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Junior VB chapter 45 . 9h
No está mal.
Not bad.
siddharth1998m chapter 44 . 9/17
Please update soon
AlrightioMightio chapter 15 . 9/13
sigh... losing to a subpar ninja like neji... guess I'll be abandoning this story after all
hooplah chapter 45 . 9/12
I’m new here (I just spent my day off reading this from start to finish) and I just wanted to say I think this story is pretty cool. I hope you get back to your more regular update schedule soon, the final chapters came accross as if you were slightly rusty (I also don’t really like POV switches but that’s really on me I suppose).

This is the most engaging Naruto fic I’ve read in ages (even if Rei strangling Hinata did seem a little extreme and unresolved).

Anyway this got a little critical for what should basically have been a well done and hope you get back into the groove as it were.
mz.itay chapter 1 . 9/7
plz update
Guest chapter 45 . 9/7
Is this story abandoned now.
No July Update
No August update
If thats the case it suckkss
Simianpower chapter 37 . 9/6
The last three were me. I'm logged in, but keep showing up as "Guest" anyway. Not sure why.
Guest chapter 37 . 9/6
Well, there's conclusive proof that Rei's full of shit. At her age, S-class ninjas were already Jounin level, and here she is getting the crap kicked out of her in extremely conclusive fashion by a mediocre SPECIAL Jounin. One who's not actually all that great all things considred. Granted, she had to use a summons, but both of them were cheating and if it were all-out Rei would be dead six times over.

So, then, that begs the question: after 37 chapters, we finally have proof that Rei is amazing for a student, good for a genin, probably around average for a chunin, and not even close to jounin standards, so what's the point of all this? It's sort of a disappointment that after all this training, she's really not that special after all. I mean, not being a genius was obvious no matter her love affair with herself, but she's not even all that potent of a fighter when all's said and done. For a kid? Sure. On an even playing field, though? Not a chance. If Anko can beat her, any competent jounin will flat-out own her without even trying hard, let alone ANBU and/or Kage-class ninjas. So, we're reading about someone with god-tier ambitions and undergrad-tier skills and I'm not sure why she's the main character any more.

It's good to see her ego taken down a bit. It's getting out of control. But... that leaves the story a little hollow, too. She went all-out, using every trick she knew, and got her ass handed to her on a plate. She's... better than mediocre, but hardly viewpoint character material in a world with the likes of the Sannin. I'm not sure how much more of this story I'll read, since I'm becoming extremely disenchanted with Rei. Both for her rampant ego and for her lack of oomph to back it up.
Guest chapter 36 . 9/6
Rei is an idiot to invite "that person" to watch her train/corrupt the heiress of the most powerful clan in the village. Especially since she knows that "that person" reports to a person already suspicious of her. And even MORE stupid to then spew borderline treasonous words BEFORE going into the security of a tent where at the very least her lips can't be read. If this is what "genius" looks like in this world, I'll pass. For a ninja obsessed with stealth, Rei doesn't even know the bare-bones basics of op-sec.
Guest chapter 35 . 9/6
Oh, great, more of the "genius" reinforcement.

At what point in this story was it ever mentioned that Rei was a genius in her prior life? (Since she's an SI that would be pretty egotistical, but...) And if she wasn't, why is she now? When did she become a genius rather than just a child with the mind of an adult PRETENDING to be a genius because she didn't think like a kid and comprehended things faster than a kid would? Especially since some of the boneheaded shit she's pulled is such a far cry from genius that I'm surprised nobody's started to wonder if her shine is wearing off. Ugh. That's actually the worst part of this story, and it never gets better.
Simianpower chapter 34 . 9/1
That was fun to read, too. :) Again, I'm glad it went as it did, and that he didn't answer her questions. That would be too telling.

I am, however, a bit curious just how good she is at this point. Her ego fluctuates. Sometimes she seems to think that she's jounin-worthy despite still being in the academy, and other times she thinks a chuunin would be a challenge. Keeping in mind that Kakashi became a chuunin at six years old, and Rei fancies herself as a candidate to be as powerful as he is, it would be nice to have some indication in the story as to whether or not she's full of shit. She has her summon earlier than anyone else, but she certainly didn't become a chuunin at six, and even in her internal thoughts isn't (always) sure she can beat a chuunin. And if that's true... she's definitely NOT on a pace to become S-rank. She'd be years behind where Kakashi was at that age.

I think it's great that the ninjas hide their actual skill level. That definitely fits in with the very concept of ninja. But it also makes it hard to tell if she's anything more than a damned good academy student, maybe mid-genin level.

I also have to wonder just where this story could possibly go. It's a nice change to see someone who just doesn't want to blindly follow the stations of canon to "help Naruto" or "save Hiruzen", but if her goal really is to just leave, that means either the end of the story or some wildly new extrapolation on the world outside of the Elemental Nations. I'd love to read the latter. I think that would be really cool. But is that the intent of the story? Or is this just going to be a quest for an ever-receding goal that never seems to come closer to reality?
Simianpower chapter 32 . 9/1
If Rei is the summoner, and she didn't summon Ofuda (or whoever), then how are rats randomly sneaking in and out of her room at all hours? Can they just come and go at will now that they have a human summoner, even if she doesn't actually summon them? Or do the summons last an indefinite amount of time? Or what? How is it that she's unaware of the presence of her own summons?
Simianpower chapter 31 . 9/1
What's impressive in a three-year-old is less so in a seven-year-old. What's impressive in a seven-year-old is less so in an eleven-year-old. I really hope that at some point someone notices that while the genius kids in the village are getting steadily more impressive, since they're ACTUAL geniuses, that Rei is still just as smart as she was at 3, and no smarter. She has bought into her own hype, but she's NOT an actual genius. She isn't getting smarter. She's getting more powerful due to training, but her actual ability to handle information is the same as literally when she was born. Rei regularly talking about (her own) "impressive mind" is getting annoying at this point because even she should know that as she ages her intelligence becomes more average for her age with each year.

And. Uhh. Her seducing a 10-year-old submissive Hinata is just weird. It came out of nowhere.
Fireguy892 chapter 45 . 9/1
please update
WellWhatDoYouKnow chapter 14 . 9/1
I'm not sold on random ninja knowing who Rei is let alone caring enough about her to bet on a spar.
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