Reviews for Lesser Evils
meandyouandyouandme chapter 11 . 9/24
Snape betrayed Sirius when he got captured by the rat, and everyone forgot about that?
Publicola chapter 9 . 9/23
So, I assume that while Dumbledore was checking Sirius over to make sure he's healthy and all, Dumbledore was also 'adjusting' his memories of his capture?

I notice that there was no mention of Snape's involvement in Sirius's capture - the fact that Snape went alone with Sirius, the fact that Snape was present when Sirius was caught, the fact that Snape let Pettigrew get away cleanly.

Sirius knows this. Sirius says nothing.

Either Sirius is covering for Snape (unlikely, given the sheer loathing between them) or Sirius no longer remembers. Which means Dumbledore removed the memory, which means he knows (and approves) of Snape's behavior.

For a story that's done its darndest to showcase Harry and Dumbledore as much more 'gray' than light, you aren't doing a great job of persuading me Dumbledore isn't the villain of the piece.
Mosleyjoseph61 chapter 1 . 5/26
Stupid stories hate it die
Eve chapter 20 . 3/18
Like your story. Harry with a spine tends to be a good read, and you are a terrific writer. Plot's interesting, and not obvious. A good thing.

Like your basilisk, too. But how about a name for him?

Your Sturgis Podmore is an interesting interpretation of a very minor canon character. So far-hasn't slipped into Marty Stu territory. I like him.

On the other hand-don't much care for your Ginny.

Still, I'm enjoying your story.

Thank you for writing!
Didaskalos chapter 5 . 3/8
Ah, now I remember why I stopped reading this story the first time around. This chapter was basically defined by contrived plot magic, absurd character bashing, and completely bizarre and illogical actions on all sides. What a dumpster fire of a chapter.
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