Reviews for Fate: Servant and Cook
ivan0061509 chapter 16 . 11/19
this was a good chapter I can't wait to read the onr
Redaer Copious chapter 11 . 11/3
My lord Shirou is stubborn and an idiot he did not listen to Merlin's warning about killing his enemies at all.
Yana5 chapter 16 . 11/3
Thank you for the update
Redaer Copious chapter 10 . 11/2
Merlin plain out told you kill your enemies idiot.
Redaer Copious chapter 10 . 11/2
Does he not have Gae Dearg?
shofwanr55 chapter 16 . 10/26
i think you're doing this on purpose, by the ungodly update speed you're tempting me to subscribe to your patreon...

star chapter 16 . 10/20
oh man! another one of my favorites gone into hiatus
bme2589 chapter 16 . 10/20
Well. I've been loving this story, but I can't figure out what you want to do.
So the very first chapters seemed to jump straight into the action, then you slowed down. A lot. And THEN out of nowhere you suddenly write like 2 really intense chapters... and then Shirou seems to completely ignore the whole scheme and goes on with his career.
So at this point I'm thinking "Well, it seems like he's focusing on the romance now. Huh. Ok. I mean that's fine I guess but why is Shirou so fucking relaxed about everything?".
Then it gets real heavy really fast. So.
I mean... good job, I love it, but... what the fuck is this story even supposed to be about?

PS: I'm sure that you get this a lot, but your incredibly slow pacing along with your update speed makes this one of the most frustrating things to read ever.
Verno SSS chapter 16 . 10/15
And i finally caught up and I'd like to say the story was great so far except for the too much of slapping going around and how Arturia's been on her period since chapter 11 and how annoying it is for Shirou to hide his mage craft till now and hopefully those issues reach you, thank you for your hard work.
reiko.andrea21941 chapter 16 . 10/14
update please. if this is your update hobby. then I expect your next chapter to be next year. can you make a quarterly update..
capturedanimator1 chapter 1 . 9/27
Anazing. a part of me wants the ship together but I want Shirou to make Saber tell him that she is a girl.
Sicarii9 chapter 1 . 9/26
Great story! Please don't abandon it cause it's one of the best fan fics out there. Take care.
Stelex chapter 16 . 9/23
hmmmm...abandoned fic?
Guest chapter 9 . 9/17
I'm so confused, is he strong or not? I think there are some glaring plot holes in this story. Did u conveniently make him strong in this chapter just so he could escape? How about just keeping his level of strength the same. He's super strong at the beginning when he fends off a dragon, then he's super weak just after getting beat up by thugs and lowly saxons... pls explain.
Guest chapter 8 . 9/17
wtf dude, why is shirou so weak? No way he gets beaten by some thugs. He knows fucking magic, and has a ton of experience if what chapter 1 says is true - yet for some reason, this Shirou is weaker than canon? ok.
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