Reviews for love and some verses
Guest chapter 165 . 10/4
OMG I LOVE THESE. Please continue writing
CoffeeCup218 chapter 1 . 8/26
I went through the whole in 3 days! So fun to read and such great writing!
vaso.caskett chapter 165 . 7/7
That guy doesn't know who he was messing up with. Love jealous Castle/Beckett moments!
vaso.caskett chapter 164 . 7/7
Poor Beckett, thinking Castle was dead! Nice addition to the scene. Would want to read more post season 8 scenarios ;)
vaso.caskett chapter 163 . 7/7
You go Beckett. Defend your man, although technically not yours yet!

Loved how she stepped up to "save him"!
vaso.caskett chapter 162 . 7/7
Slowly catching up on the reviews i owe you all this time.

Loved that you had Castle speak up about the text and that she decided it was time to face it together.
Great addition ;)
FluffyFierce chapter 165 . 6/23
Oh that was delightful! The Rainer Shine reference inspired, upholding the "Kate can take care of herself" with added Castle punch was in character...more please!
FluffyFierce chapter 164 . 6/23
Ridiculous plot lines aside, really got a sense of that disparity for the brief time Beckett thought Castle was always ending nice!
FluffyFierce chapter 163 . 6/23
A sweet scenario...Alexis may have been level headed, but Castle must have been abut responsible...anice frission with Beckett coming to the rescue nice
FluffyFierce chapter 162 . 6/23
Kudos for incorporating zombie apocalypse but also the easy forgiveness and taking out that conditional forgiveness...I like to think of their love as imperfect but unconditional
FluffyFierce chapter 161 . 6/23
Nice to read fic from the earlier seasons...sweet, without that Head hunters/47 second angst...
Guest chapter 156 . 6/11
i can see that whole scene after he gets out of the ambulance so vivid in my head it's amazing how you do that with your words
philliesfan1000 chapter 124 . 6/8
I do remember reading this one before. It's so cute! Kate's right: Rick is a wonderful father. And Rick's right: they are a good team. It's so cute that they adore one another as parents, each proud of the other's accomplishments, still, after years together and a child.
philliesfan1000 chapter 125 . 6/8
It's just as heartbreaking when the roles are reversed. Except that Castle's willpower doesn't hold out as long as Beckett's did, thank goodness.
philliesfan1000 chapter 126 . 6/8
That's so sweet of Castle! So thoughtful. I think they should share bed space tonight! ;)
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