Reviews for Why to Sort a Student is a Horrible Job
Allythizelibe chapter 23 . 9/23
This is one of my favourite stories. I live how the plots develops and i have reread ir three times now while waiting for the nect chapter.
Cyan-Snake chapter 19 . 8/10
This is starting to turn bad. Every encounter ends the exact same way. It's boring to read when now we know what's going to happen.
a fan of this chapter 23 . 8/1
It has taken me 2 days and a little more to read this, it is an incredible story that I hope that at some point you decide to continue, I will surely end up reading it again at some point
a fan of this chapter 4 . 7/31
This is what I needed, a good story, well narrated and fun to read, it's a pity that it seems abandoned, but it doesn't matter, I'll finish reading it
Guest chapter 23 . 6/29
I love this story. It’s so much fun. Reread kudos. 3
RedOuroboros chapter 23 . 5/30
great chapter looking forward to more
RedOuroboros chapter 21 . 5/30
lovded the chapter thanks, peoples ideas of fanfic is looney, if you want to read cannon go read JKR books
RedOuroboros chapter 18 . 5/30
love the story thanks
Kyria Greene chapter 23 . 5/13
Nothing wrong with this chapter! It should be fun to see what they do with the diadem! Love what you’ve done with the characters! Can’t wait for more!
Kyria Greene chapter 12 . 5/12
I saw your response to Guest Reviewer “Sortinghat” and wanted to say, “Good for you!” Why anyone wouldn’t love your characters, imagination and writing is a mystery! You’re stories are a gift that should be celebrated! You’re work is funny, smart and interesting! A rare combo! Thanks for the gift! Love all of your works!
Saphir chapter 23 . 5/8
Yessss, thank you so much! Seriously, this is the Best Story I've Ever Read. Each chapter makes me inordinately happy, just rereading them makes my day brighter.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours~
boubou phenix chapter 1 . 5/7
A great chapter and a great pleasure to return at the encounter of all this characters! I really love it and I laught my ass again!sorry for possible English errors, I'm French, soooo... I'll try my best!)

I am so impatient so see the malfoy confrontation! How will the minister be put in his place? And when will we learn about the true story of how he stuck them?

As for théoriesI think that the alliance which had formed at the end will be the end of hogwarts, and that they will use the cupboard to made everyone teleport everywhere in the Castle after having pass a door. And fudge will arrive right in the moment and ended in the dungeons... And Ombrage in the forest

But I wish the worst to that pink toad.

And for Dumbledore confrontation... I think the headmaster will FINALLY realize that the word had shifted on his axes...
TheScottishLegend chapter 23 . 5/6
Great Chapter!
Zainnn chapter 23 . 5/5
please I neeeed new chapters please update I just read it today and well I must say I will totally reread it again sometime later
Guest chapter 23 . 4/29
I love this story! I’m so glad you updated it! Lucius and Fudge have no idea how badly they messed up.
I feel so bad for Godric for having to keep Salazar in line. Especially now he’s teamed up with the twins.
I can’t wait for the next one!
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