Reviews for The Timeless Value of a Mended Friend
tabjoy13 chapter 3 . 10/14
I like the theory that Hinata changed because of the kidnapping. It makes sense. If she was a little shy but generally confident before the incident then withdrawing further into herself in self-preservation would be logical.
If only Sakura knew that Sasuke and Naruto are already changing the timeline, she probably wouldn't worry about it so much.
tabjoy13 chapter 2 . 10/14
I love your explanation for Kakashi/Naruto's favorite training ground. That does seem like something teenaged Kakashi would do, especially if the Uchiha gave him a hard time after Obito's "death".
Li chapter 1 . 10/8
I love this
MareAlba chapter 22 . 6/25
this is such a unique take on the time travel trope in my opinion! i haven't really read any like this and i love it a lot, it's a pity though that this hasnt been updated in 2 years, but if this somehow reaches you just know i would love to read more of this world you created!
Elpis.97 chapter 22 . 6/8
Please update this! I am obsessed
Broken Reveries chapter 22 . 5/28
It's been so long since I've read this. I suddenly remembered this story while reading anachronistic drift and hyperventilated. I remember this story but I couldn't recal the title and I ended up scrolling past my fav and following stories list that's quite many. I've even checked my email. Thankfully I used to saved links that I like on application called pocket, so I downloaded it and I'm glad that I found it. I read this in one sitting. I fell in love with this story back then. But now I'm falling in love all over again with this gold. I just love how you can make emotional roller coaster like hanging your readers' mind over will sasuke truly defected? Or or will sakura eventually snapped? What will naruto do now when everything's going south? I love every aspect this story has. You're a wonderful author. Thank you for the awesome story :)

Keep up the good work
oxygenate chapter 22 . 5/15
oh my god i can't believe i've only found this fic now. this is so amazing, i honestly can't even even-gods. everything's perfect; any flaws actually make this story better, and i just. can't. why haven't you updated for 2 years. i'm so sad. ugh. 2 or 3 chapters left ? /huge sigh/. if you need help or anything maybe i can do something? this is just the best fic i've found in aaaaaages and there's too many things. i can't. you've overloaded me with feels. FEELS.
Solemn Nonsense chapter 1 . 2/4
Nice beginning, I'm hooked. The bit at the end was confusing at first, but then I figured out which line was which character and the effect was so cool. What's even better is that they all have different agendas, but those broken fragments of sentences fit together as if it's one continuous thought.
Kalvin Houzer chapter 22 . 1/21
Naomipy chapter 22 . 1/10
Please updateeee!
gardenofmanypaths chapter 4 . 11/2/2016
Man, the obsession people have with always letting the massacre playing out is insane. Why? Its so easy to stop. Kill Danzo or have Shisui hypnotize him Fugaku and you've solved it.

You're forcing this fic into canon for no good reason.
GotNoName123 chapter 12 . 10/12/2016
Dudes! With the slip up all of them are having they should've freaking realized by now!
GotNoName123 chapter 10 . 10/12/2016
So they're not sure if they are from the same time or...? Cause i'm confused as hell
Ryuuuuga chapter 22 . 9/17/2016
damn i can't wait for the update
tanithlipsky chapter 22 . 8/30/2016
it's good.
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