Reviews for Longer than the road that stretches out ahead
NRATQH chapter 1 . 4/30/2016
This is the best fanfic of these two that I've read in an EXTREMELY long time. Maybe ever. I've been trying to find something like this ever since x-men first class but haven't been able to find any because everyone wanted to concentrate on 'cherik' and so much so that it became nauseatingly infuriating to not be able to pass through a page of fan focus without at least half of them being cherik.

It's so shallow. The x-men movies had been about soooo much more. About the problems each character (especially Charles as a 'big good') innately had that influenced their decisions even in the future sequels.

No one wants to write about how different of a character raven is. The amazing potential she had. How close she is now to who she became in the comics.

Or how Charles, despite his honest good intentions WAS in fact a manipulative person as a natural product of his powers but in the movies it's so subtle that you don't realize it till its over.

The movies have been soo amazing at expanding the characters we know far beyond the stereotypes and expectations we had for them but all everyone wants to wrote about is 'cherik' and it's so superficial and shallow.

No one wants to explore the relationship between raven and Charles because even though Eric and the professor might have become best friends due to how naturally their minds synced, no one realized the emotional depth and connection Charles and raven had together and the aftermath it caused in the movies.

So thank you so much not just for writing about raven and Charles but for writing something that wasn't superficial or stereotyped. Thank you for writing a fic that honours the characters and the movies and the message that the director wanted to give. Thank you for paying attention and noticing that the movie did not simply revolve around 2 men but about what they each stood for and the people that effected those decisions.

You are an amazing write and it has been a privilage to read this.

I loved how you raise the fact that yes raven was right to think that the situation was one sided and that she was right to ask for her rights and how she might have perceived things differently from xavier despite what the latter expected or assumed.

Thank you for highlighting how important ravens characterization is not just to Charles but to the world because she is as you've said a potential heroine and saviour to their kind in a way that xavier never was and Eric could never be.

Thank you for writing a fic where Charles understands her fears and actually took note of them but at the same time tried to justify the limits and advantages of his powers which were completely and utterly unlike any of theirs in its entirety and how lonely that had to have been for him.

Thank you for showing a fic where Charles acknowledges the presence and influence raven had and has on him and how he is trying so so hard to withdraw from that because he is a person who realizes his shortcomings and tries to fix them. Not make excuses and justifications as his previous self might have.

You are amazing and this fic was amazing and I hope you get inspired to write more because you have so much talent and potential. Hope to be hearing more from you soon.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/17/2014
Beautiful. Just gorgeous. I'm so glad to see sibling fic, especially fic this marvelously nuanced. I'm so glad that they repair their relationship too an extent, and that it's maturity that is the main reason they're able to. Thank you for writing this.
scribblemyname chapter 1 . 10/30/2014
Wow. This is powerful and compelling and amazing and so, so well done.