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PlaguedDemon chapter 69 . 7/11
All the options would be interesting, while they all have to be good people to be in his harem.I believe that most in the show are anyway,So that doesn’t go too far.I personally think that he could have more than five, “if anyone deserves it, it’s HIM!” I can’t help to think, that he needs another OP/ main character. Someone who is at least on par with Serafall, in knowledge and or power. With a different kind of both would be even better. She always seems to bubble to the top, it would help even the slate and bring totally different outcomes to future equations. Though She is a very good character, I am biased/opinionated. She was flushed out very well. Maybe the sage arts would be a good thing for him to look at. Looking forward to how it all happens. Peace n good vibes to you.
PhoenixTheHound chapter 58 . 7/10
If i had to make a choice for a fifth, i think i would go with Takako. Might be an OC, but that dosn't bother me in the slightest because a good character is a good character and i enjoyed her interactions with Harry and Co.
PlaguedDemon chapter 69 . 7/5
It’s all in good fun, and the competition for him really make sense for them..
general zargon chapter 69 . 7/7
Thank you for the update! I loved the explanation about imbuing and the slight tug-of-war for Harry's help training at the end, LOL. ;P I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman chapter 69 . 7/6
Enjoyed the chapter. Is that webcomic described an actual thing or was it just made up for plot?
xbox432 chapter 69 . 7/5
Heh, funny that Harry had to be the one to point out the benefit of today's technology to Sona, especially considering his lack of experience with it. And overall I really enjoyed their descriptions about the types of magic "artificing" available. I'm looking forward to seeing what Harry comes up with once he learns more about bizarro worlds enchanting practices.

Also, I feel the need to point out one typo which stood out to me as it kinda acted like a speed bump to my immersion: blocks of would - blocks of wood
Biblio388 chapter 69 . 7/5
It is great fun getting to see him interact with his girls as well as the disparate peerages. I always love reading the Dresden series for the dialogue, so this and the original Beyond are extra cherries for me.
PlaguedDemon chapter 69 . 7/5
Never perfect, but damn good. With just the right amount of humor, I definitely got a laugh or two out of it. Loving the continued experimentation, still looking forward to where you’re taking it. Keep it fresh and good vibes to you.
PlaguedDemon chapter 69 . 7/5
happy birthday to me, not really though.
Beguiler chapter 69 . 7/4
So... are we going to meet Shiro? Pure awesome.
Quathis chapter 69 . 7/5
Training and plans make for a good transition to how things will develop. It also shows that Harry is good at adapting to his own benefit and those around him... without the need for collateral damage. So he is learning as her goes further along. Until next time.
qussow chapter 69 . 7/5
Nice little info dump on DxD enchanting rules and some good interplay with Sona. Also, Manaphage - that's probably just a throwaway reference I'm not getting that won't come up again, but it sure has an ominous ring to it. I like it.
Really wondering how Harry will react to Shirou - iirc from the books, he had some pretty deep and profound respect for the guy.
ThatDrocker59 chapter 69 . 7/5
Man I love these types of chpaters. I find it quite amusing that humanity created a easy work around to one of the most difficult parts of the process. I also like the how the two kings try and get Harry to help them. Im looking forward to Dresden's dreaded meeting with the Sitir parents.
Kingofclubs8129 chapter 69 . 7/5
Great chapter. Loving this arc so darn can't wait for the next one. I want to see Harry combine all the enchanting methods into some real magic items. Ones that never fade and do amazing things.
atchoum35 chapter 69 . 7/5
Nice . the trip to the underworld will be awesome. Can t wait to see dresden in the devil s high society. As always excellent work. Continue
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