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LoveThisStoryBUT chapter 70 . 4/20
I am pretty sure that harry met Santa of this world before, in chapter 25. Was that noncanon?
LoveThisStoryBUT chapter 68 . 4/20
No complaints so far, I like how the relationships are organic and natural seeming, and the little details like Harry's unconscious use of possessive terms for his girls are nice.
blazenite104 chapter 84 . 4/11
Honestly a little disappointed in the tournament. at no point was has there ever been a feeling of like these people could actually lose for the protagonists. it's just hasn't held any tension there. I suppsoe it's one thing to show Dresdens impact on the people around him but, it just feels a little off. I mean Sairaorg and his peerage were massive roadblocks originally, yet here they feel like regular mooks. going back a bit even Seekvaira didn't feel like a threat either.

It's wierd because at other points it felt like things were dangerous if only because of the stakes but, this just feels wierd. Not that this reflects poorly on the rest of the fic. it doesn't. the preceding stuff never gave me this feeling.

on another note for any potential readers out there, Harry still hasn't divulged anything at this point and basically no one has really pried into his prior existence. there's been increasingly less attention really paid to his roots either so if that's important to you Harry feels more like he's now a DxD character rather than from somewhere else.
Cleddyf chapter 86 . 4/7
I'm so glad to see this! I'm a major fan of your other work - My Hero Playthrough - but it's nice to see Harry & Co and Ise & Co again!

Loved the bit at the end with Serafell, with Harry willing to play into the Wandering Wizard role because he knows she likes it.
Sorrow chapter 86 . 4/1
Yeaaaah! A new chapter! Thanks Xavon!
Quathis chapter 86 . 4/3
I do enjoy a punk getting his comeuppance due to a loose tongue and a small mind. The date was nice but will likely make many people angry with Harry for the headaches that this introduction will bring all of them. Until next time.
duked chapter 86 . 4/3
A great chapter again.
Please update soon.
Spartan3909 chapter 86 . 4/2
Thanks for the chapter _.
Prodigal Priest chapter 86 . 4/2
*Wolf whistleFurious Applause*

Author! Author!
Gavr chapter 86 . 3/31
It's aliiiive! Ahem. Great to see this continued. One of the best stories on the whole site, actually. Thank you.
Axccel chapter 58 . 4/2
Homophobia doesn't exist. Only people who hate the idea of not doing whatever they want and so claim to champion an imaginary cause and people who accept that nature exists.
Markmoonedge chapter 86 . 4/2
Nicely done! I almost wanted to hear the infamous Yu-gi-oh line from someone, somewhere at the ending of this chapter. :)
Axccel chapter 50 . 4/1
The yokai factions who would attack humanity for the actions of a handful of humans (part of a secret organization the rest of humanity doesn't know exists, no less) would be doing so using Yasaka as an excuse. They and the inherently violent ones are the same and would use the same excuse.
Axccel chapter 47 . 4/1
Personally, I always considered the guards to be basically traitors through sheer incompetence. They targeted someone they had no reason to believe had been part of kidnapping their leader. And, in fact with Serafall's diplomatic involvement, had every reason to NOT do so. And had permission to be in Kyoto for an entirely unrelated matter. The incompetence of attacking someone and trying to force information out of them when you have significant reason to believe they were not part of it and no reason to believe they were is so terrible that the reason I consider it traitorous is that it wasted time and resources. And if Kunou weren't there? It would have wasted time and resources for a long time, days even. To say nothing of probably starting a war with the Devils. By "war" I mean "overnight genocide of the yokai". We're talking about pissing off a faction with a decent number of people who can sink significant landmasses many times over by sneezing or sparkling or whatever and who rivals a faction that manages the system of existence itself created by an all powerful being and bearers of his will.

A good reason not to hurt the love interest/servant of the spoiled little sister of the Devil himself.
Akuma-Heika chapter 86 . 4/1
Might want to say technical sins instead, since I am pretty sure there is nothing in any Bible about taking the last donut (might be something about taking the last bit of food, but that sounds something more likely in Eastern cultural practices, than Abrahamic religions) :p
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