Reviews for Rogue Knight
rasenganwarrior chapter 19 . 3/4
Ok, I understand that you’re goal here is for veil to break the paradigm with regards to warfare in the clone wars but this was way over the top in my opinion. It wasn’t even a Pyrrhic victory. In most militarys a general in veils position would be shot for incompetence after a battle like this. It was more like something you’d see from Warhammer40k.
FanonOverCanon chapter 163 . 2/27
When Revan fled, he took a massive portion of the Republic's fleet with him. Veil has a tiny fleet, and no Star Forge.
FanonOverCanon chapter 136 . 2/26
Another droid rebellion in the making...
FanonOverCanon chapter 96 . 2/25
Centerpoint Station?
FanonOverCanon chapter 87 . 2/25
Right, well the Republic and CIS are only ramping up into an actual war as of a few months ago. Palpatine and Dooku are canonically careful to limit the intensity of the war and power of ships/tech etc. Given this, there is no way the CIS could have already designed large capital ship replacements for the Lucrehulk. We know the Providence class is canon and could have been ramped up ahead of time. But brand new battlecruisers and battleships of such sophistication in a few months, and to have a prototype of such a large ship with an unrefined production process almost ready? It can take years to have such a design ready and teethed. By the time they are tested and begin production, such ships are already behind a year or two in technology, which doesn't catch up until later production cycles.
FanonOverCanon chapter 33 . 2/21
Leveler was destroyed over Ryloth...
Guest chapter 64 . 2/16
I don’t know why, but I picture Veil being played by Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer in the show of the same name. He just seems like he’d be a good sith
DocCBM chapter 134 . 2/4
Nicely done
DocCBM chapter 133 . 2/4
DocCBM chapter 132 . 2/4
DocCBM chapter 131 . 2/4
Oooo nasty
DocCBM chapter 130 . 2/4
Still terrifying
DocCBM chapter 129 . 2/4
Well done
DocCBM chapter 128 . 2/4
DocCBM chapter 127 . 2/4
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