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booksfoodmusic-minion chapter 7 . 2/19/2016
That is beautiful!
It really shows accurately what would have happened after the battle. No one would have remained unscathed.
I'm really enjoying your style of writing!
WillowDryad chapter 7 . 1/17/2016
Awwww, yay! Fili will be a great and humble king. Well done! :D
WillowDryad chapter 6 . 1/17/2016
Silly Fili! Everybody loves you. You have good friends and councilors to help you and make up anything you lack. You'll be fine as king.

:::slaps sense into Kili and reads on:::
WillowDryad chapter 5 . 1/17/2016
Aww, I love Kili. Nothing gets him down. What a sweetheart.

And poor Fili. He SO needs to let go and have a good cry.

Excellent as always.
WillowDryad chapter 4 . 1/13/2016
Awww, poor Dwalin. Poor everybody! This is so sad. :(
WillowDryad chapter 3 . 1/13/2016
Dwalin! You can't take Dwalin away! Fili needs him!

And Kili! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not his beautiful legs!

I'm- I'm gobsmacked!

I think I'm afraid to read more. O.o
WillowDryad chapter 2 . 1/13/2016
Oh, this is so touching. I love how Thranduil is more human now (if that can be said of an Elf). All the poor dead and wounded. And Bofur! O.o

Well done as always. Reading on.
WillowDryad chapter 1 . 1/13/2016
Oh, wow. This is beautifully written and so touching. Fili and Thorin at the end. It brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to read more of this.
Meysun chapter 7 . 4/25/2015
Oh my dear, dear Pericula, what a wonderful story you have woven for us.
I had read it before, but still, this strong, amazing last chapters hit my soul just like the first time.
I totally rely to everything you write there. A kingdom, a treasure, it has nothing to do with wealth, it has to do with people who share values, with brave, loving, wonderful people who each in their own way have mastered their strenght to overcome injuries.
I knew about your father and I think that this story is another proof of how proud he must be of who you are, wherever he is.
And I knew about your grandfather that had lost his finger, but not the one who lost his leg... I am sorry for him, and so moved that you put them into this story.
I guess this is why, even though your other works are amazing, this one stands out for me. There is so much love, so much hope, so much strenght and so many glimmering sunrays into all this darkness, in all these injuries - even though I shed quite a lot of tears, my heart is warm as I finish this last review of "Through The Darkness". Thanking you again for what you write and you share with us. With love, Meysun.
Meysun chapter 6 . 4/25/2015
Oh yes I do remember that chapter! Poor Fili should really, really stop comparing himself to Kili, as Dwalin said so wisely (dear me how I love your Dwalin...) they have just different skills! And now we have Pericula laughing and pointing to her last review to me :)...
This discussion between the brothers - that's what I wanted to say in my last review. From Fili's point of view, Kili's life is ruined, but it is not. From Fili's point of view, that woman should blame him for her husband's death, but she is thanking him for her son's survival. It is always the same question: when we see a shadow on the ground, do we think that it is a dark, forlorn shape, or do we chose to see the sun that allows us to see that shadow?
I just loved how you used Nori's skill! I think that is giving him some purpose again. And Bofur carving crotches and staffs - from the toy-maker to the one who has lost his leg and helps others to walk... There is so much positivity in this chapter and I wish Fili could see it.
Of course - Dwalin. I just say: Dwalin. That Dwarf is amazing. And so lucid - even about Thorin. He knows Fili well. He knows what gems are hidden in Fili and yet he doesn't go into a full-of-sentiment discussion... I really love him.
Meysun chapter 5 . 4/25/2015
Yule it is then? Poor Fili. I do so feel for him - how can you say you don't write Thorin often, young Fili is just like he must have been when young :). I so understand how Fili would wish to throw that crown down to the Mountain.
How sad, also, that he doesn't manage to share his grief with his mother...
I am amazed at Kili - I really am. This desire for moving on he still has - Fili should listen to him, listen to this joy, because it is quite cruel to project our own thinkings as a "non-maimed person" upon somebody who has lost some of his autonomy. It reminds me of my uncle who has MS - now he certainly never was as shiny as Kili, and now he doesn't even speak anymore, but I remember that two years ago we were communicating with some words and he showing me letters. He said "I want..." and I thought "he's gonna say he wants to die". But no. He wanted something to eat or to drink, I don't remember. And I felt so horrible for thinking that. Later in the discussion I asked him if he was happy there, in his residence. And he said "yes. This is home." So you never know.
Your story also reminds me of the amazing two months I spent in reeducation with people who were learning to walk with a prothesis. No one can imagine the happiness that is glimmering there! People learning to walk again, to overcome this loss, with a whole new sense of priorities - I really loved to think back to this reading your Kili.
And last but not least : thumbs up for not making Fili cry. His grief is too deep, if it could be relieved with good, old, tears, it would be known. I understand how he misses Thorin, how he misses not to have been able to see him act as a King before getting that terrible responsability thrown back on his shoulders - and again here, I'm thinking of my own fic... either I copied some ideas unconsciously or we have similar thoughts, and I would prefer the second option :)!
