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Nanobites chapter 100 . 5/17
Finally reached the last chapter of the story. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am eagerly waiting for the next chapter, hopefully sooner than later, but life is life.

As for a few critiques and opinions, I have to say that the nanoha parts feel tacked on and somewhat unnecessary, and that I wish there was more about dresden being an outsider and dealing with the effects of that. I also would like to see the others learn non-calculated magic from dresden and seeing what they could do with that.

Also, i was initially against it, but have now come around to Kendra being the fifth member of Dresden's harem. I like her character quite a lot and having a ninja clan leader youkai is a great opportunity for further expanding the world.

Thank you very much for having written this story, it has brought me a lot of fun and enjoyment.
Difdi chapter 98 . 5/5
The plural of xiphos is xiphoi.
Difdi chapter 97 . 5/5
If 2nd Amendment can make a 40mm grenade for an M203, and make heavy weapons like an M134, it ought to be able to make the last word in man-portable heavy weapons: the infamous Davy Crockett weapon system.

Imagine a 120mm or 155mm recoilless rifle that instead of firing a normal shell, launches a W54 nuclear warhead. Range of 1.25 miles for the 120mm, 2.5 miles for the 155mm. Yield is the same fr both launchers at 20 tons-equivalent of TNT (NOT kilotons), and a minimum safe distance of about a mile.

Not something to use in a city, but a truly NASTY surprise for anyone going after Dresden, if he can pull it off.
Difdi chapter 88 . 5/4
Stealing the jacket would be felony/grand theft, not petty theft, since the monetary value of that jacket would be a LOT more than 1000 dollars.
Difdi chapter 86 . 5/4
Gotta love Dresden living the kayfabe.
Difdi chapter 64 . 5/2
You have a typo. When you meant - from the context - to write Harvard, you instead wrote Hazard.

If FoxTails09 is who I think it is, Harry is due for a Kunou interrupt soon… heheheh…
Difdi chapter 62 . 5/2
You have a possible typo in this chapter - a properly spelled wrong word. Specifically, when Dresden refers to sentient wolves. ALL wolves are sentient - sentient doesn’t mean intelligent, it means self-aware. All vertebrate life forms on the planet are sentient. No exceptions. Even some insects and plants are arguably sentient. The word you want when discussing intelligent-as-a-person wolves - that actually means a creature that thinks - is sapient.

I call it a possible typo, rather than a definite typo, because it’s possible Dresden is ignorant of that distinction.

Also, Brooke IS a girl’s name - just look at Brooke Shields.
Difdi chapter 57 . 5/2
Harry missed an obvious counter to Georg - Dimension Lost might still have negated it as an attack, since doing it could indirectly harm Georg, but shooting the magic circles would still be worth a (heh) shot.

Heracles is very lucky his knowledge of science doesn’t include shaped charges either, or the conical shape of his projectiles would have done a LOT more damage to him when the propellant got ignited early.
Difdi chapter 56 . 5/2
A few things about this chapter:

First, you appear to have been using Winchester as a name instead of Oakley in an earlier draft version, and missed one Winchester in your editing pass that changed it to Oakley. It’s in the scene where Serafall gives Oakley the manifested guns.

Second, Azazel is partially wrong about 2nd Amendment being unable to do sci-fi guns, based on his description of how the artificial Sacred Gear works - Dresden ought to be able to make it produce both railguns and laser rifles, providing he reads up on how both work. The Gear produces ammunition from mana, and the main thing preventing both weapons in real life is ammunition bulk - if the ammunition is produced from mana, one shot at a time when the trigger is pulled, that problem goes away entirely. As an example of this, the Chinese military currently has a working prototype laser rifle IRL, but it only has 1-3 shots depending on how high intensity the beam is set to, unless it is connected to a backpack battery pack so bulky and heavy that a soldier cannot practically carry it in battle along with everything else a soldier needs to carry. Likewise, people have built railguns and coilguns that are competitive with normal firearms for muzzle velocity, but they get one or two shots out of a capacitor pack the size of a motorcycle battery, and need to be plugged into a city power grid for rapid fire. But if magic produces the projectile and electricity as each shot is fired…

Third, in the scene where Oakley and Shizukesa spot the enemy, you have a typo - a moment is a defined measurement of time, that is NOT a synonym of second or instant. One moment is 90 seconds/1.5 minutes. The word you want here is second or instant.
Difdi chapter 54 . 5/2
You have a typo in this chapter - while imagining the cooing and chirping noises inherent to speaking pigeon latin is highly amusing, the word you wanted there is pidgin.
Difdi chapter 35 . 5/1
Now Dresden just needs to visit a zoo or nature preserve, to see if the bracelet would also allow him to keep and arm bears!
Difdi chapter 3 . 4/23
Sharpie marker ink is actually really easy to remove from hard surfaces, and only a little bit harder to remove from human skin. You just have to use the right stuff. That stuff is rubbing alcohol, though on skin you’d be better off using alcohol-based hand sanitizer since straight rubbing alcohol demoisturizes skin.
Axccel chapter 91 . 4/22
Yeah, I can imagine their clan being a little...upset upon learning that their leader thought he could piss off a bunch of gods and stuff and get away with it. I mean, what did he think would result from his "fourth option"? It's the same as killing Harry from the Accords' position and they'd react accordingly. Someone showing up saying the Rin kid wasn't there wouldn't change that A) they know the suspects are magical and so could easily fake it and B) Harry and Takako would still be missing and they know exactly where those two went.

What an amazing idiot.
Axccel chapter 90 . 4/21
Hopefully for once attacking Harry will actually have consequences. What with how he is friends with very important people. And an outside group attacking him, given his position regarding the Kuoh Accord and the people at the top involved...yeah, logically that should be suicide for the entire group. Figuratively or maybe not so figuratively.
tarrangar chapter 14 . 4/19
I really don't like the changes you have made to the evil piece system, the whole thing that make it not totally reprehensible in canon, is that there's not any mind control involved, the fact that you decided to add mind control, mean that suddenly it's an utterly evil system that should be destroyed.

It also contrast with how the system was made by Ajukas, who wanted to use it to replenish the devils population, not to get Hell a bunch of slaves.

And of course there's the fact that there's a canon king piece, Ajukas discontinued them as too dangerous, but they existed, and their ability was just straightup increasing demonic power.
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