Reviews for Harry Potter - Three to Backstep
redundantiwi chapter 2 . 22h
I get that it’s pretty much useless to point this out now, but there were ALOT of unnecessary commas that really inhibited the flow of dialogue in this chapter. That being said it was an enjoyable read.
redundantiwi chapter 1 . 8/14
Have to say I’m incredibly intrigued. Ive read quite a few time travel HHR fics and sampled a couple Reaper challenge based ones, but none have managed to capture my interest so handedly with the first chapter. I love how John effectively lays out how different this fic will be from those others. The fact that the time travelers will be unable to mention future events to anyone is incredibly refreshing and appealing as well. I’ve never been a huge polyship fan, but neither have I ever given it a fair shot and just this little sample of your writing as well as a brief perusal through your other works has convinced me that it’ll be handled well. Also never read a Daphne story before, so this is looking up to be a very intriguing read. Looking forward to it!
duncan chapter 45 . 8/5
great story the only problem is how you made harry a wuss whenever his wife's where involved thus making there relationship unequal and unrealistic.
London Knight chapter 16 . 8/4
I'm sorry , but NO British kid or adult would use the term 'gee' in a sentence ... ! *rolls eyes*
stacygrrl2002 chapter 31 . 8/4
yes! I love it when a plan comes together
stacygrrl2002 chapter 29 . 8/4
Harry, can you say "sidelined to crappy, bullshite committees, to keep you busy, and out of the hair of the adults, so they can get on with running the place and lining their pockets, and protecting their positions"?
SaintlyMonarch chapter 2 . 8/3
A man would look. He clearly is not a man, but a boy. A very young prepubescent boy.
Ghostly Minion chapter 38 . 8/1
I'm posting this as Guest as I gave a long and detailed review under my writer's name.

O'make: A different Severus reaction

Harry got to the table just in time to see the stag approach, blow a raspberry, turn and vanish. Snape sat there, unmoving, one minute two minutes three minutes. The hall grew progressively more tense, fearing his reaction.

A snort. Then a chuckle. Followed by an actual laugh. Then Snape fell off his chair in Dorothies (i.e., Gales) of laughter. Ten minutes later, he managed to regain his seat. A moment or two and he stood. Looking at Harry, he intoned, "Mr. Potter, that was your Patronus?"

Standing, Harry nodded and replied, "Yes professor, it was mine."

"Did your godfather give you the idea?"

"No professor, but he did know I was going to do it."

Snape steepled his fingers for a moment. "I see. For the effrontery I deduct 30 points from Ravenclaw." Before the protest grew too loud, he continued "And for the best laughter I've ever had, 50 points to Ravenclaw."

The hall roared its approval. It quieted as the Potions Master raised his hand once more. "Mr. Potter, one hour after this luncheon, you will serve detention with me, and Profesors Black and Flitwick on the lawn teaching the Patronus charm to all who wish to learn." The hall again roared in approval.

Harry found himself confronted by about 120 students. Under the professors' watchful eyes, he explained the charm, its wand motion, mind set and how to pick the best memory. As he went through the students, the ones who were closest to succeeding got additional help from Daphne and Hermione. All along the professors maintained their observation.

Afterwards, Headmistress McGonagall dispelled her disillusionment spell, complimented the trio and said they had a gift for teaching.

Snape held the three back after class the next week. "Potters, before he died Albus Dumbledore asked me to offer you special training. Are you agreeable?"

Taking a long moment in thought, Harry replied "We know that this is in part a ploy by him to control us, or at least me. You already know we've full Occlumency. You certainly have the fighting skills and knowledge we need. Professors Black and Flitwick already are committed to training us. We invite you to join them."

"I would be honoured to so."

stacygrrl2002 chapter 21 . 8/3
hey Remus. ave yourself checked for compulsions, charms and potions.
London Knight chapter 11 . 8/1
Actually Myrtle's surname is WARREN rather than Cummings . It was only confirmed by JK after you wrote that part of the story , so your forgiven ;-)
Every time they get angry at Ron , I tend to piss myself laughing ! And Luna is ... well Luna & brilliant for it . She's my favorite HP Character and you've done justice to her here .
LK out .
London Knight chapter 5 . 7/29
Ha ha ! THAT shut the Blonde Ferret right up ! Great story so far & no real noticeable errors or Americanisms - which is nice . Really not sure about Dumbledore & the Ring bit , as despite Heaven's orders , I doubt Harry or Hermione would want to suffer no matter what mistakes he made ? On to the next Chapter ... LK out .
sam.zweighaft chapter 29 . 7/29
Fuck off with the constant language
The Ghostly Minion chapter 9 . 7/28
First of all, great chapter, with almost too much going on.

The handling of Ron is simply classic. Using his greatest fear should (but alas doesn't) make him stay farrrrrr away.

The entire third bond situation with all it's ramifications is well-handled, with a good bit of compassion and a little bit of humor to levin.

Getting into the Chamber will now be the next phase.

One thing you never do explain or even have them ask their Angels is their alignment. My own thoughts are that Daphne need to feel close to Harry's 'heart', in order to heal and to trust. Hermione is on right 'rational' side and pulls them along in plan making - not that Daphne doesn't help, but her emotional need are paramount. Finally, even after the bonds are finalize and the wedding conducted, Harry still is the Alpha.

SeleneBoxer chapter 50 . 7/28
This is GREAT! I seldom care for Harry/Multi tales, or destined soul bonds, but you crafted this tale masterfully and kept me reading almost nonstop. Well Done!
NightAngelsApprentice chapter 34 . 7/26
So after seeing the reference to Henry the eighth about 10 times I finally listened to this song and it is so catchy
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