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Crazykat100 chapter 7 . 11/30/2017
Please write a sequel !
Eryn little chapter 7 . 9/27/2017
Write a sequel !
Eryn little chapter 7 . 9/5/2017
Please update soon please
Carina L chapter 7 . 4/17/2017
7. Home
At the end Quasimodo had given in and accepted Kate's offer of joining the BPRD for a year. It must be very much weird for him, leaving a place where he had stayed for centuries. However, he had no task any more preventing him from that decision and he wouldn't be lonely any more like before. How much time has passed since the fight with the lich? Of course he was curious concerning the landscape when leaving Paris in the van and then in the plane. It's much overwhelming for Quasimodo who never had been in a plane before.
At the BPRD Quasimodo will have new task, being a kind of teacher then. I imagine the students will be curious concerning Quasimodo's appearance but I think they will get used to him soon. Another advantage for Quasimodo with being at the BPRD would be the huge library. I loved to read that they had managed to find Emmanuel, the last remaining bell that they have acquired to be installed in Quasimodo's living quarters, making him happy and feeling more at home at his new living quarters apart from the bell attached to his keychain. :) The bell's clapped had been padded with rubber to avoid sounding the bell, didn't it?
I liked to read how Quasimodo explored his new living quarters and began to settle in there. Quasimodo's shirts don't seem to be compatible with hangers. ;) I like how he enjoyed the quietness and the fresh air that isn't existing in a modern large city like Paris any more. At the end he apparently began to write a diary about his new life at the BPRD. How would Quasimodo cope with living at a different location since his living conditions are completely changed there? I'm much interested in reading a sequel to this fanfiction if you decide to post one. :)
Carina L chapter 6 . 4/17/2017
1. The Assignment
It's sad that Queen Elise died from plague, especially for her husband who loved her that much. I ask myself if it's safe that he took her necklace, couldn't he get infected by plague as well after he took it? And what became of their son?
Apparently, Hellboy and Abe Sapien got the task to kill zombies located in a lake that doesn't seem to be the most pleasant task for both of them. Hellboy isn't amused to deal with his next task immediately after the previous one. The end - including Hellboy doing this task together with Kate Corrigan and the location - implies that both of them will see Quasimodo again.

2. The Reunion
Did I get it correct that Quasimodo himself called Kate Corrigan and Hellboy for their next assignment? It seems to be urgent, nobody wanted to be the next one to die without blood, even animals aren't spared. I've got the impression that Hellboy likes drinking coffee as much as smoking cigars. As it was revealed later Hellboy was able to see in the dark, thus noticing Quasimodo at the altar. He made himself present to the bellringer by striking him with a dart, and Quasimodo was happy seeing them again.
Quasimodo's life had indeed worsened over time: his beloved bells were gone; after they had been taken away he had no task any more because the new bells were rung mechanically. :( The engineers told crap in my opinion since the structural integrity of Notre Dame cathedral was always fine for centuries, it didn't matter that Quasimodo himself rung the bells, otherwise the cathdral would have been damaged earlier. :( It makes much sense that Quasimodo felt unhappy and Kate felt much sympathy for him as she knew how much he loved his job. Why did the clergy gave in to the engineers in the first place, aren't they aware of the fact that Quasimodo was ringing the bells? Didn't he get provided by the clergy what he needed; I've got the impression that they did care about him in the prequel. It's nice that Kate and Hellboy wanted to find the bells Quasimodo had rung again. :) They also brought new books fo him to read apart from coffee and cookies.

3. A Search
It seems that Quasimodo is saf in the cathedral whatever is killing humans and dogs; although they don't know which creature is to blame for the killings it doesn't enter Notre Dame.
When Basilisk venom is mentioned I was thinking of a living Horcrux. Hellboy was thinking thoroughly of arming himself and the others when encountering this mysterious and dangerous creature while Kate and Quasimodo prepared themselves by reading the many texts.
It's interesting to learn the truth about the Philosopher's stone and the roles of Frollo, Quasimodo and Nicholas Flamel in this tale. Apparently Quasimodo got the stone from Nicholas Flamel without knowing what it was, hidden in the water barrel. It seems that the stone changed the water, making the persons drinking from it immortal, that's waht was happening to Quasimodo because he seemes to be the only person drinking from it. Did Quasimodo mean Esmeralda when speaking of "her"? I've got the impression that Quasimodo first blamed his body for being unable to die first; perhaps he thought that his deformity wasn't the only difference from the bodies of other "normal" persons. Is it true that he read about the stone, thus finding out the reason for staying young for so long?
Kate cares very much about Quasimodo, hence she offered to him coming with her again. Now he seems to be more willing to leave, especially due to the fact that he couldn't ring the bells any more and hence doesn't have as task, being forced to experience the hollow sounds of the unfamiliar new bells that are rung mechanically.
When did Quasimodo use an axe before ? Although he doesn't want to leave because of the dangerous unknown creature he wanted to help his friends nevertheless as they need him this urgendtly, beingg apparently unable to fulfill their task without him.

