Reviews for Worm: More Than Meets The Eye
zergly chapter 129 . 11/3
Can't wait for the next update
Sypho Dias chapter 76 . 9/16
7 would be nice actually tbh. Three more girl bots please. So that would be 4 Male bots and 3 female bots. The big ones atleast. And is Taylor a battle precog or something?
Sypho Dias chapter 68 . 9/16
Wait that / voice has always been sus. Now I'm starting suspect all of this is a simurgh plot. Wtf?
cool untaken username chapter 84 . 9/2
Coward!, I was hoping you’d be brave Enough to kill off panacea but now it seems your going to be using this as a catalyst for a Taylor/Amy romance! I’m hoping you treat it more like the Danny thing where most of it happens in the background rather than having the romance at the forefront, as I did not start reading this story for romance but rather tinkering and robot hijinks. Overall good story though
Connor Worsnop chapter 58 . 8/16
Lung be like: The Bay why is it always the Bay
demzerff1 chapter 61 . 8/14
Yeah this is disheartening since the thing that brought me to this story is the idea of a large transformer fighting the endbringers.
Perhaps stick a note at the first chapter about there not being any bots bigger than human sized?
Glrasshopper chapter 129 . 7/6
I'm liking this story. Normally a Transformers crossover with just about anything just doesn't hold, due to scale of Cybertronians and the scale of combat there are matched for. You have gotten around this issue nicely.

I'm a little bit concerned about Cauldron though. They're being played by something. I cannot determine if Contessa is working for Unicron, or Abadon, or Thinker (how certain are we that it's actually dead?), or if her shard has just gone loco. Some more clues would be nice!
Jctherebel chapter 129 . 6/18
Amazing story, can’t wait for the next update, I will admit while I love the story, I dislike so many interludes,I do hope we get back to more stuff with Taylor soon
rc48177 chapter 34 . 5/16
Blaze1992 chapter 129 . 4/20
Okay have to say this fic has been awesome granted I had a very different picture in my head, but the way you've typed it out made it even better than my best expectations. Though I am very confused on what the hell miss PATH is doing, but I am guessing she's doing this to force Taylor to reach higher levels with her power.

Look forward to seeing where this goes.
Raleon chapter 109 . 3/23
Ugh if you are going for a Rune redemption after all the hate she spews I think I’ll be done your work is well done otherwise but I have no stomach for that kind of story at the moment. Especially when it reduces the amount of time with more enjoyable characters.
Raleon chapter 106 . 3/23
Oh Rune and all the slurs she and the Empire use are getting a it old I mean honestly why couldn’t she or more of the Empire capes have bit it against Leviathan? Again zero sympathy for white supremacists.
Raleon chapter 91 . 3/23
Why should I care about Rune? I have a hard time sympathizing with white supremacists or their “tragic” back story. So I’m really uninterested in her and the background plot with Kid Win. But hopefully all the good little Neo nazis end up on the wrong side of an endbringer.
H Max Marius chapter 23 . 3/15
Oh dear...

I just realized the effect of Taylor's stun-shot on Dean...

Or rather Dean Dean Binks...
Mingyu chapter 129 . 3/5
O_o! Teletraan X does know to bleep out Madison's name, right? Otherwise Sophia basically outed her to everyone that sees it.

In any case, things keep getting interesting. Thanks for the chapter!
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