Reviews for Worm: More Than Meets The Eye
Jack Inqu chapter 116 . 10/3
Why do I have the feeling that Waspinator's actions are going to have severe consequences down the road?

Ouch. Sorry you're having so many problems; I hope things get better for you.

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
Tenzo51 chapter 116 . 9/26
Ok I know it’s really late in the story and all, but please can she finally build grimlock and the dinobots? If for no other reason then a meeting between Piggot, Armsmaster, and the afore mentioned Dino “king”
Greatazuredragon chapter 116 . 9/26
I like how you are developing Rune.
Good work, and good luck with the new home.
Vinyard26 chapter 116 . 9/26
Thanks for the chapter. The Rune and Kid Win romance is really cute.
goddragonking chapter 116 . 9/26
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:)
dreaddragonknight chapter 5 . 9/17
I am gonna start reading this on sufficient velocity instead, but good chapter, especially in having those Hebert’s actually communicate with each other and not just exist near each other
dreaddragonknight chapter 4 . 9/17
So straight up technopathy then as well? Interesting
dreaddragonknight chapter 3 . 9/17
An interesting tinker aspect that most don’t do
dreaddragonknight chapter 2 . 9/17
I know the feeling of those kinds of drugs, thanks to a surgery I had to get, not fun being unsure of one’s ability to do anything or what you see sometimes
dreaddragonknight chapter 1 . 9/17
Ok... I have heard of this fic before and read the tvtropes page so I am interested to see where this goes. So far though so good
ZhaWarudo chapter 115 . 9/3
Just binged, it's suprisingly good. I've never read a Transformers fic before.
I like how you realize you can do anything in your fic, you don't have to follow the canon blindly like most authors and only add twists to it.
Though it's not without it's faults.
1. Danny is a bit of an annoying character, all he does is ask "Are you okay?". I get that he's a worried parent, but as a character...
2. I understand that you didn't want to make car and truck sized Transformers who would roflstomp everything and make the fic a bit pointless, but I also understand other authors who rush the power ups coz of the fucked up soon to end world, though some of them do it badly like new power every chapter *cough*Queen of Blood*cough*.
However your explanation is nonexisting, what's preventing Taylor from making bigger robots now that she has energy storage. All she has to do is let it charge for a few days.
Why doesn't she make a person sized Transformer everyday? Make 30 of them and clear out the Bay. Sure some would panick about her having that much power, but in that situation you'd have to be insane to let paranoia rule you over one of the good guys having more power.
3. After chapter 100 story starts dragging, I feel like you're adding too much vilains who aren't working with each other, so it's constant trouble after trouble.
4. Your vilains are the annoying type. Saint, Bakuda, Valefor, all fanatics that just won't die easy without taking as much as they can with them. Maybe you should think about charismatic villains like Joker, Magneto, Moriarty, Hannibal, Vader...
ZhaWarudo chapter 5 . 8/29
I don't agree with your approximation of fixing junkyard tv's and selling them.
Junkyard tech should cost next to nothing, fixing it to perfect condition and selling to a pawn shop instead of directly should net you a third of a cost of a new one.
Say Danny got the tv's for 5$, and sold them for almost double, so let's say 9. Doesn't make sense. I'd say they would be sold for 65$ and resold for 90$ easy.
I could be wrong if a lot of thinkers have a thing for taking broken tech and fixing it, thus rasing the junkyard price(I've read only about 1/3 of Worm).
Nanashi113 chapter 113 . 8/23
I'm a bit confused about why Contessa would do this. While she doesnt care about collateral damage, everything she does is to protect mankind. How does doing this help them?
Guest chapter 88 . 8/7
Oh Taylor
you will always be Murphy favorite
Guest chapter 48 . 8/4
If you use less than lethal when your opponent is using lethal force you get exactly what you deserve.
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