Reviews for Remnant's Maelstrom Shinobi
shofwanr55 chapter 1 . 9/21
why you use 'kit' instead of 'kid' which is the correct one.

at this point i'm too afraid to ask
nickclause chapter 36 . 9/8
Nice chapter
hjoshua481 chapter 20 . 9/4
All I have to say is... I hope Cardin suffered.
Conchamp1998 chapter 36 . 9/2
I a man quite curious about what will happen. I've followed this story for a while now and not said much, just enjoying the story. My medical situation leaves with nothing but reading. I easily forget the many stories read and I just have to say the set up right now is intriguing. Naruto Uzumaki is Unpredictable to the extreme sense, and the way he lives and his experiences affected him, he takes the rare moments of power from love such as a mother lifting a car to save her child, to a constant level. Salem/Cinder may have plans or thoughts and some of that will work, because that's the nature of things. However there is a very good reason why the Naruto universe ended the way it ended. Sure a lot of plot holes were missing, but Naruto is Naruto. That's all there is to it. And really when it comes down to it, he has increased everyone's skills around him tenfold, even more probably. I am anxious to see what is planned next and I know I will not be disappointed.
Squarekiddo chapter 1 . 9/2
Granted its only chapter 1, but its looking like its going to be a typical Kenchi fic, something I personally dislike immensely, im also aware im truly the minority, all the dudes stories are huge as balls.
I just dont like it when characters are (lets for the sake of argument use power levels -I hate them too-) lets says on power level 1000, but because the plot begs for it, and he wants to hide it, he only uses 50, someone he will got "All out" but even then its only 400 max ~600
I just dont get the point in having a strong character of power level 1000 playing around at having low power levels just to keep the canon plot, I wish people did more original plots, we know canon, we've seen it, if we wanted more canon, we watch canon! I go here because I want more of said universe, but most of the time, its the same canon plot, for a different view.
Sorry it went into abit of a rant there at the end, my point is that Kenchi does this all the time with his stories, he frequently makes Naruto even take injuries for fights that, if he wasnt holding back all the time, he could literally tank.
Like I said, its only chapter 1, so I have no clue whats going to happen, I just got that impression, people tend to use the Shinobi card as an excuse to make him hide all his powers, but thats such a dumb thing to say, yes a Shinobi shouldnt broadcast his powers, but come on, to go so far as to risking dying, and failing the current task? not Shinobi material.
VBloodwraith chapter 1 . 8/30
Hmmm, interesting turn of events. I have to say that this is good start to the story.
luluvibritania chapter 2 . 8/29
he was either transported during or after the 4th Shinobi Wars unless u have changed Canon as thats when he learned Kurama's name(Kurama became less hateful to Naruto when his main Focus Madara appeared)
MarauderPrime12 chapter 36 . 8/26
Lols on the an

Keep it up.
smithpj chapter 36 . 8/25
Nice, are you gonna have Naruto come clean to ozpin and the others?
Atheist god chapter 9 . 8/25 don't suck :))) the fic is great
corrinlone77 chapter 36 . 8/24
Good chapter.

Jack Inqu chapter 36 . 8/23
So if the Maidens are using Nature Chakra, do they each have corresponding control over an element? Fire for Fall, Water for Winter, Plants for Spring, Wind for Summer? Or something like that.

I hope Naruto's idea works, but there are other players and pieces in motion, especially Cinder, whom I'm still not sure about. Is she still the power hungry, amoral monster from canon, or will she prove herself to be more humane?

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
gianpaulovillanueva1 chapter 1 . 8/22
meh pretty good
Guest chapter 9 . 8/22
Yeah this got dumb. Who gives a shit about all these OCs and suddenly we have scrolls from thousands or tens of thousands of years ago easily falling into Cinder's lap. Lame.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/22
You've got your head up your ass if you think RWBY powers even remotely reach the level of Narutoverse. You talk about RWBY heavy hitters but ignore the godlike beings that are the real heavy hitters in Naruto. What a dumbass.
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