Reviews for Malice
maxridelover chapter 61 . 9/1
That was great
BrownJacket chapter 61 . 8/31
I'm thanking all the gods I don't believe in that you're back with another upload.
Night-Chan-DragonEyes chapter 61 . 8/27
who the hell is the kid for? wasn't naru not able to pocreate.
also this chapter is awesome and wtf is up with itachi
TigrezzTail chapter 61 . 8/26
O Itachi wants to put Gaara away, but isn't aware Naruto is the link between him and Sasuke. Wonder how he'd feel about all of it if he knew the truth? And I suppose Gaara isn't aware that Sakura had been going behind Naruto's back to the fertility doctors and that the child most likely isn't his?
NamemeasYouwish chapter 61 . 8/26
Hey there,
welcome back,and thanks for the new chapter.
But why oh why did you bring up Sakura into the picture again? I hoped so much that we were done with the bubblegum bitch. I didn't liked her in the Manga. I didn't liked her in the Anime, and I also don't like her in this fiction. But I like your story very much.
When I got over the shock about her reappearance I'll write an appropriate review.
Stay well
KyuubinUzumaki chapter 61 . 8/26
I'm glad to see an update. What a tease not giving any descriptors of the child. But by gaaras reaction I'd have to assume it has blonde hair or something.

Itachi is worrying me. Would he put Naruto at risk just to have more closure about sasuke a death or will he try to protect Naruto as the last tie to sasuke he has?

Lovely chapter as always and I'll be here for the next. Take your time, just never quit!
NamemeasYouwish chapter 18 . 6/29
I hope you're taking a vacation, or having writer's block, or you're fallen madly in in love, or some other shit like that.
Please drop a word,I'd like to know, that you're safe and sound.
Stay well.
BrownJacket chapter 60 . 5/21
And he swallows. BITCH. Sorry I’ve been off the radar, but just reminding you: your shit’s great and good fuck and I love this and you very much and can’t wait for the new chapter and I called Itachi :-3
Kimiyu chapter 60 . 5/1
OMG! A sex scene! This is the apocalypse xD
I loved Hinata, that is a second apocalypse. She is brave here. And intense.

The scene with Kankuro and the TV drama was priceless ahahaha, those siblings can have a whole fic about them and I'll never get tired of that.

The phone call of Jiraiya was fantastic, loved those lines!

The last living Uchiha is intriguing, I have millions of questions now.
Thanks for this! *o*
Menma Kamikaze chapter 16 . 4/26
i thought naruto could take done 3 people at a time yet somehow he struggled with one
NamemeasYouwish chapter 9 . 3/9
Okay, let's play. ;)
TigrezzTail chapter 60 . 3/8
People been bugging you about actual sex scenes, huh? Although I did enjoy Naruto listing off all the places they've had sex. I hadn't realized there had been so many. You did a good job glossing over them. And how many of us haven't had a piece of electronics we just wanted to smash to pieces? And at first I thought Gaara was looking at Orochimaru. But we already know Itachi is alive. So is this someone else?
NamemeasYouwish chapter 60 . 3/8
Thanks for the new chapter.
The part about Gaara's suffering was more as heartbreaking. For a few moments I forgot that it's "only" a story. I'm impressed by your skill to push the right button.
I reread the first 32 chapters too,and it was worth every minute of my time. I liked your story as it was, but now I nearly love it.
The description of Naruto's and Gaara's feelings,thoughts,and personalities is now in greater detail.
Naruto's dark side is more visible, even if it "sleeps" under the surface. It explains his struggles to break free of his life. Following a social blueprint of conformism,as a way to perfect happiness,tranquillity,and peace of mind can be a trap, forming a noose around the neck. Gaara's human feelings, buried deep in the black box of his mind, are also very good pictured.
one way or another, Gaara isn't black and Naruto isn't white. They are both grey, a dark grey maybe, but that's just fine. It fits their relationship. (And the new picture.)
Metalearthstar chapter 60 . 3/6
Ah you're back at it. I was a little scared you had abandoned this. Fantastic writing as always. By far this is my favorite work of art. I noticed the cover image before you posted this chapter. Its impressive. And to answer the end note I'm sure you have made a lot of fans happy. ;)
maxridelover chapter 60 . 3/6
ok this just got even more interesting!
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