

Ahahaha. So drunk he thought he asked her to dance, not screw on the floor!?

Oh Az,when he finds out he'll be mortified.
Fionn the Otaku chapter 13 . 5/1
Back to reviewing this most excellent fic, I like the rumors that two male members of the new Perverted trio were spreading and how Asia defended Harry. Another good part is Harry's verbal response to the rumors and how he retaliated.
Vanessa Masters chapter 91 . 5/1
Mittlet the maid, well, she's come out ahead in a way.

Oh a death rod!? That's scum!


I'll hide out in the Leviathan's hotel for as long as I can," she said, "And then I'll grit my teeth and hope Azazel is in a forgiving mood. Maybe he'll believe me that I didn't know and didn't have a choice."

"Is that true?" Akeno asked her, watching carefully.

"Yeah," Mittelt said sadly, "That psycho Kokabiel gave us the mission, and told us he'd kill us if we failed. I told Raynare it sounded bogus. Going after a crap Gear like a Twice Critical, before it even awakened? And bringing the nun into Devil territory to kill her? We didn't need to, she was our pawn, and it was just begging the other two sides to attack us. I hate Devils as much as the next Grigori, but I didn't want to be the one to destroy the peace. But Raynare guaranteed us everything was sanctioned by Azazel. And they were my team. We got through the war together. Even without Kokabiel's threat, I wouldn't let them go it without me."

She seemed sincere to me. And Akeno nodded.

'Given our own encounter with Kokabiel,' Lash commented, 'It is impossible to refute her.'

Then she appeared before me, glaring at me.

'Don't do it, my host.'

'I can't help it,' I told her, 'I gotta be me.'

'You realize that if she is a war survivor, despite her appearance, Fallen Angel Mittelt is at least a millennium older than you.'

'And?' I shot back.


Well, that explains that, and hey, Akeno family isn't trying to kill her anymore.
Vanessa Masters chapter 90 . 4/30
Oh no, kidnapped rinosuke! Dang. No sigh of relief yet.
Vanessa Masters chapter 89 . 4/30
'Harry,' Lash sounded supremely disappointed, swiveling her head in exaggerated dismay.

Oh. Right. Two teens. In love. On the run for said love. Alone. Unsupervised. Mixing their 'powers' in an unstable way.

"You think they are making out?" I tried not to sound too incredulous, "You think they are causing a blizzard by making out."

"Yes," she said, "and the longer or more intense their... ardor... the more powerful the storm."

"Yeah," I sighed, "That makes far too much sense."

I paused, grasping for normalcy as it slipped through my fingers. And came up empty handed.


Hey, Hindu believe that the big bang was the result of...banging.
Vanessa Masters chapter 88 . 4/30
Then she stepped into view. Chocolate brown hair, perfectly drawn back into a loose braid. Mahogany eyes spoke of love, patience, and wrath, all in equal measure. Pale skin. And a perfect figure; hips and breast that shouted of fertility and sensuality, without being overly abundant. She was wearing a blue pullover sweater and matching silk shirt, simple but also very expertly tailor and high quality. But most of all, was the pendant she was wearing. A peacock.

I began to trickle power into my watch and wished my bracelet was on my wrist instead of in my bag. Because if she was here, I doubted this would end in anything less than an ear splitting argument. A house leveling battle seemed more likely.

Until Kevin stood up, crossed the room, and causally and fondly hugged her.

"Thanks for coming, mom," he said openly.

"Of course, Kevin," she told him. Then, sounding genuinely worried, she asked, "Is everything alright?"

"So far," he answered, sounding uncertain.

"Umm," I raised a hand nervously, "Just to be sure I'm not understanding anything... You are Lady Hera, right? Queen of Olympus?"

She looked at me. And then she looked sad.

"Given your encounter with Argus, Mr Dresden, and my own responsibility therein, I can hardly blame you for being cautious around me," the daughter of Chronos said gently, "But rest assured, if you are thinking of my past history with Kevin, minor inaccuracies aside, he and I have moved past it. I have moved past it."

That put my mind a bit more at ease. But only enough to put me back to DEFCON 3.


I love Hera, and Greek myth.


Dab is herc name!? Lol or acronym.

Oh, that's wonderful. Kevin admonished his father, and he's a better husband now.

So, he only cheats once every 150 years, but still ogles and watches strippers? We can hope.

But glad he's treating Hera better, and that Hera is good with Heracles now

Marvelous work with the Greek myth, love this all. I broke my teeth on myths, and it's a passion of mine.

Love reinterpretation's of myths.

Parvati is the only one who's husband hasn't doesn't cheat.
Vanessa Masters chapter 87 . 4/30
Extra wings? Oh lord, if he has stepped into a. Ancient forbidden secret.


I noticed something, and looked at my Bishop.

"Reya?" I said gently, noticing her silence and expression.

"I..." she said hesitantly, "I don't want Harry or anyone else to think I'm a terrible person. But I don't like this. I might be okay with Harry having another girlfriend. But not with him having a child with someone outside of the group. It would be a strain, we are already having to share his time. Having someone else, who isn't one of us, isn't working with us. I don't want you to think I don't trust you, Harry. But I've known other girls who have split families. And it is hard on them and on their parents... I just..."

I reached over and took her hand.

"It's okay, Reya," I told her, "I don't think you're a terrible person. Or even a bad one. I can't say I wouldn't feel the same way if any of you showed up and said that your brother asked you to have his husband's kid, so they could have a child. Or your sister, or uncle, or third cousin for that matter. I would say it's a much more normal reaction, but the last nine months have seen my sense of normal waking up in a bathtub full of frozen shrimp with a note to call the hospital."

"You aren't upset?" she pressed, looking around, particularly at Serafall.

"Nope," my Maou confirmed, "I mean, that's why Harry brought us together, right? To talk, to share opinions, to support each other."

"Also," Sona continued, "Do not forget, Harry will not be giving my aunt an answer for over a year, if not longer. All of our thoughts on the matter could change by then. It is also possible my aunt could change her mind."

"Find someone better," I agreed.

"Not likely," Tsubasa protested.


Well, glad that's cleared up.

Of course those girls strip, lordy. Ahahaha.
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