4. Paris Underground
Where did Quasimodo get the hoodie from? There is a huge advantage for him being in Hellboy's presence - since the latter gets the whole attention by the people Quasimodo wasn't noticed by them.
Since Quasimodo was only able to observe the people from very far away he certainly hasn't noticed hearing aids yet, thus this device seemed to be unknown to him. Apparently the catacombs are a great location for teenagers to celebrate parties without anyone noticing them. Because of the many persons in the room and the skull-lined walls no one noticed the strange creature there. Does this lich "live" at the place that was formerly the Court of Miracles? Hellboy and Kate had been there one year ago and he was right - the floor collapsed below him, thus he disappeared together with the lich during fighting him. Of course the other two were concerned about him, wanting to help him fighting the lich.

5. The Lair
One of the glow-sticks from the teenager party must have been thrown at or fallen onto Quasimodo. It's interesting to learn what had happened in the past, having lived for 533 years in the belltower of Notre Dame. Did the clergy provide him with books over all these years? I imagine that Quasimodo's existence was a secret shared by the staff working in Notre Dame, also entrusting him with tasks like helping others to place the rose windows together correctly; apparently the workers knew the content of the novel and hence were confused that Quasimodo simply wasn't an imagined character of a book. So why didn't they prevent the removal of the bells? What kind of books did Quasimodo read over time while living in the cathedral?
The lich seemed to be immortal, neither Hellboy nor Quasimodo could kill him because his bones always reassembled themselves, thus being able to hurt Quasimodo, making him unable to defend himself.
I was confused that the lich disappeared when Quasimodo destroyed the ruby of the necklace; it was a bit like destroying a Horcrux. Was King Roux mentioned at the beginning of chapter one responsible for this as he was a wizard? Was the lich formerly the King, connecting his life to the ruby necklace of his beloved wife Elise? How did the necklace get into the catacombs at all? Did Quasimodo recognize the necklace after reading so much in his very long life and thus making the connection to the lich's existence? It was a very critical fight because the lich apparently couldn't be destroyed at all until Quasimod destroyed the necklace with his axe.

6. A Relic
Although the necklace isn't much worth any more after the ruby was destroyed it's much worth for Kate, Hellboy and Quasimodo since it's a souvenir of fighting the lich. Quasimodo seems to be seriously injured by that lich, that's why Hellboy was carrying him so he got help at the BPRD medical clinic. Nancy seemes to be a very nice physician, saying Quasimodo was cute while she was treating him. :) Quasimodo still isn't used to Hellboy's kind of humour, being offended when the latter said about getting his ugly ass killed. During the fight with the lich Hellboy had already made the comment that Quasimodo never looked good a day in his life. I ask myself if Quasimodo gets used to Hellboy's behaviour over time; he certainly had to do it after deciding to join the BPRD. Hellboy shows his concern towards Quasimodo's condition differently by offering him snacks. At the moment, Quasimodo rather wondered how Kate is able to work with Hellboy at all.
Hopefully Quasimodo will recover from his injuries caused by the lich. I've got the impression that he enjoyed the hot shower, he just didn't feel well afterwards as the BPRD clothing didn't fit him properly and thus had been cut.
Quasimodo talked about the Philosopher's stone that couldn't be destroyed by him, could it? And Hellboy is indeed able to destroy the stone with his right hand? I was slightly confused because of the end; what's the topic they are talking about?
Flint and Feather chapter 4 . 9/8/2016
It's unexpected that Hellboy and Kate would have found their way to the lair of the lich, by crossing through a teen rave in progress. But it appears that the lich had been disguising itself as one of the young people. The rave would have provided it with plenty of victims.

And falling through the floor with the baddie - Hellboy seems to do this a lot.
Flint and Feather chapter 3 . 9/8/2016
It's clear that Quasi needs to lip read to communicate. I like the mystery in the way Kate studies his books for clues as to which of a number of paranormal creatures, may be responsible for the mass killings. Hellboy's workmanlike attitude to preparing fitting weapons for the offensive, is spot-on in character.
Flint and Feather chapter 2 . 9/5/2016
I can truly feel for Quasimodo, mourning the loss of his cherished bells. Sterile progress has caught up with the Notre Dame.
Ardent Aspen chapter 3 . 1/1/2016
Axk I hit send before I was done typing my review!
I was going to say these two stories are some of my favorites, and if I remember to log in tomorrow, I'm going to add them to my favorites list.
Ardent Aspen chapter 3 . 1/1/2016
( I'm not logged in currently )

I really like your stories. I like the symbolism you slipped in, I like the way you wrote Kate and Hellboy, I love your narrative style and way of painting word pictures.

Sometimes when I can't sleep and it's like 2 in the morning, I'll go hunting for the best stories I can find. Tonight I was systematically going through the list of Hellboy crossover stories, and I'm really glad I stuck with it long enough to get here.
"Hell in Paris" and "Not Quite Dead"