Reviews for What You Leave Behind
Guest chapter 11 . 7/2
That was bloody brilliant. An interesting plot with original ideas and characterisation. A shame this will never be finished.
percysthebest16 chapter 11 . 5/19
Mad one
Mad Mav chapter 1 . 5/16
I’m amazed at how moronic everyone makes Remus and the other members of the friendly circle act towards Sirius. No one is suspicious that all of a sudden Sirius would betray James’ family? No one doubts it, as if maybe being a master prankster and a protective father James wouldn’t have come up with a little plan of his own? Fucking idiotic and wish authors would quit writing this garbage angle for Sirius, it’s gotten very old.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/5
This story is pretty fun to read actually
xRedAce chapter 11 . 3/8
I'm a bit surprised that Hermione would randomly become their 5th member, like, Harry's only talked to her twice?

More importantly, I've reached the end :( Almost all of my ffavorite fics are abandoned, I guess this joins the list...
xRedAce chapter 10 . 3/8
This "Chamber Of Secrets has been opened" sequence was much more creepier and terrifying than canon and any other fics I've read...

I can only read 1 more chapter because it's abandoned :(
xRedAce chapter 4 . 3/5
The Wardrobe...

I'll get back to this amazing story when I've stopped laughing ;)
megaman98 chapter 10 . 3/1
Great story.
Really hard to find Harry unlocks secrets of magic stories, which is what drew me here after someone mentioned your story in that context.

Doubly so, I am glad that someone is not focused on "gunslinger magic". Stories like those do Voldemort a disservice. I can't blame them seeing as canon ruined Voldemort but I can't enjoy stories that don't dive deeper into magic like this one all the same.
RebeccaRoy chapter 1 . 2/22
Love how this started out, do look forward to see where it goes.
Luthien'sLight chapter 1 . 2/15
Pumped to read this.
I'm a cool kid, mom, see? I commented!
overtheskysiyeon chapter 11 . 2/8
I really really love the writing of this and hope desperately that more will eventually come along as its been wonderfully compelling so far! Your characterisations of Cedric and Cho are amazing and I would love to see Luna just stumble into the quintet opening the refuge. Thankful for the joy of this story!
Placebo Plex chapter 11 . 1/20
Please update!

This is a brilliant fic: well-written, excellently characterised and unique not only in its set-up but in the way Harry gets power. I really love it.
Gammily chapter 11 . 12/26/2020
graphicdesignerlars chapter 11 . 12/1/2020
So good. We definitely want more.
graphicdesignerlars chapter 10 . 12/1/2020
That's slick how you moved the main trials from year one and year two both into year three. And it makes way more sense for the chamber to be opened immediately, especially if Albus isn't the headmaster. This is such a good fic, up there with "Nightmares of Futures Past," "Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin," (though that one has a length advantage) and "The Many Deaths of Harry Potter" (which has some weird phrasing and grammar issues for the first ten or so chapters, but develops an interesting premise into a wicked cool climax and epilogue. Carry on!
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