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Guest chapter 31 . 11/29
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
This is called grooming,
So I’ll drop this story too.
ARA ARA chapter 14 . 11/29
LMFAO It seems the MC is one of those over arrogant people who taunts the enemy only to get reverse swept. You’d have thought this being a reincarnation fic that a woman well into her mental thirties would be well above taunting literal children. At first she’s unflappable, next she’s trolling kids? Maybe make a character sheet so you know what your MC’s character traits are.
Guest chapter 28 . 11/25
Ino Shikamaru and Chouji are not 2nd generation Ino-shika-cho. They are 26th generation of Ino-shika-cho under a Saratobi sensei. Over 20 generations predating the leaf village itself.
Aki13S chapter 31 . 11/25 this really age appropriate? They're not even teens are they? Man...Rei is scary.
Sii chapter 16 . 11/25
I am droping this here, OC is too arrogant for my liking
Aki13S chapter 13 . 11/24
We love Tenten and only Tenten here.
Everyone else is meh.
Great story though~~~
aperson1234567890 chapter 37 . 11/15
Quite liked the fight this chapter and the omake was great fun to read!
alexc123 chapter 49 . 11/10
Loved the chapter, been reading this one for a long time, I'm always glad to see an update!
ZeaDragon chapter 31 . 11/8
This...this is how someone develops a type, Rei. And well, an emotional dependency too, I guess.
ZeaDragon chapter 10 . 11/8
Whoa there Rei, your inner Gilgamesh was showing.
Ajuchi chapter 49 . 11/7
Ahh this is so good
Guest chapter 49 . 11/4
Wow just wow.
This is my first time reading this. I binged it

Usually SELF INSERT fanfic are not that good.

This has been a beautifully crafted exception.
I do think u could have made this with most the same connotation without it being a self insert.

Rei's authority problem being born from experiencing the dark side of the village. Like with her stint of time with t and I

You have a very good understanding of the byackugan hyuga and most specifically neji's potential.

Many don't realize byackugan is potentially broken.
Tho. Some things. To critique on that front as well as some questions as well as my own theories.

Critique wise. Neji should already know his element.
BYACKUGAN can see the affinity of Chakra to a superior lv than the sharingan. So I question why he doesn't know.
Also neji in canon Naruto, according to data books has fire earth and water nature and a ninjutsu skill able to rival Sasuke up till itachi dies.

Now that withstanding I do like the story explanation you gave for neji not using his potential as being forbidden by the hyuga.

U could definitely give him nature change to hyuga techniques.
I've always been partial to a fire natured heavenly palm revolving heaven myself.

I am very curious as to how the hell the rats hid from byackugan. As nothing should conceivably be able to in narutos world.
If it just seen base energy(Chakra) like sharingan. I'd understand.
But it can see through things in complete visual obstruction.
And no amount of energy repression would hide your tenketsu themselves. ? So ya ? I'm looking forward to a explanation.

Now as to my own theory s on that eye.
Neji should conceivably be able to use that genjutsu trick that rei used when byackugan is active. Because they would see the genjutsu Chakra activating. In some ways this would give them faster reaction. In others not so much as her passive recognition is superior as it's a sixth sense.
Tho hyuga should have near comparable potential for Chakra control as they can individually control every tenketsu. So ya. There is that.

Also and this is a personal theory that I've had for years. And you may be able to abuse this.

Byackugan should in theory be capable of copying similar to sharingan. After all the sharingan copy using the eye of insight also know as the piercing eye. Every one of those skills are in the byackugan. But taken to the absolute extreme.
And I've always felt that would explain how neji learned the clan hidden techniques for identifying to him by mere observation. So there is that.

Over all this is beautiful. The extra emphasis on the clans and politics. The toning down of the world like with guy and the hashirama trees. All awesome.
Reis personality is well crafted and makes the s.i. quality of this fic feel natural.
Although I'm very concerned for her. She's steadily becoming more like orochimaru.
At first there was hope because of nao that she wouldn't slide into being a bad person.
But when she tried to choke hinata... wow.
At least she realizes that her mind has a really unhealthy disconnect going on. Brought on by how much she's overworking g and stretching her mind to thin.

I also can't tell what her intentions with everyone are. Is she truly friends with neji. Or is she using him.
Is the goal of the control of hinata for nejis benefit or her own.


The only thing I'm truly confused with is your powerscaling.
She's deffinatly above chunin like how neji was.
And jonin can beat her. That's properly exemplified.
But neji is supposed to be able to beat her.
Did her power littoraly outpace him in a week.
It's a little hard to believe he's even close to her equal. After that chapter where she pressured guy
So if neji is equal. Wat can he do.
Was she holding back on him.?
So many questions
dragonslayer1524 chapter 1 . 11/4
I just wanted to say that being born into the naruto universe is better than some other universes with Harry Potter being the singular exception because you can run away pretty easily.
Billie Hartanto1 chapter 49 . 11/4
When will we get an update?
drkprince chapter 1 . 11/2
knock knock.. happy halloween..
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