Reviews for Harry Potter: Geth
gypsyassassin chapter 43 . 10/17
I just want to say three things:
First, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your work, and those of your stories that are in a 'verse I am familiar with are bookmarked because I like to come back and read them.
Second, having had a look at the other reviews, some people don't get the concept of humour, nor the idea that whatever causes an A.Y. to exist is obviously recessive gene sequences, needing two sources and the pure chance that said sequences line up right. The fact that if they try to mate they kill the other person means that they don't reproduce, and I find it quite believable that they wouldn't know that they can breed with each other, since the only ones that can try to do so realistically have consigned themselves to celibacy. Also, being another race, Asari would not necessarily have the same magical/mundane ratio as humans.
The conclusion of this point is that the people giving you grief about this matter are either stupid, uneducated, or nitpicking purists who shouldn't be reading fanfics, let alone crossover fics.
In fact, these two points could be distilled down to a statement that you have a talent for enjoyable fanfic that sucks you right in to the story, and I distinctly disagree with those who try to tell you otherwise.
My third statement is a bit more personal, but I believe it to be important. You are not alone. My issue with leaving the house has more to do with my epilepsy and various other health issues, and the way all of it interacts, but it comes down to the same thing: being housebound due to multiple serious health issues. I think you are brave to put it out there like this, since people tend to claim that mental illness is not serious, but I know that your agoraphobia is just as real an issue as my epilepsy. Less likely to kill, but just as real. So yeah. It's something that has helped me, longterm, knowing that there are other people who also have these issues, so I hope it helps you.
kj4c0ry chapter 43 . 10/15
Loved your portrayal of the Gerh and their ability to have ideological splits. Being LOGIC based and all. Loved the serve distinction in AI. Very good balance between humor and advenure plot. Would love to give crossover ideas for mass effect, or anything else, if this is the type of quality you bring to stories. Would love to write my own stories, but writer's block and horrible expositional abilities/research motivation hinder me. Good Job, and Good Luck!
elvander72 chapter 43 . 10/15
Loved this story.
Started reading and didn't bother reading any of my updates until I finished.
Happy with how everything played out and the way you had Harry with his Harem.
Guest chapter 9 . 10/10
Is there a reason Harry didn't go to Hogwarts and retrieve the portraits of the former headmasters? I know you can't answer a guest review, but I thought I'd make you aware of the plot hole anyway.
BlackRoseFire chapter 43 . 10/10
Awesome story. I really like how you had Harry end the Citadel ai and destroy the citadel itself. I also loved the way that you Harry stay Harry for the most part, mentally I mean lol.
Steve2 chapter 4 . 10/8
Very interesting story. Am looking to reading more of it. I like it.
madsloth chapter 43 . 10/7
This is the second or third mass effect fanfiction I have read and it was very well done. Thanks for all the effort you put into it.
Guest chapter 2 . 10/5
"He was also still suffering a bit of denial..."

No. No, he wasn't. You CANNOT jump between the two like that and not expect people to realise that it's very sloppy writing. You've written him as being so accepting of everything that you even had to have the Geth give him "false memories" so that he would not be confused or in any denial whatsoever. Plus, he has direct access to their entire depository of information about the races of the galaxy, the technology, the politics and the history. WHY would he be suffering from denial at this point?

That was rhetorical, as he wouldn't be. On another note, you've written Shepard's crew and Harry as being much too accepting of one another in an incredibly short period of time, and your dialogue is lacking in both fluency and realism. I want to see the characters act as themselves, not cardboard cutouts with your shoehorned plot slapped onto their foreheads.

All in all, this is a disappointing story, which is a great shame when one considers the uniqueness of the premise and the strong opening scene of chapter one. It's a pity.
Tirla chapter 43 . 10/4
Thank you SO MUCH for writing this great story! I don't know Mass Effect but was able to envision it all due to your writing.
When I read fanfiction, I suspend disbelief so I can sit back and revel in the story. Yours was no effort to enjoy!
Thank you again for writing, it made me VERY happy to read. I agree with others that some parts made me laugh and others made me sad but I loved it all!
Blood Of Odin chapter 43 . 10/3
this story was a hoot! seriously great job on writing it. the only parts left was reconciling with hermione and magic returning.

thank you for writing this!
Shenanigans381 chapter 43 . 9/30
this story had me laughing almost the whole way through! I love your take on Harry's attitude, especially his penchant for chaos and mayhem
Kithrin chapter 8 . 9/22
actually, about your AN. in a ME3 DLC you pick up a weapon from the early days of earth spaceflight, it was a non thermal clip weapon. i personally think they just changed it to be mean.
illerayn chapter 43 . 9/18
Thanks you for creating this very interesting and very good story.
Darkwind chapter 43 . 9/13
Loved the story. I would have loved to see it continued to see how Harry restored magic.
Guest chapter 43 . 9/12
You will be pleased to know that I did indeed laugh out loud several times, though I did manage to not get embarrassed or in trouble. Cracking story, jolly well done

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