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ulttoanova chapter 102 . 4/22
I enjoyed this story, and I look forward to more. I don't have much to say at the moment but I really can't wait till your next chapter.
spartanzerg chapter 102 . 4/3
Man when the original story stopped I was so sad to see a great end just as it got rolling thank you so much for continuing it with your own twist I've come to love this story.
Axccel chapter 101 . 3/30
In DxD, the Biblical factions are the strongest by an enormous margin. Even on the edge of extinction and at each other's throats, no one and no faction dares to piss any of them off. Entire pantheons could be wiped out by many of the people in the Biblical factions and, unlike in any pantheon, these people are either born (a rate of growth no other faction can even hope to emulate) or become so simply through training. And every single member of the three factions has the potential to grow to being able to kick the crap out of any god simply through training and effort, they just rarely actually put in that effort. Serafall is an example, unlike Sirzechs she wasn't born with her power but became powerful through her own effort.

They probably have considered uniting against the three to regain their control, too. And yet either decided they'd lose or tried it and still got the shit kicked out of them. Much like how ultimate class persons seem to be a dime a dozen in the three, yet clearly incredibly rare in any other faction. The quality of the classifications seems to be very different as well, with DxD clearly depicting the high class devils and their angel/fallen analogues as curbstomping the shit out of huge numbers of other factions' "high-class" fighters. And Yasaka is an ultimate class yokai and one of if not the strongest yokai by a large margin and yet was clearly not even the tiniest fraction near what the devil ultimate class fighters are shown to be.

Come to think of it. The veterans of the war between the three factions all seem to be universally among the strongest beings in DxD. So, when the war was in full-swing, it would have been like millions of gods beating the shit out of each other. Quite the humbling experience for everyone watching, I would think.
Axccel chapter 99 . 3/30
"I believe in our goal" Of not protecting anyone and instead creating a power vacuum at best and pissing off the Great Red against the world at worst. All for nothing as no matter how strong you make yourselves seem to the supernatural, it will only be YOU that they see as strong. Not humanity. Not to mention, the fact you HAVEN'T been able to ever stop their behavior proves to them all that you are too weak to matter. And it should prove to yourselves that you have no chance in Hell of accomplishing your goal. You can't even stop yokai or their kind around the world from preying on humans or gods from treating humans like toys. And yet, you think you can scare them? You think you can kill Great Red?

To be fair, if their predecessors weren't the kind of people to be too stupid to realize what they were attempting was impossible, they wouldn't have earned the title of Hero in the first place. It's just that in all cases, those people had reason to believe they could succeed beyond blind, baseless hubris. They had allies, powers, tools, weapons, etc. perfectly suited for their goals. The Zeroes do not and just flail around.
Axccel chapter 98 . 3/30
The reason Issei attracts women and why they love him (and so easily despite his only "redeeming" traits being just normal for any other person and therefore NOT redeeming in any way) is his dragon aura. I could imagine Harry being horrified by that, the supernatural girls not minding because they already knew from the beginning and it's their nature, and Issei being revolted and terrified to learn that he's basically date-raping his harem. Then them trying to explain that it's just their natural attraction to power and he's not actually brainwashing them.
Axccel chapter 97 . 3/30
This is a much better-written Hades than in OG DxD. In fact, basically every character in DxD is a cardboard caricature and any characterization is brief and rushed at best and only a very few get any of it. Not really anyone gets more than a crumb of character development, either. This might be why DxD fanfics are so popular even after so many years. Everyone in it is a degree of everyman, which allows for immense creativity for writers.

"With what humans are doing to the environment on Earth" You mean protecting it and building the towns and cities almost always integrated with the wild instead of simply clear-cutting everything? Oh, wait, I'm not allowed to tell the truth if it goes against The Narrative. Whoopsies!
Axccel chapter 96 . 3/30
It's a great, great story! I have to say, though, that he is underequipped an aweful lot. Usually, when he's not fully prepared it's because he was attacked at home or something similar. Currently, he's in the wild, so to speak. In fact, if he takes it seriously then he's essentially in enemy territory as no doubt a whole lot of devils would be pissed at a human being there.
plums chapter 102 . 1/11
I don’t quite like the existence of this type of curse. Because now that you opened the door to it you have be able to use it on practically anyone.
atchoum35 chapter 102 . 12/24/2023
Nice chapter, thanks. Can t wait to see how Dresden will overcome this.
Dresden13 chapter 20 . 12/22/2023
Dresden has released the sprits name. Bonea but he calls her bonnie
EldritchAnon chapter 73 . 12/6/2023
I must protest. Its canon that Harry hates Pineapple pizza!
S33R chapter 36 . 11/18/2023
Also does dresden have sight (the future one) or as that dropped to be non cannon or did what he did to get some energy kill it?
S33R chapter 35 . 11/18/2023
AA 12 with frag12 AP rounds
Vanessa Masters chapter 102 . 11/17/2023
"...and because of the next important point in brewing potions the wizard way. The actual second and third ingredients are 'three drops of a lethal serpent venom' and 'three drops of either a lethal arachnid venom or a different lethal serpent venom'. Which I can see has our scientists frowning. Because that leaves hundreds, if not thousands, of potential combinations. Some of those venoms have wildly different chemical compositions. From the standpoint of a chemist, that's nonsensical. It shouldn't work."

"But from a wizard's PoV, that doesn't matter. We don't care what neurotoxins, amino acids, or whatever makes the venom lethal. We care about the concept of lethality. Of the general belief that these things are toxic and will kill you. That said, the more dangerous the venom, the better. And having a snake and a bug instead of two snakes is also better."

"What about substituting jellyfish venom for the arachnid venom?" Lasciel asked, her pencil blazing across her notebook page even while she looked intently at me.

"I..." looked deliberately over at Lash. Who silently gave me a nervous look and exaggerated shrug. She might have known a lot more recipes than I did. But my former Fallen brain-mate didn't have Bob's unique ability to just know what ingredients would work in a potion.

"... don't know. We don't know. So far as I know, no-one has ever tried. With what I know about potions, there is every chance it should work. But with everything I don't know about both potions and jellyfish, there are any number of reasons it could fail."

"I see," she said softly, underlining part of her notes.


Magic lesson!

A d them Daye lesson from Harry to lasciel and learning about angel siblings.

Oh no!


But can our fave Shadow Save Harry since she's in his mind, despite the box?
Fenrir Child chapter 99 . 11/16/2023
i now have a theory... on why there is no "Harry Dresdenin* this world... ...if its true, thats clever and fitting
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