Meysun chapter 4 . 4/25/2015
Oh I liked this chapter because your characters voiced some of my thoughts.
First of all, what moved me was how you described that every special skill of each Dwarf is used to make things advance. Meticulous Dori, Ori the scribe, Gloin the one taking care of the treasure and Bombur with the food - I know you gave him traits of your grandfather and this moves me a lot. Watchful blind Nori moved me too - and Oin and Gloin, the sentence where you say their fingers touched in a previous chapter, it has stayed with me ever since I first read this story...
I like Dain very much - stupid me, you already wrote him perfectly in this fic! I loved how he replied he already has his home in the Iron Hills. I am really getting to like that Dwarf who never sought for more treasures.
I was happy to hear what Balin had to say to Fili about guilt - and to remind him to be with his brother because he still can. Balin is such a treasure, and it made me so sad to see him weep close to Dwalin.
And Dwalin, Dwalin being taken care of by Fili, Dwalin who's first question is for Thorin and then for Kili, this is so heartbreaking too - he surely would want to be dead at Thorin's side, but the fact that Fili and Kili and Balin are alive will tie him down to this world a little longer...
Such a great chapter once more.
Meysun chapter 3 . 4/25/2015
There is so much to say about every chapter that I don't know how to begin - but how I think of Thorin and Frerin when I read your Fili and Kili - one desperately trying to fulfill his role as a king, and the other so kind and open, not hiding any emotion!
Now Kili's spine injury - that is remarkably realistically written and heartbreaking indeed, but not as much as what happened to him in No Sacrifice. Actually I'm amazed about how many things from real life you just quietly bring to Erebor's walls - how cruel for Fili to bear such news to his brother, and how amazingly Kili takes it.
You chose to hurt Nori too - poor Nori, poor free-thinking, fierce Dwarf that has now to rely upon others.
And Dwalin - poor Dwalin, so strong, so brave, he so deserves to be saved and I am glad Fili had the idea to fetch the healers. That poor Fili should really stop blaming himself for everything and he should rest - but then he is a Durin, and an elder brother so what did I expect?
I was amazed too by the researches you must have made (or your imagination) to describe us Erebor's water supplies and latrines. It sounds so realistic and yet so completely Dwarven, it makes us see what a great culture they must have been, a bit like the Romans who were so much more advanced in architecture than other Middle Age tribes...
I realize as I read you that I miss Erebor and Dale - I miss those landscapes, I love to imagine myself walking there... It is great to be back there, even in "dark times" for Fili...
Meysun chapter 2 . 4/25/2015
Another beautiful chapter - I wish it could have been shown in the movies how it was indeed worth it, that the warriors of three races fought together in order to preserve peace... I love how you mentioned the Eagles.
And I really enjoyed the council, the realism in the need to avoid sickness spreading because of the dead - I also thought it so hitting that you first were so precise in numbering the dead, and then in the Company Balin just says "one dead". It makes me think about how we humans feel: talk to us of many deads and we won't be able to picture it. Talk of us of one dead person, and we will weep, because we can picture what a son, brother, father or uncle he was.
Fili in his way of pushing himself so hard, and never allowing himself to break down reminds me a lot of my Thorin.
Oh - and I have to tell you, when I read that Elves were buried into cairns in "No Sacrifice", I thought "yeah just like in the book" - but actually it was here I read it :). Careful, I'm confusing you with Tolkien :).
I love how you rendered justice to just every warrior that has fallen there.
It makes discussions about "reveling Khuzdûl secrets" in chants so pointless - I am glad they chanted in the end. My only pang is for Dwalin because of all he is not there to see Thorin buried - and I just love the amradshomak concept and the way Dain immediatly relieves him of his duty. Such a beautiful Dwarven thing to do.
Meysun chapter 1 . 4/25/2015
Oh Mahal. I had read it before, I knew what would happen. But still I'm crying, because this is so beautifully written, and because it is so close to reality - I know how deep you reached to write that, and... I don't know, it makes me tear up - now quick Meysun, Dwalin-mode, leaning on the warhammer, go back to writing your review ;p.
I really "like" how you described the battlefield, how it is clearly shown that every Dwarf in the Company has suffered - I know what happens next and just caught Gloin's remark.
Dwalin is as usual amazing and I think he is one of your characters that has grown dearest to my heart.
But Fili is amazing too! I love reading about his feelings and I am impressed at how much you wrote into him - I never really thought of him actually. I recognized your love for canon-BOTFA in Thorin's death.
I thought his death written very beautifully - I am glad he managed to speak with Bard and Thranduil and not only to Bilbo. His last words to Fili are exactly what they had to be, and I had to cry again because you described his death body so well. I have seen some, actually I'm often the one that declares them to be so, and yes, the glance, the skin, it's never the same as in life, you can always see something is gone - it is so frightening at first, but then it is also moving, such a fragile shell left once the mind and soul has gone... Well written - as so often.
I am rambling I fear, and so I'll go straight to next chapter :).
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