Reviews for Harry Potter: Geth
Delma613 chapter 43 . 11/19
Really enjoyed the story. Thank you for sharing!
Laughed my ass off regularly it was a blast XD
BlueMoonChaos chapter 43 . 11/12
I love your stories and am sorry some/many individuals posted d!ckish commentary of your work.

The only criticism I would have to make of your stories is closer editing of grammar mistakes. Nothing big and something all people can be accused of at one point or another. But not to fear, the worst person I have ever read is still probably my best friend! She writes great short stories and plots... but her spelling and grammar is absolutely atrocious and an affront to mankind! XD I have never known so many unique ways to spell commmon words-never mind ones like "camouflage" or "oscillating".
antonio.cue.gervas chapter 26 . 11/9
Re-reading this story after a couple years, this is one of the best yet. A shame I can't like it multiple times, it deserves it.
Guest chapter 43 . 11/5
You have written a truly fantastic story here it is the first one I have ever read by you and honestly it is amazing thank you for doing what you do and writings like this make this site the amazingly creative place it is
BaddieDZ2 chapter 30 . 11/6
Whilst. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst. Whilst.

Whilst you're a retard.
BMS chapter 43 . 11/3
Another Awesome story.
The only problem I have w/ it is trying to figure out why I didn't read it sooner. 8)
Iori Angel chapter 43 . 11/3
Really loved this story and the romance didn't spill over the actual plot too much. The solution to the Cerberus and the reapers was elegant.
RynAutumn chapter 43 . 10/23
I know this story was posted years ago but I just read it and it is FANTASTIC! Definitely going into my favorites. Btw, can I just say how amazing it is that this is a COMPLETED story? Do you know how rare that really is? 43 amazing and well written chapters! If it weren't fanfiction I think it would be publication worthy. You managed to create not only a humorous story but one that still has meaningful and deep characters with real struggles and interactions. Amazing work. I'll be looking forward to reading your other works.
Wheresmydoseofinsanity chapter 43 . 10/25
Fun Story. Lots of LOLs. Hope to read more of your stories for many years to come. Thank you
SakuraMinx743 chapter 38 . 10/24
I LOVE THIS STORY! I come back to read it all the time. My question for this chapter though is this...where you trying to copy Mulan when she was talking to Shang about Chi fu and how she thought he was a great captain?
greasy snivellus chapter 43 . 10/21
great story tho. hope you're as good as you can be now.
The Durdens Wrath chapter 43 . 10/19
4th time reading this. I love your stories
Daniel2398 chapter 43 . 10/16
I quite enjoyed reading this. Thank you for it
Jynx chapter 43 . 10/12
Great story
Reaper7 chapter 43 . 10/14
I don't think it was ever mentioned, but... What happened to Avina? The Citadel AI? I'm assuming she was moved to Ranoch, but I can't remember if you mentioned it.
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