Reviews for Context Switch
Vryheid chapter 6 . 9/12/2015
Context Switch is a light, humorous take on the teams of game developers who routinely see cameos in each of the main series games. The life our programmer protagonist is a seemingly never ending treadmill of tweaks and debugging, helped along by the cheerleading of his twerpy Corphish. With the help of a graphic designer and developer, they're busy trying to cobble together what is effectively a Pokemon inside a canon Pokemon world.

And that's pretty much the entire plot. There isn't really anything in the way of conflict, or drama, or deep moral dilemmas that stick with the reader. It's feel-good fluff, but I feel like even these kinds of stories should have some sort of message that makes the reader think a little. The concept of "a game within a game" has been done many times before in fanfics, including Pokemon, so this didn't seem particularly novel to me- but it does at least add a level of charm and humanity to the characters that makes the story feel like it's contributing to the lore rather than exploiting it. I also like the detail of the programming references thrown in- it shows that the author has some idea what they are talking about, or at least did their homework first.

Overall, this story has pretty good dialogue, pretty good characters, and a decent treatment of the lore. I feel that it could have could have gone much further if the author had put in some proper drama but this isn't too much of an issue for such a short read.