Reviews for The Debt of Time
Village-Mystic chapter 116 . 9h
Good insight chapter.
Village-Mystic chapter 111 . 9/20
So, I really liked how you showed that when Hermione was using the time-turner to take all of those classes she missed out on some problem-solving, as the term progressed, due to fatigue. It was a good way of showing why things took a while to become resolved.

In this chapter and the last, I've been wondering why Sirius and Remus aren't calling on Tilly, as far as we know from your story she's okay as was Potter manner.
Appreciatorofallmasterofnone chapter 1 . 9/20
An amazingly constructed story. Loved it.
Village-Mystic chapter 108 . 9/20
Good internal POV/alternate POV pay-off to set-up in this chapter.
Village-Mystic chapter 89 . 9/18
Foreshadowing that two-Hermione souls might not be able to exist in the same time-period, perhaps? I love all of the little details in the story - and you leave me wondering if any of the other life-debt bonds mentioned earlier in the story will be able to bring someone else back - of if it is only because the causality of Sirus' body not going anywhere that anyone could notice it was dead that she got him back through the veil.
Village-Mystic chapter 81 . 9/18
Your point about this being a rough existence for Hermione - but still better than being on the run and living in a tent is well taken.
Village-Mystic chapter 80 . 9/18
Little confused here. Charlus didn't die, did he? Because Otto Bagman is alive? This is the survivors of those who were killed?
NotSoSirius92 chapter 154 . 9/17
Finished reading this for no joke, the 10th time. It’s my
Favorite. I’ve read it so much I’ve noticed words you’ve changed and sentences that weren’t there before. Obsessive? Maybe. Do I care? No, I don’t. Thank you.
Village-Mystic chapter 70 . 9/17
I'm not quite sure if I follow with Lily's sign that she wanted posted to James's schedule, although I liked the scene with them helping the new Slytherin. I also liked that you established Lily having time to get to know James from day to day by spending time with the family, starting out with that swim party a few years prior.
Village-Mystic chapter 67 . 9/16
Harsh but plausible. Also a good indicator why some stories have Hermione and or Harry leave the wizarding world.
Village-Mystic chapter 66 . 9/16
That was interesting and complicated. Strong feelings - and action.
becky1001 chapter 154 . 9/16
this is such an amazing story and I'm kinda lost in what to read next as I have enjoyed this story so much. honestly I didn't want it to end but all in all the story lives on
kali-is-my-idol chapter 7 . 9/16
I adore your portrayal of Sirius! He's so protective over Hermione and Harry which is completely understandable and realistic. I also thought the call back to PoA was inspired.

Thanks for writing!
Village-Mystic chapter 60 . 9/15
I like the scenes as they happened and the reveal.
Guest chapter 154 . 9/15
You have written this story well. I was hospitalized for quite some time and was able to finish it right before getting back to work. It entertained me a lot and I loved hove the story was developed, especially with Tilly who does what Tilly does. Hahahaha Thank you for finishing this.
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