Reviews for What You Leave Behind
Magnusss chapter 11 . 12/20/2018
I wish this will be updated
Redhawk29 chapter 11 . 12/5/2018
I absolutely love this fic. I notice it's been a few years since the last update. Can we expect another update anytime soon?
The Quotable Patella chapter 11 . 11/8/2018
This story's too good. Can't believe I missed it! And on top of that it's Harry x Fleur!

Anyway, fangirling aside, I think your story is bit too fast paced. I understand that Harry learns nothing substantial in Hogwarts; he learns more in one summer than what an average Hogwarts student learns in three years, still I couldn't help but feel that this is a bit too fast paced.

Other than that, keep up the good work!
Oliver W.K. Twist chapter 11 . 9/15/2018
Just found out about this story a few days ago, someone in a discord server I follow recommended it and mentioned that you'd said somewhere that this was going to be updated soon. Really enjoying the story so far. As soon as Daphne found that phoenix feather I had this flash in my head, I'm predicting that at some point she's going to damage her wand and get a new one made with that feather.
Anyway, keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next.
The Pathological Liar chapter 9 . 9/10/2018
Newcomb is rewriting and re updating the fic on Dark Lord Potter forums
Slavish chapter 11 . 9/8/2018
To the person whose comment is under me yes Hermione is the brightest witch of her age IN CANON and is better then Harry in canon. This is a fanon, in which Harry has learned more about magic because he has had more time to learn about it, (since he was 7 when he found out) and also considering Harry is a year older (which I do know it doesn't mean anything as they are the same age technically but he still has a year up in school) while Hermione didn't know she was a witch until the summer right before she started Hogwarts. So how can she know more in this story then Harry who has been learning from Sirius, Remus. Albus, Nicholas and Pernelle two of those having over 600 years of magical knowledge and Albus is still almost the only one who can be an equal to Voldemort. So in that regard he (and do we know if he even is a he?) is not being sexist. I cant say anything about the other parts cause I didn't really read into those parts to much but I will agree with one thing you said. Please continue this story Newcomb if you read these reviews at all
Algernin chapter 11 . 9/2/2018
This story is very sexist and racist. I can’t help noticing that the female auror is the one what watches Harrry with concern when Crouch prowls in his mind. Also Cho gives more hugs than Ced and wheneeer Ced and Harry hug you always tell how manly it is as if you need a gender based excuse for tenderness between friends. Afraid it will seem “gay?” I haven’t seen you put Albus in a relationship either. I make of that what I will. Also having Cho’s victory in quidditch depend on whether Ced or Harry caught the snitch takes away her agency and that is not good. Not enough minorities defying stereotypes. Hermione knows less than Harry which is really ooc and degrading. You don’t think The Brightest Wich Of Her Age knows more than some boy whose only achievement was laying back and taking kedavras to the face? You are so blatantly male. Toxic masculinit make me sicker than sickles. You think it doesn’t show but it do. Anyhow this story is very good, and you should keep up good work... not!
Crownworthy chapter 9 . 9/2/2018
I love how the throwaway line about Dumbledore's scar is brought up oh so casually in this chapter. It may seem funny, but it was one of my favourite lines in the whole series, because it's so whimsical and pure fun. Good work, Newcomb, old bean. Simply excellent!
Crownworthy chapter 4 . 9/1/2018
Oh, Newcomb, my wayward pal! You know I hate being pedantic more than anything in the world, but I have to inform you that the Hogwarts Express is described as scarlet in chapter six of "Philosopher's Stone," even though Slytherin won the House Cup the previous year. Sorry for being so obsessed with minor technicalities, but you know how I can get.
Crownworthy chapter 3 . 9/1/2018
«A friendly gesture, like a friend would do?” A bit redundant, don’t you think?
HoosYourDaddy chapter 1 . 8/30/2018
Excellent opening chapter.
Guest chapter 11 . 8/24/2018
I like the story a lot but the section with all the (future?) Tri-Wizard contestants feels ham-fisted and I don't buy the Harry/Fleur friendship. Then there's the Gratuitous Granger Insert. Why would Harry care about a socially retarded bookworm a year below him? An opportunity was lost to use one of the characters Rowling ignored. (of which there were many)

I absolutely love a Hogwarts with tons of secrets. Hagrid as Keeper of the Keys was never explored in Canon, which is a shame. So, props to ya for that. Hufflepuff's sanctuary was an idea I also had but never wrote. I like the way it's being handled so far.

Dumbledore and the Flamels were extremely well done as was Sirius and Remus. Getting Dumbledore down is difficult at best. Teaching Harry to do weird things with ordinary spells is absolutely brilliant and is definitely in keeping with the character. I like the Harry/Cedric/Cho trio a lot. It's a much more balanced group than the trio Rowling wrote.

Hopefully, you'll get back to finishing this story. I'm certainly looking forward to it.
RisingPhoenix84 chapter 11 . 8/7/2018
This is a well written story that is surprisingly divergent from canon in a very enjoyable way. I was excited to see where it was going and very sad to see it seems to be abandoned. Only knock is the kids are a bit mature for their age, but I’d prefer them being overly mature then brats, it’s easy enough to imagine Hogwarts starts at 13. If you’re ever on here it might be nice to put the story has been abandoned in the summary or title. I was crestfallen when I finished chapter 10 and realized it had been abandoned.
Marilee Susan Way chapter 11 . 7/13/2018
I have been searching for a good story for weeks! Finally! This was thrilling! My only pet peeve is the kids always seem a little too mature to me, but it's not a real pet peeve. I'd much rather read about mature people! Just occasionally when I remember how old they're supposed to be, my suspension of belief gets a bit damaged. Totally worth it though. I knew it was going to be good from the summary alone. But man I love this story. The island characters are all great. Oh my gosh, I live for the Dumbledore conversations. Everyone is so in character too-well, except for Harry, but it's awesome how you've taken canon Harry and woven in personality traits of Sirius and Dumbledore. Excellent. Can't wait to read more of your writing!
Taurus Ara Black chapter 1 . 7/1/2018
I understand if you’ve dropped it but id love to see more please update
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