Reviews for What Happens In AC
linusfan13 chapter 13 . 12/2/2014
Sorry to see this story end, but I love how Kate and Rick ended up after their unorthodox relationship, which for them is completely normal.

Going to Zombie Apocalypse Survival camp makes sense for Rick. Sounds just like something he (and Nathan) would do and enjoy.

I really love this line from Rick, "Well I'm proud to be your best distraction. And your most handsome rebellion." He certainly is all that, and more.
operaluvr chapter 13 . 12/2/2014
I have a David Thomas so I loved the name and this story.
fanficfan452 chapter 13 . 12/2/2014
I really enjoyed this story. It was so well written with the character development and including story plots from the show. Great job. Thanks so much!
BurningxRedxCaskett chapter 13 . 12/2/2014
ok. so i found this earlier today...erm...yesterday, since its now 1:20 am...i started reading it but had to stop cause i had to leave the house i was at to come home (and to watch the new episode tonight)...and since i've just found this, I'm so sad that its over! but even more sad that i've been out of the fan fiction loop for so long - damn being an adult and having to work and be responsible...

thank you for writing this version of season 4...and I LOVE that they kept Royal!

and to quote a review i got on one of my stories: yay for a tiny caskett human!

i hope you create more fics including baby Thomas and Mama Kate and Daddy Castle.

i'm gonna go to bed now.
j9tigger chapter 13 . 12/1/2014
This was a beautiful ending to this story. So nicely wrapped up with the call back to the AC trip and how it was Gates that pushed them together, without even knowing it.
j9tigger chapter 12 . 12/1/2014
Oh, I SO LOVE this. I love the proposal, and the motorcycle gifts, and Jim being there too. I love that they all know what made Rick and Kate late for presents, they all give them hell, and Rick and Kate are part of a family, with all the teasing and love and smiles and laughter.
j9tigger chapter 11 . 12/1/2014
Awwww. He brought the party to her - how awesome! I like that it is taking her a while to work through it, that she still has him in her corner, with her, working through things.
j9tigger chapter 10 . 12/1/2014
That is a very cool way for Gates to be about this. I like how you've placed them in the cases from the show too, so we can see how they are as a married couple in their earlier cases.
j9tigger chapter 9 . 12/1/2014
This is a very sweet and tender ending to this honeymoon and chapter. I adore it, as I have all of the previous ones. This makes me love being in love just that much more.
j9tigger chapter 8 . 12/1/2014
I like that they talked about his board, and that Lanie got some time in here - I was missing her.
j9tigger chapter 7 . 12/1/2014
This was awesome! I like that she is dealing with her PTSD with him by her side, and that she isn't holed up alone. I do miss that Javi gave her the catalyst, because I love their deep friendship, but I like this way too.
j9tigger chapter 6 . 12/1/2014
I like that they stumble a little here - it was seeming a little too easy to have them living together suddenly, and with no Lanie freak out, the only stumble was minor with Alexis. I also like how they are solving this, with the home is where you are, not necessarily a specific place.
j9tigger chapter 5 . 12/1/2014
This was fantastic! I love the reactions, that Alexis thinks Rick married a stripper, and Beckett has to practically drag him out of the bedroom to talk. I love the laughter too, and the quiet moment between Kate and Alexis.
j9tigger chapter 4 . 12/1/2014
agh! I love this! I love that Kate nearly forgets to take off her ring - the one she's worn for less than 24 hours, and that Rick actually forgets. I LOVE that so far everyone thinks it's a prank - I ADORE that Jim thinks she's pregnant, and thank-you for leaving out her first marriage. I get why Alexis would be pissed about being outside of the ceremony too.
j9tigger chapter 3 . 12/1/2014
I am really loving this whole premise. I love that the boys are just icked out by the PDA, and I love the mini freakouts Kate is having.
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