Reviews for Beyond the Outer Gates Lies… A high school library?
Guest chapter 75 . 23h
Great story, if a bit disjointed. Best read as a series of somewhat interconnected oneshots than as a serial.
redguard76 chapter 75 . 9/24
Ok. I’m confused. Who is Shiro in that scene where Dresden was gettin grilled by the guys about the rings? Otherwise I loved the new update. Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to the next update.
atchoum35 chapter 75 . 9/24
Nice chapter. Thanks. Professor dresden is fun to see. Continue
Chinchi37 chapter 75 . 9/23
Awesome :)
Spartan3909 chapter 75 . 9/23
Thanks for the chapter _.
Acronymous chapter 75 . 9/23
thank you for the update!
general zargon chapter 75 . 9/23
Thanks for the update. :) This is a great chapter, I love how Harry pulled his prank and managed to get away with it. The last part made me go 'awwww', because honestly it was so adorable. :) I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
rm928 chapter 75 . 9/23
Who knew Harry was so good with his hands? Anyway, that was another solid chapter. I really enjoyed it and I'm really looking forward to the next one. I going to be interested to see if you go all the way through with adding Kendra to Harry's harem. I think I'll be satisfied either way.

Keep up the good work and update as you are able!
The Richmaster chapter 75 . 9/23
I really enjoy the casual interactions that you have going here and Harry seems to do well as a teacher
xbox432 chapter 75 . 9/23
Sharks? Maybe Harry will have to hobnob with the nobles? They count as sharks right?

Also, good moment there at the end with Tsubasa. I really liked how it showed that Tsubasa trusted Harry with one of her insecurities like that.
zebrin chapter 75 . 9/23
There are a ... lot of typos and errors in this chapter, you might want to send it back to the beta and re-upload it.

Fun story though, good training ideas for spell work. I wonder how this will affect the spellcaster's abilities in the rating games?

At the very least, they won't stand still as much. That will make them much more effective.
snakespm chapter 75 . 9/23
Enjoyed the story. Thanks.

One question: "Instead a column as thick as my arm, her spell was only the diameter of my thumb" is that supposed to say "Instead of a..."?
ThatDrocker59 chapter 75 . 9/23
The training arch continues on at a good pace. The interaction are quite nice. Quite looking forward to see where you take all of this training.
chaossaurus chapter 75 . 9/23
Lash gets her wish. Dresden knows a hair tugging spell. I’m assuming intentional callback? Looking forward to Kendra’s revenge.
Slenderbrine chapter 11 . 9/18
The hell was in the chapter that caused threats and insults? Did you post smut or something?
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