Reviews for Black as the Blood In Our Names
TheRealMasonMac chapter 29 . 11/30
Very good story!
Briar Rose the Awoken Maiden chapter 29 . 10/22
I do love this story the plot and ocs are well thought out and JK's characters are very in character. I really love this fic.
Though I seriously hate Draminie that is the only complaint I have. I have always been a fan of the cannon ships though they could have been written better JK is a brilliant writer but not of romance.
I fully understand laptop issue trust me I've been there. So update when you can
Azi chapter 29 . 9/29
I've done that to the occasional book that I've purchased. It's always a let down to find that something isn't quite what you expected, but it's no reason to abuse the author. Personally, I've been enjoying your story and can only really lament the delay between chapters (though a month or so is nothing to the years it's been since I updated some of mine).

Good luck with the backups. If push comes to shove, you should be able to remove the hard drive from the laptop and dump it in another one to pull everything off it. Get a fan to go under your laptop if you're leaving it on for extended periods. That will help with overheating and help preserve your future battery.
Guest chapter 29 . 9/25
My mom has a saying you might like. It goes like this: Opinions are like armpits, everyone has them and they both stink.
Miss Space Ninja chapter 22 . 9/25

also very excited to see when sirius finds out that tora is a witch!
Bella chapter 29 . 9/24
Finally caught up in the last chapter. This sis such an interesting fic can't wait for more
DarkRavie chapter 29 . 9/24
If you buy a new battery, get it from amazon. You'll pay a lot less and it won't take much time before you get it.
Some Old Dog chapter 29 . 9/24
best of hope for your lappentop, grrl! 1 battery in your future.

And tell the troll where to stick it! yeeeah! like that, right in the face!

(have a great week!)
Midnight Sin 009 chapter 29 . 9/24
I love your story so far i love the way you characterixed regulus and your ocs are phenomenal. Good job when your posting next chapter? ;)
ellainaparker chapter 29 . 9/23
i will never understand the need for people to flame if i dont like something i just dont read it your story is great so keep going
Fran-anisca Grave chapter 29 . 9/23
I know the feeling when my own laptop battery broken. I love this story so much and the last chapter was so promising. I'll keep waiting for the next chapter.
nexus4123 chapter 28 . 9/18
I've been liking your story so far. Can't wait to get to the part where Regulus and Harry actually meet.
Guest chapter 20 . 9/12
Sorry but this Self Insert Mary Sue is an utter train wreck from a character and plot perspective. Her "super spy assassin team" is the cherry on top.

This chapter is a plot hole which could sink the titanic. The Order would run nuts if some unknown magical would be around Harry and how could they not know it when they had him under surveillance. Seriously?

But you top that nonsense with using her as a sock puppet to comment the scene from the book which you copy or prevent from happening because of an omniscient self insert.

BTW, the paragraph about Occlumency makes no sense either because in a previous chapter you wrote that Harry was already reading the Occlumency book.

If you had kept this to Regulus Black and develop this Black family story it would be enough to jump start this. But this OC literally destroyed the interesting start.
Sirius' lady chapter 28 . 9/8
Fantastic story. The twists and turns are amazing. Love all the stuff that took place with the goblins. Keep up the great work
Itachi008 chapter 28 . 9/2
GREAT update! :D :D :D Almost everyone meeting up by chance made me grin, especially how Fred and George already knew Cassiopeia.
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