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Dec chapter 12 . 9/18
Delightful! I do hope you get the inspiration or the time to update this soon. Smutty goodness is always appreciated, but I am really curious as to how Hermione will win Molly over.

And as always I am dying to see more of both your LM/HG FICS. Thanks for sharing your talent. chapter 12 . 9/13
I've just re-read this beautiful story for the 3rd time. It's SO enjoyable. I love it 3
Sincerely33 chapter 12 . 8/27
I really admire your work. This seriously is one of my favorite fanfictions and I really can't wait to read more. I hope you update soon.
Guest chapter 12 . 8/26
Well done. I look forward to reading the continued Weasley reaction, I hope you choose to contine this story. Your characterizations are remarkably well done, as is your dialogue and narrative pacing. Your balance of tension and comedy are likewise masterful. I hope you return to your creation soon, as I anxiously and excitedly await the next post. Congratulations and bravo, please know how much your effort means to myself, and all your avid readers, and keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 12 . 8/21
Please update this story soon!
Guest chapter 12 . 8/18
Please update soon! This story was so well started. Keep up the good work!
kittykat89xx chapter 12 . 8/16
Really great story, can't wait to read more and I hope Molly gets put in her place!
Angels-heart1 chapter 12 . 8/14
This is such a great story! So happy the elves were able to reestablish the connection to the Prewett family. Kinda hating Molly Weasley right now, hope her brothers are able to remove her head from her butt, seeing as no one else seems to be able too.

I can't wait to read more! This is addicting to read! Please update soon!
Guest chapter 12 . 8/8
Loved this story.
Guest chapter 12 . 8/2
Oh I hope for more. I get this could be an end. But i would to see into the Prewitt line more.
Fred's fanatic chapter 12 . 7/28
Thank you so much for this moving beautiful ending to
This utterly unique delightfully wonderful story about
Love a timeless one that will last through the ages that
No one can destroy although some night try though
Fabian and Gideon would kill for hermione she's theirs
To protect I've always loved the elves of hog warts they're just so brilliant and great plus such devotion to their families it's amazing to see they can
Return to the prewett manor finally in a way they remind
Me of the enchanted family servants from beauty and
The beast fate works in mysterious read anything you write as you're as magical as her ions
But your a real person with such an extraordinary
Masterful writing talent once again congratulations
On an outstanding feel good descriptive love story.
All my love Elizabeth skinner from Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 11 . 7/28
It's tremendous to have the entire Malloy family come
Full circle absolutely cleansed of the curse they can now
Live their lives the way it was meant to Br plus being
Blessed by morrighan will protect everyone thanks to
Hermione and the exceptional there's only
Molly's rank stupidity to obliterate And dons lying to
Come clean it sounds impossible to do but I believe
You can do anything as anyone whom can write such an
Inspirational up lifting incredibly well rounded much
Loved magical story which will definitely become a
Favourite plus receive golden accolades from your
Peers deservedly so it's truly brilliant I've been hooked
On it quite happily thank skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 9 . 7/27
Well everyone is getting sick to death of Molly's stupid
Hatred of hermione because of ronni eking who's a nasty
Liar so she needs a brain transplant plus some humanity
As well,imagine thinking that she has really considers
Her brothers are easily led by a gorgeous witch these two were entrusted with extremely difficult missions by
Mad eye and fumbledore they're no ones fools nor arefabian and she's learning to enjoy flying
With her suitors by her side though two animagus might
Stop some her ions just accepts it with her natural grace
I'm loving this extremely amazingly brilliant heart warming escapist story with such exciting feel good
Celtic overtones which have brought it into the mystical
Realms while keeping true to potter history however
As most weasleys have red hair I'd love to read about
Them losing their tempers with Molly and Ron finally
Getting the truth and her brothers standing by her ions
As I'm hoping for a happy ending but not sappy you've
Written an exceptionally classy story congratulations.
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 8 . 7/27
I haven't got a clue about about this yet it's very clear
That it's going to be tremendous fun when they find out
What they need as Fabian and his bro know exactly how
To have a fun time while even though narcissus married to lucius she's reminded me of lily
Evans So very much and the goddess has a wicked sense
Of humorwhich she'll need as the prewetts are totally
Crazy without being an incredibly exciting
Outstanding adventurous fun packed story that keeps on
Delivering the perfect amount of tense dramatic predicaments throughout this brilliant exceptionally
Magical tour of places though I'd love to read that Molly
Finally apologises to gorgeous hermione when she realises that rons a loser whom mistreats women which
Isn't acceptable but thank you for writing such a powerful potter story that finally includes Celtic magic.
All my love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 7 . 7/27
So they're still as flamboyant ad ever really Fabian and
Gideon area unique pair of pranksters with honor and
Nobility that can never be stopped though Molly's
Vicious bitchiness towards hermione will hopefully
Be extinguished forever as her loyalty to Ron is a joke
He's not worth it and never was although I don't want
To see Draco in pain that's to tragic for words once again
Another sensational completely remarkably magnetic
Thoroughly encompassing stylish colourful story which
Is bewitchingly marvellously written I might be running
Out of accolades soon but you're so deserving of much
More besides your great imagination will take you
On a journey thank you for this delightful wicked
Epic story we all skinner.
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