Reviews for The Debt of Time
Eline chapter 1 . 7/3
Thank you, this is the best fanfiction that i can read.
phngolovely chapter 154 . 6/22
Reread at least the fifth time. This will forever be one of my favorites.
biteabitea chapter 35 . 6/20
Emmm . I would like to be ,,mature,, about this, but i guess im feeling very angry at what is happening, and sad. Now that this is happening, Miones and Sirius connection doesnt feel as genuine or wholesomewhich is isnt that bad, but eh). its just that i guess im angry at hermione because before coming back, she obviously had a situation with him and i quess in someway this whole thing feels dirtish and like betrayal. But i somehow get iteven tho, it still makes me mad.) because remus did tell her to enjoy and live and this time sirius is different. Don't get me started about how i feel about how he is acting.)
EmiliaLovecraft chapter 1 . 5/30
This is one of the best fanfictions I have ever read. I come back and read it every so often and it never gets old. Thank you for such a great story and characters!
Beth1112 chapter 154 . 5/17
I really enjoyed your story.
Hupsidupsi chapter 154 . 5/10
Thank you for this epic time travel story! I binge read it and could barely stop to sleep or go to work.
LAB1 chapter 154 . 4/30
I just reread your story so I could pick up all the little details and foreshadowing you put in. So worth it! I've recommended this story to a friend who needs a mental escape. I'll be back next year to reread I'm sure. I only cried a handful of times instead of most of the way through!
schimo chapter 1 . 4/29
It's time for my annual re read of this fanfic. Thank you so much for the effort and time you put into this work!
LAB1 chapter 153 . 4/23
This story was absolutely amazing! I cried for days as I've read! Now I want to go back and reread instantly. A quirk that I do when a book is amazing, and it hasn't happened in years. I can't believe that I hadn't found this story before! I've lost a lot of sleep reading into the night, but I couldn't put it down. Thank you for your time and devotion! You've written a masterpiece!
GLee68 chapter 154 . 4/10
This was over and above EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS!

Faithful character arcs.
Appropriate storyline with development.

PLEASE keep writing - this was so awesome - I wanted to read more but at the same time NEVER wanted this story to end.

well done
Muriel Gaylee chapter 154 . 4/10
This was more *SO MUCH MORE* than expected.

I've been reading for a few weeks now - I wanted to find out what happened but simultaneously never wanted to reach the end.

You were so faithful to canon Hermione's character. You were able to weave such a believable world around the "time travel" premise. I am at a loss to describe how much I have enjoyed, appreciated, loved, anticipated, bonded to this story.

Thank you

Please keep writing - this was "publishable"
murrk chapter 6 . 4/6
I keep coming back to reread this fic. Year after year. I usually hate AU, non canon pairings but this is my exception.
MrsHufflepuffMS chapter 1 . 3/22
I'm back again, I don't know how many times I come back to read this one. Thank you.
Candace Guido chapter 154 . 3/21
A lot of work is involved in a fic of this length, and every paragraph shows care and attention to detail. A marvelous endeavor! I do hope you keep writing for a long time.
wwcookied chapter 154 . 3/2
how can you super love a story, because i think this is one of my all time favourites!
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