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Almecestris chapter 45 . 22h
wonder when da shit is gonna hit the fan? Rei's way too unlucky to get away with this
Guest chapter 31 . 6/22
so sensual, now you have your un/willing aprtner in crime
Sam chapter 45 . 6/22
Bet she says yes
sarahmchugs chapter 31 . 6/21
I don't like how Rei is manipulating Hinata. She's such a sweet girl and doesn't even know. I hope that Reo actually starts to care for Hinata or else she will definitely get used. Oh well, even if Rei is a hypocrite, I still love the story!
VtrCst chapter 45 . 6/21
yup, she'll stay true to herself... meaning that she'll do everything to be free, for profit, and to protect her family.

She'll accept the offer... her own Mischief, more sway with the rats along with the appreciation of Eldest and Elder Black, and the skill-set of Virulent are too much of a high stake not to play with
4everfictional chapter 45 . 6/21
I wonder what she chose. ;) Love the chapter, and I’m excited to see how Hinata is progressing! XD ;)
Neko-tama chapter 45 . 6/21
*Insert loud swearing about cliffhangers*
Guest chapter 45 . 6/21
Rei is such a melodramatic drama queen.
XWingedWolfX chapter 45 . 6/21
You just had to end it on a cliff hanger didn't you? I hope that Rei chooses forgiveness, but I honestly don't think that's likely if she chooses to stay true to herself. Because yes, Rei has always wanted power, but she holds grudges like no one else I know. I think saying no is more in tune with her character and yes would help her become stronger. Please update soon, so I can figure this out!
bunnyguest chapter 45 . 6/21
noooooo how can you end it there...what did she say?
readthishit chapter 45 . 6/21
oh lmao, this is an interesting development. first she has an itching to steal clan secrets, now she’s going to get her own rat anbu team, with virulent no less XD i would say poor rei, but honestly she’s brought this upon herself. as much as i love her she’s still a bitch lol, but i guess that jut shows how good you are at writing
Greatazuredragon chapter 45 . 6/21
Loved the 'mischief' idea and hope you go that way.
Nice chapter, keep up the good work.
Ancarius chapter 45 . 6/21
It seems to me like Rei wants the shadow clone technique. This will help with the training. But then she has 2 jutsus she shouldn't have. I don't think Rei will stay much longer in Konoha.
Great chapter, I feared I have to wait a few month again after the cliffhanger.
Girl-luvs-manga chapter 45 . 6/21
I wonder what TenTen will think of the mischief of rats.
saevevial chapter 45 . 6/21
I loved this chapter! I'm really curious about Rei's choice!

On the one hand, it looks like getting Virulent and a Mischief would be great for her plans in the future and I would love to see how their relationship would evolve, if there was a way they'd go past their first impressions, if there was a way there would be a mutual respect between the two of them eventually. Seeing them work together would be interesting in my opinion. I would also love to see how she'd make a Mischief work, how she'd use them in strategies and all that.

On the other hand, I think it would be very interesting to see her refuse and have to "deal" with the "consequences", with the knowledge that she could have gotten something if she'd put past her (admittedly very deserved) negative feelings towards Virulent, that she could have had a whole group of trained rats to help her with her goals. And if she does refuse, I'm curious to see if it's going to be a permanent thing or if she's either going to be able to get a Mischief (and/or Virulent) on her side by another way or if she's going to change her mind at some point and reluctantly agree to work with Virulent.

Either way, this situation promises to be interesting!

Although... thinking about the last few paragraphs... "In the end what made up her mind was something surprisingly abstract for her as opposed to practical. Rei decided that would stay true to herself" seems to suggest that she's going to "follow her heart" and refuse... (I mean, the "practical" answer should be to accept, right?) ...But on the other hand... seeing how ruthless she's been since her reincarnation in this world, I don't think it's impossible that she would choose to accept... Ahh what an interesting choice!

Thank you so much for this new chapter! I hope you have a great day!
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